Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 27

Hii guys, it’s Lovely, I know I have not posted any update for age, but the reason is simple, I was on vacation with my family after so many months, so thought to give them my entire presence! I won’t be sorry because my family will come first, and then the writing 😉 I hope you guys understand me <3


Today was a very important day for Ragini, she wakes up early and comes downstair. She was not feeling well but didn't say anything. She came downstair and everyone was busy. Her mama was running left and right. Her Dad and Dadu were scolding a decorator, her dadi was with her Sumi maasi making some cake. She looks at them and a smile come across her face, someone touch her shoulder and she turns around

Viren- Kya hua aaj meri behen khush lag lara hai?

Ragini- Yes I'm very happy because today it's my engagement and day after it's my wedding

Viren pout- Yes and you will leave me

Ragini- Yes I will leave you, but I will never forget you. Chotte you are my life and I love you a lot never forget that

Viren- I know Di, but you love jiju more

Ragini blush- Yes I love him, but you are and you will always remain my chotte, even Sanskar cannot do anything about that.

Viren- Di don't love me that much, I won't be able to let you go with Jiju

Ragini giggles- Chotte, why you are so emotional? I won't leave the city, I will leave just a few kilometer away from here! You can come every day, and call me whenever you want.

Viren- I don't know Di, but I feel strange

Ragini- I think you don't want me to marry

Viren- No Di, I really feel weird, don't know

Ragini being serious- Chote are you fine?

Viren smiled faintly- Yes Di don't worry today is my Di engagement, everything should be perfect as you.

Ragini still thinking, but then reply- I love you chotte

Voice behind- and me? who love me?

Ragini smile and Viren reply- Of course, my Di love you a lot Jiju

Ragini- Sanskar tum yaha?

Sanskar- Haan why are you so surprise? Do you expect someone else?

Ragini- Yes I'm waiting for my sister and jiju

Sanskar- How mean Ragini, I was eager to see you and you just shove me off not fair

Ragini comes to Sanskar- Oho my Sanky is angry at me?

Sanskar hug her- Never, I can never be angry at you, my love

Ragini still in his embrace- Why you are here? missing me?

Viren cough- I'm still here guys, and Di how can you hug Jiju like this in front of my innocent eyes?

Ragini look at Viren, still in Sanskar embrace- Who told you to watch us?

Viren- Di, you are impossible! You just told me that you love me more than Jiju, and now you are pushing me?

Ragini- I never said to you that I love you more than Sanskar, I just told you that I love you. You are my chotte, you are like my child, but that doesn't mean that I will love Sanskar less than you. You two are important for me!

Sanskar- Ragini you should love me more than Viren you know?

Ragini- Why so?

Sanskar- because I will be your husband, whom you will share everything

Ragini break the hug- I want to be clear, I love you a lot, Viren is like my child, I saw him growing up before my eyes, I raised him. I love you both the same way.

Sanskar- Ragini, phir be

Ragini- Sanskar please, Viren is my everything, when my mom was in a coma, he was my reason to live. I won't love him more than you, but I won't love you more than him as well. You both are a part of my heart, my soul. If something happened to you both I don't know what I will do.
You are important too, because you are my sans, my breath, the reason for my heartbeat. I hope you understand the place you have in my life Sanskar.

Sanskar- I know Ragini, I know Viren is important for you. I know you love me a lot, and you know why I love you?

Ragini nod in negative, Sanskar cup her face and kiss her forehead- Because you are honest, see you show me my place, and prove me, that you are the right person for me! I love you Ms. Ragini Gagodia

Ragini hugs him- I love you too Mr. Sanskar MAHESWARI. Never forget that I can give you my life, because, without my sans, I cannot live.

Sanskar- I will never leave you, it's my promise to you.

Ragini hugs him more tightly- I don't know why but since morning I'm feeling that something will happen, never leave me Sanskar. Please?

Sanskar- Never my angel

I'm sorry, I giving you all a short update, but I'm very tired, and I came today, and the first thing I do, is writing this part 🙂

Love you all, your Lovely Xxxx

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