Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 28


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Ragini look at her family and sense something wrong! She doesn’t know what, but their smile is not a happy one!

Ragini- Today it’s my wedding, but why everyone seems sad? maybe because I’m going? but they were happy when Swara wed Laksh, so why they are not happy! she wonder

She comes to her mom and asks- Ma any problem?

Janki- Na… Nahi Kyun?

Ragini- Nahi wo… Aap naraz or udaz lag rahe hai!

Janki smile- Yes I’m angry at you!

Ragini- Me? Why?

Janki- Because you are leaving us today!

Ragini- Are you sure is my departure or anything else is troubling you?

Janki- Nahi toh! You will understand me when you will have your own child

Ragini- Mama I’m asking you last time, do you have any problem? I can sense that all family is unhappy why?

Janki smile at her and then say- We are not unhappy, we are just sad, you are this house roshni, my soul. Your dadi and dadu’s stars, your dad’s apple.

Ragini- And chotte? Why he is pale? I can see that sometimes is wrong with him!

Janki- Laado dekho, Viren just show his maturity, but inside he is still a baby! You have mother him, he cannot live without seeing you or talking with! It’s logical that he is sad, and he is the one who is more affected by your departure!

Ragini- Mama, I’m still not convinced! I know him very well, I know when he is sad, angry, hungry, ill, but nowaday I can see something in him, I can describe this feeling I have inside me whenever I saw him, I feel that he want to tell me something, but then he stops himself. He lost his sparkle in his eyes! Mama, I’m afraid about him, should I ask Sanskar to let him live with me?

Janki- No, Laado beta don’t worry about him, he is just dull because you will not live with him, but with time, he will be normal. And don’t try to steal my son, he is mine! She said the last line in a funny way.

Ragini- Ok mama if you said he is alright, I believe you.
Ragini goes away still thinking about Viren and the change in him and in her family. She bumps into Viren

Ragini- Chotte, are you alright?

Viren- Yes Di, why you are asking this?

Ragini has tears in her eyes and touches his face, but he stops her- Chotte don’t lie to me, I know something is wrong!

Viren- Di, I’m tired of telling you I’m fine, stop asking me the same thing always. He said with anger

Ragini- Chotte why are you reacting like this?

Viren- Because I’m tired of your over-concern about me! I’m not a child anymore, if something bothers me, you will be the first one, I swear, but now stop asking me about me or my health!

Ragini- Chotte…

Viren- Di please, I’m fed up now, stop now, tonight it’s your wedding you should think about your future now! I know you are afraid or maybe sad, but see I’m happy that you are marrying someone who will keep you happy.

Ragini- I know you are happy, and I know today it’s my wedding too, but I want you to know one thing, never lie to me, you know I hate liar.

Viren keeps his hand on her face- I know you hate lies, and now If Madam allows me, can I go, because today it’s my Di wedding, and see the mandap is not ready, even my Di is not ready, she keep bakbakting!

Ragini hit him playfully- Idiot!

Viren- I know I get this from you
And he runs as fast as he could because he knows Ragini will hit him again.

Ragini smile at him, and then think- He is right I’m overreacting! He is fine, just my motherhood who take over me.

With that, she goes to get ready. Viren hides behind a pillar and cry silently.
Viren- I’m sorry Di, I have to lie to you! Please forgive me
A hand wipes his tears, he looks up and sees her mom standing in front of him, with tears in her eyes.

Janki- Viren doesn’t be sad nor angry at yourself! You are not a liar, you love her a lot that’s why you don’t want her to know the truth.

Viren hugs his mom- Mama I’m feeling guilty, what will happen when she will learn the truth? What will be her reaction? I’m sure she will be mad at me, she will hate me! I cannot see her tears nor her anger.

Janki pat his back and reassure him- Your Di will never hate you for this nor be mad at you! She will be hurt because you are like her child, but a mother cannot hate his child.

Viren- Mama I’m scared

Janki- don’t be, everything will be fine! When you have three mom with you, nothing can happen to you! Go now prepare yourself, and be happy for your Di! She knows you very well, she can read you like an open book.

Viren- Ok mama, I will be careful

Janki kisses his forehead and a tears escape of her eyes.

( Sorry guys I will make this scene quickly)

Everyone is here, Sanskar is very handsome in his black and gold sherwani. He waits for her love to come, just then his eyes fall on the stair.
Ragini wore a black and red lehenga, she is very beautiful. Sanskar cannot take his eyes from her. Swara made her sit next to him, and the ritual start! Now it’s time for the pheras, and Ragini stands and come in front of Sanskar and start to walk. Sanskar takes her hand and they walk around the sacred fire. Priest declares them as husband and wife.
Ragini and Sanskar took everyone blessing. Viren hugs them and tell

Viren- Jiju, I give you my precious treasure! She has mood swings, but she is very kind. I give you my Di, my shield, my mother, don’t hurt her!

Sanskar- Don’t worry Viren, I will not let single tears come to her eyes!

Viren- Di I know you are not going far away from me, but can I have a hug from you?

Ragini- chotte you don’t have to ask!
Ragini hugs her but Viren hug her tighter than before! Gagodia family is very sad seeing them like this.

Ragini- Ok chotte let me go before I ask Sanskar to be a ghar jamai.
Everyone laugh and Ragini goes with Sanskar.

Sorry once again to give you short update, but with Ramadan I don’t have time so sorry

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