Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 26

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They all leave Ragini and Sanskar alone. Sanskar was worried about Ragini

Sanskar- Ragini you know I love you, you cannot leave me! I have already lost Kavita I don’t want to lose you. You make me feel alive. Whenever I saw you with someone else, I feel like killing that person. Even with Kavita I didn’t have this feeling, I love you, you became the reason of my smile and anger too. You make me realize that we have to move on. Please wake up and I promise you I will go away from you if you want. I just want you to be happy, smiling like always, be the person with the full life.

Ragini wakes up- You take your time to tell me that you love me

Sanskar comes to his sense- Ragini you are awake? I will call Laksh

Ragini held his arms- No need, let him enjoy his first Karvachaut with his wife. I’m fine, I just want my love with me

Sanskar with hurt clearly visible in his eyes- I will call Raj

Ragini held his arms firmly and tell- I think you didn’t hear me properly, I want my love to be with me

Sanskar- Ok Ragini I will call Raj, he will come to you.

Ragini now pushes him near her, Sanskar nose touch Ragini’s nose, they were very near each other- YOU are and will always remain my love. Raj is not my boyfriend, he is my cousin. We all act in front of you so that you realize that you are in love with me too, but because of your past, you didn’t want to admit it, so Laksh give me this idea. That night when you confess it, you were angry so I want you to confess me when you will cool and free mind. I love you from the day 1 and I work to get your love. So tell me do you love me?

Sanskar kisses her lips passionately and Ragini too responds, after some time they broke the kiss and Sanskar say- I think you get your reply.

Ragini smile at him and kiss him again- You don’t know how long I wait for you, I was afraid that I have to get engaged to Raj.

Sanskar- I love you Ragini

Ragini- Let’s go down, I’m hungry

Sanskar- Who told you to keep fast?

Ragini- How mean, I did this for you only

Sanskar- I didn’t tell you to do that, and see you faint, brainless girl

Ragini angry- Stupid, idiot I did this for your good being, and instead of thanking me you are scolding me?

Sanskar- I’m sorry

Ragini angry- And wait what you called me? Brainless? You… Idiot, I won’t talk with you

Ragini got down from the bed and goes downstair angrily. Sanskar follows her, but she was too fast, she come to her mom, who was talking with AP, Sujata, and Swara.

Janki- Laado you are fine now?

Ragini trying to calm herself- Yes I’m fine, Mama where is Raj and Viren?

Sanskar ( in mind)- Now why she search this guy?

Sumi- Ragini they will come, they were tensed for you, so they go to buy some of your favourite chocolate cake.

Ragini- Really maasi?

Janki- Haan Laado

Ragin teasingly and because she is angry said- This Raj, I think I should really marry him now. Look how he was tensed for me

Janki confused- You are alright?

Ragini signs Janki about Sanskar presence behind her

Ragini- Yes mama

Janki- Ok you are right Raj is absolutely nice and decent.

They were discussing and Sanskar was jealous but was happy that finally he said I love you to Ragini. Ragini and Sanskar steal some glare at each other, but then Raj and Viren come with Ragini favourite chocolate cake. Ragini purposely hug Raj, just to make Sanskar jealous.

Ragini- Thank you so much Raj

Raj ( in a low tone)- Ragini yaar you want my death? See he is ready to hit me, look at him, his eyes convey me to stay away from you.

Ragini- Raj be a man and hold my shoulder

Raj- You didn’t tell him anything?

Ragini- I told him everything, and he confesses me too that he love me

Raj- So why are you acting?

Ragini- because I’m angry?

Raj- What now? because you are angry you want to see my dead body?

Ragini- Raj please don’t be like a child, he won’t do anything

Raj- When you fainted, he doesn’t allow me to come near you, he pushed me and if he can he could punch me too.

Ragini- He is possessive that’s why

Raj- Ok ok I cannot do anything you are very stubborn

Ragini smile at him, which anger Sanskar more, and then light go off. After few minute, two peoples is seen at a stage.
The first person speaks- I don’t know when I fall in love with you, but now that you are in my life I cannot let you go

Light on on his face, it shows it was Laksh. Swara was happy, and Laksh looks at her lovingly.

Then the second person speak, Ragini heart skip a bit- I know you are angry with me, I’m not the type of man who can convey his feeling easily, but I must say MS Ragini Gagodia, you won this stone heart. This heart belongs to you now.
Yes, the second person is none other Sanskar. Ragini smile at him, but then show him an angry face and look away. Sanskar smiles at her

Sanskar and Laksh- This is for you

They start to song Palat Tera hero idhar hai from main tera hero

Laksh- Dekha hai tujhko jabse
Haay main toh hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya
(He comes near Swara)

Sanskar- Dekha hai tujhko jabse
Haay main toh hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya
( He comes near Ragini)

Sanskar- Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe
Arey jo bhi main kahun
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat
( He held Ragini’s hand and she look away, but she was smiling)
Laksh- Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar haiYe tera hero idhar hai
( He held Swara arms and wink at her, Swara look down being shy)

Sanskar- Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Yeh tera hero idhar hai
Toh Palat…
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
ki tera dhyan kidhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
( he kiss Ragini’s hand, she look at him and blushed)

Laksh/ Sanskar- Ho kehta hai mujhse kyun zamaana..
Arey haan, nahi aasaan hai tujhko paana
Aah.. tere nakhre uthaaun sanam
Mujhko teri kasam
Taang dun chand ko, teri kurti mein
Arey jo bhi main kahun
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Toh Palat na…
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
Ke tera dhyan kidhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Song end. Laksh Hold Swara firmly and same with Sanskar. Everyone look at them, and clap. Swaragini look away being shy and come to their mom.

Sumi- See Ragini now get your Sanskar we can get you married

Janki- Haan Sumi is right, we have to talk with AP and DP

Ragini pout- I’m a burden to you that’s why you want to send me off to my sasural?

Janki- Nahi Laado, I want you to be happy and settle down like Swara.

Raj- And I will be free from you and the dead glare from your Sanskar

Sanskar comes- I’m sorry for what I said and thank you

Raj- Don’t worry, it’s ok

Sanskar comes near Ragini and whisper- Are you still angry at me?

Swalak cough- Ahem ahem, we are still here

Sanskar- What I’m talking with my fiancé

Ragini looks at him- We are not yet engaged, so please my fiancé is very possessive about me, he won’t like seeing you around me.

Sanskar holds her waist- He won’t mind I know him very well

AP- Yeh kya hora raha hai yeh par?

Sanskar let Ragini and look away, but AP smile- I’m happy finally you accept your love for Ragini.

Pari- Haan devar ji

Sanskar- Pari bhabhi you are Ok with it?

Pari- Yes Sanskar, I want you to be happy, and Ragini can do this. She will your friend, your confident, take care of her, she is a pearl like our Swara.

Sanskar/Ragini- Thank you bhabhi

Pari come to Ragini- You don’t need, I’m your friend also, I know Kavita was my friend, she was like my little sister, but now I get two more sisters. I know you are the one for Sanskar, you will make him happy.

Ragini hug Pari- Thank you so much

Pari- Ma, bari ma, now we have to do a lot of shopping for Ragsan engagement.

Ragini- Shopping? No way?

Swara pout- ooh Di not again you have because it’s your engagement

Sanskar- And our wedding too

AP- Someone is eager to make you his wife Ragini

Swara- Haan ma

Ragini- Swara stop it now, I’m going

Swara- Haan haan go, I will tease you the same way to tease me with Laksh

Ragini- I’m going now

She come to the garden and sit on the bench, she feels a familiar touch. Sanskar hugs her from behind

Sanskar- Why you leave me alone?

Ragini- You were not alone, all were teasing us, and you didn’t do anything

Sanskar kiss her neck which makes her shiver- after so much time they saw me happy, and they too were happy, let them enjoy.

Ragini- I know, I cannot wait to be MRS Ragini Sanskar Maheswari

Sanskar- Me too I cannot wait to make you mine

Ragini- You will never leave me?

Sanskar- I love you so much, I can never think about leaving you. You are the reason of my happiness, and I want to be the reason for your smile.

Ragini- No you are not the reason for my smile, you are the reason of my heart beat. My heart beat only for you and till I die I will he will beat for you.

Sanskar holds her tighter- Don’t dare to talk about death, I won’t be able to leave without you! Don’t you dare to think of leaving me

Ragini- Don’t worry Sanskar, you are my sans I cannot live without you.

Sanskar- Don’t love me that much, I will be more possessive about you

Ragini- You have full right on me, and I like when you show me that I’m yours.

Sanskar- So you are not angry with me?

Ragini- For what? For what you said for me for fasting? Nahi, even if I love eating, I would fast for you, for your life, and to have you as a husband for the seven birth.

Sanskar- Ragini I just want to say this to you

Ragini cut him and turn toward him- I know I won’t feel insecure about Kavita and your love for her! She is your first love it obvious that you have memories of her, and moreover, you loved her very much! I’m not jealous about that, but please remove yours and her pictures in your rooms, please? I know it’s hard to do this but I will feel like I’m cheating on her! I hope you understand me

Sanskar hugs her and tells- As you say MRS to be Sanskar Maheswari.

Ragini- I think we should go now, if not they will tease us even more

Sanskar nod and they enter in the mansion and come to their respective parents. Sanskar keeps staring at her, and same with Ragini.
Ragini eats because she was very hungry and Sanskar watches her amused, even Swara was not less. Laksh too eats like he never eats before.

Swara- slowly Laksh

Laksh- Yaar I’m so much hungry let me eat now

Ragini- Seems someone keep fasting for her wife too

Laksh- Yaar Ragini don’t start, you too fast for bhai no?

Ragini- Yup but was about you?

Lakhs- If a wife can fast for her husband life, why man cannot do the same thing? And yes for your kind information, bhai keep a fast for you too, even if he doesn’t believe in

Ragini is surprised- Really ( looking at Sanskar) Sanskar what are you waiting to eat?

Sanskar- You have eaten for me too, look at your plate

Ragini look down embarrassed and shy and Sanskar continue- That’s why I’m telling you to not fasting for me

Ragini- I will even if I become fat with eating I will fast every year for you.

Sanskar- Ok meri ma fast, but don’t complaint to me or faint next time

Ragini- I never complaint to you, and I fainted because this was the first time.

Sanskar- For me too, but then I didn’t fainted

Ragini- You are a man and man doesn’t fainted

Sanskar- Ya ya eat if not you will again faint

Ragini glare at Sanskar but then smile at him, they continue eating. AP, DP, Janki and SUmi saw they children happy and was glad to see them like this. They pray that no one came and harm them, they should always stay happy like this.

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