Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 25


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NEXT DAY, Ragini was sleeping like an angel, someone shake her and she gets disturbed

Ragini- Please mama let me sleep

Janki- You have to get up today it’s karvachaut

Ragini- Haan to mama please leave me

Janki- Uffo, if you don’t get up, whom will keep fast for Sanskar safety?
Janki smiles and look with one eye toward Ragini and then add

Janki- It’s ok, I will tell AP that her would be DIL don’t wish to get up, so she won’t get her first sargi.

Ragini gets up- Nahi mama I’m awake

Janki- Challo drama queen, get up

Ragini- Haan haan main ati hoon.

Ragini wakes up without her will and goes to take a bath and change herself into a comfortable kurti and pant.

Every woman is present, the man were still sleeping

Ragini- Good morning everyone

Dadi- Good morning laado

Sumi- Good morning Ragini

Dadi- Laado what are you going here? Are you fasting too? For whom?

Ragini- Dadi you know na fro whom I’m fasting

Sumi teasingly- Haan ma, don’t you know for whom? don’t you have any idea? Handsome man but stubborn like her?

Dadi continues with the teasing- Oh oh Haan yaad aya, for Raj!

Ragini- DADI!

Janki- Ma is right Ragini you will fast for your would be husband hai na? And your would-be husband is Raj no? With whom you will get engaged?

Ragini- With my love, and not Raj. Should we start?

Everyone smile at her and Janki nod at her. They eat and then Ragini was about to go, but Sumi stops her

Sumi- Ragini?

Ragini- Yes maasi?

Sumi- Don’t you forget anything?

Ragini frowned- No

Sumi smile at her- We have to do puja?

Ragini- What? What type of puja? See maasi I’m fasting it’s very tough for me because I love eating ( in fact this is my case), now what type of puja I have to do?

Sumi- Just for the beginning of the fast! Don’t worry it won’t take so much time.

Ragini- Ok like I have the choice

Sumi- You want to get married no? Start learning some ritual, and Karvachaut is one of them.

Ragini- Oho maasi please, Ok I will do the puja
Ragini comes with them and does the aarti, then speak

Ragini- Now Can I go sleeping?
She said with a pleading tone, and Janki wants to tease her more

Janki- In fact Ragini no, you cannot sleep after starting your fast

Ragini- WHAT? Why? Oh no, in which trouble I enter?

Janki- You cannot it’s a ritual, If you sleep then your fast will stop

Ragini- Who think about this kind of ritual? I’m sure It’s a man because no woman can bear such inhumanity. I cannot even sleep for this idiot, who cannot see my love for him! Oh God why are you troubling me like that
She said with a funny trembling tone

Janki- Challo drama queen stops putting God in your talk, he is not troubling you, but show you the right path

Ragini- Mama I’m already on the right path, I never do mistake

Janki- Chaal dramebaaz

Ragini- Where? I cannot sleep! ( she pout)

Sumi- She was just pulling your leg, you can sleep. Go now, you have to be beautiful for tonight

Ragini- Maasi, I’m always beautiful, but tonight I will be more stunning

Janki- Ja ja and don’t trouble us

Ragini went to sleep again. After sometimes she woke up and walk downstair, only to find every man eating. Her stomach starts to make some noise, and Shekhar saw her with a sad face

Shekhar- Laado, what are you doing come eat your breakfast

Janki- Nahi Ji she is fasting

Shekhar- Are you joking? Laado and fasting?

Dada- I’m dreaming? Fasting and her?

Viren- Di you have lost your mind or anything else? Why are you fasting? come and eat, you cannot stay 5 min without having anything, and here you will fast for the whole day? No, no I love you so much I cannot see you like this!

Ragini angry- Chup chotte, I will prove you all that I can stay a whole day without eating! And you three how can you be so heartless?

Shekhar-Dada-Viren- What have we done now?

Ragini angry- You eat while your wives are keeping fast for your good being

Viren- You can exclude me here, because I don’t have wife, be angry at dadu and dad

Ragini- CHOTTE? and what about me? I’m your Di na, you have to starve like me

Viren smile- Di are kidding? I’m like you, I cannot stay without eating, and you told me to starve with you?
Seeing Ragini’s anger, he stop laughing and say

Viren- Maybe next year I will fast with you Di, not, this time, I’m already late for school.

Ragini- Ja gaddar kahi ke

Viren- Love you Di

Shekhar and Dada try to escape but Ragini hold them back- Where are you going you two?

Dada- I’m going to my room why? I’m not young now you know Laado?

Shekhar- I have to go to office Laado, I’m already late

Ragini- Oh common dadu, Dadi also is not young but she keep fasting for you, so you have to do her chores, same to you Dad. You are the owner of your office if you don’t come today they will not fire you, so stay at home and pampers your wife and daughter now.

Shekhar- What? No me and doing house chores?

Ragini- Why? mom, maasi, and dadi don’t do that daily? Today they are fasting show some humanity on them

Shekhar- Ok ok meri ma I will do whatever you want, now sit and drink some water because you are red due to anger

Ragini-Sumi-Dadi- Janki shoute- PAPA! SHEKHAR? JI?

Shekhar- Oh sorry I forgot that you fasting too. Dad comes we show theses women that men can do anything, and nothing it’s impossible for them.
They go toward the room, but Ragini stop them- Dad, dadu kitchen is this side.

Dada- But we will clean our room?

Ragini- Before that wash all the dishes.

Shekhar and Dada nod and goes to the kitchen. Ragini comes to the women and tell- See now you are free

Janki- Hope they will not mess everything

Dadi- Haan your dadu never did this type of working

Ragini- Let them learning something

Sumi pull her ear- And you? What about you learning something rather ordering others?

Ragini- Aah… Maasi it’s hurting
Sumi releases her ear and Ragini add- See I’m helping you and you are scolding me maasi, this is not fair

Janki- Sumi is right, you are responsible, smart and all, but you never step feet in the kitchen? You don’t know how to cook etc.

Ragini- Wrong ma, I know how to cook, because when you were in a coma, I never eat what Maasi cook for us, and so I learned how to cook from Dadi.

Dadi- She is right, and I must say she is a good cooker, and yes her cake is muah ( making the sound of a kiss)

Janki- Oh in taht case I can send you directly at your sasural home! She laught and Ragini pout

Ragini- Only when this angry man confess that he love me

Sumi- Don’t worry beta, he will confess soon, your love for him is true, you are fasting for him too, God will listen to you.
Ragini just nods and left.

AT NIGHT, Ragini comes down wearing a beautiful a dark blue saree. She was very hot in this attire. She was not feeling well and have some difficulties to walk but then manage. Sumi and Janki saw this and come to her

Janki- Laado are you fine?

Sumi- No she is not? Oh, God why we agreed to her plan? Now if she faints?

Both mothers were worried for her, but still she manages a smile, signaling them that she is fine.

Ragini- Mama, maasi, I’m fine don’t worry

They leave for MM. AP and DP welcome them. Sanskar search for Ragini but he doesn’t see her, but then his eyes fall on that angle.

Sanskar ( in mind)- She is very beautiful and hot in that attire, simple but beautiful. Lekin something is missing What? Yes her smile? She looks pale and uncomfortable! Maybe I should go and check on her? No

Swalak comes to her and she tries to put a smile on her face but failed.

Swara angry- When you cannot fast why you fast?

Laksh- Swara calm down, see she is not feeling well, yelling at her won’t change anything.

Sanskar come to them and Swara glare at him- What happened here?

Swara- Why you bother about ?
With that she left, Laksh follow her but before he says- I’m sorry bhai on her behalf, you know this is the first time she is fasting so that’s why she is like this!
Sanskar nods, and he left.

Sanskar- Hi Ragini, how are you?

Ragini little uneasy- Fine an… and you?

Sanskar- Are you sure Ragini? You are not looking well. You are not smiling like always?

Ragini- It’s just that I’m fasting that’s why! It’s not easy for me because I cannot stay a minute without eating

Sanskar angry- So why are you fasting? You are not married so why this?

Ragini- I fast for my love, for his well-being?

Sanskar now is jealous and furious- And where is your Raj? Why he is not here with you?

Ragini understood that he is jealous, even if she is not feeling well, she manages to say- My love will break my fast

Sanskar still furious- Call him, how can he be so careless about you?

Ragini- Why are you reacting like this Sanskar?

Sanskar- I cannot see you like this

Ragini- Why?

Sanskar- Because I love you Ragini, I love you!

Ragini was about to say something but she faints. Everyone come around her, and then Sanskar gives her some water to drink. She doesn’t wake up, and now Sanskar is worried!

Sanskar- Ragini you cannot leave me! You cannot come in my life and then go like that! Please get up.

Raj comes and tries to come near Ragini, but Sanskar pushed him hard. Everyone is shocked to see so much anger from Sanskar.

Sanskar get up- How dare you to touch her? Where were you when she manages to walk? How dare you? She loves you and you didn’t bother about her?

Raj- Sanskar dekho Ragini

Sanskar- Don’t call he name with your nasty mouth

Swara- Please Sanskar it’s not the time for shouting at Raj but take Ragini upstair.

Laksh auscultates her and gives her some injection.

Laskh goes out and says- Don’t worry she will be fine, she just fainted because she is not used to fasting that why.

Uttara- bari ma, ma bhabi come the moon is out

Swara- You all go I will be with Ragini

Viren- Swara Di you go, you to is fasting! I will be here with her

Sanskar- No I will be with her you all go.

They nod and let an unconscious Ragini and worried Sanskar


KARVACHAUT PART 2 Romance and enjoyment

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