Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 24

Hello, my lovely readers, I’m very sorry for the delay, but then I’m glad that you all missed this story 🙂

Few days passed since the announcement of Ragini’s engagement. Sanskar was restless since the party, he thinks

Sanskar- Even if I still have some feelings for Kavita, I know I like Ragini. Maybe I love her, yaar I’m so confused! I have to make her realize that I love her.

Someone knock the door of his room

Sanskar- Come in

It was Swara

Swara- Sanskar can I talk with you?

Sanskar- Yes Swara what happened?

Swara- I notice since you got to know that Ragini will soon be engaged with Raj you seems upset!

Sanskar- No nothing like that, I’m happy for her

Swara- Sanskar if you love her tell her! Don’t run after your past! Laksh told how much you love your first wife. You have to forget her if you want to have Ragini in your life. She is my sister and I don’t want her to suffer! I want her to be happy if you are not sure about your feelings don’t give her false hope! Raj is a very good person, I have talked with him, he seems honest. I think he like Ragini and Ragini also starts to feel for him.

Sanskar- I’m not sure about my feeling! I don’t know if I love her or just an attraction. You know after Kavita I never give attention to any woman, so I cannot tell you what I feel for her.

Swara sight- I hope it will not be late when you will realize that you love her! Once she is married, you will not be able to have her, she will be someone else partner.

Sanskar just nods, he was in his thought. Swara goes out with a smile on her face. Laksh comes to her

Laksh- Any improvement?

Swara- Don’t know, he is still confused?

Laksh- Arre Yeh Bhai bhi na! He cannot get someone better than Ragini, why he is confused! Ragini is beautiful, smart

Swara frowned and Laksh continues praising Ragini. After a while, he stops then turn toward Swara

Laksh- And yes she is my wife sister

Swara- You never praise me that much!

Laksh- I don’t need because you are perfect and you know that

Swara- Oww, I’m not perfect, but being with you make me complete.

Laksh- I love you

Swara ( hugging Laksh) – I love you too

Laksh- MRS Laksh Maheswari, so what the next plan?

Swara- I have told him to hurry up because once she gets married he will not be able to have Ragini, let see what happened now!

Laksh- Hope he will react, if not we are dead

Swara- No YOU are dead, you yourself gave Ragini this stupid idea! Now if this plan flops you have to bear Ragini anger!

Pari comes to them and calls them- Laksh, Swara come Ragini is waiting for you downstair.
They nod and follow Pari.

Swara- Ragini what are you doing here?

Ragini- I’m here because you have to come with me for shopping

Swara- Shopping?

Ragini- Of course for my engagement

Swara- Oh yeah I forgot

Ragini- What? Did you forget my engagement? How mean Swara

Swara- Nahi wo

Laksh- Nahi Ragini, how can she forget your engagement!
They see Sanskar so they continue

Laksh- So Ragini Raj will come with you?

Ragini acts a sad tone- No he won’t be able, he has some work

Sanskar hears all the conversation between the trio but doesn’t comment. Ragini, Laksh, and Swara tries to make him react but no, nothing.

Ragini- I have to select the best dress for my engagement day, after all, it’s Ragini Gagodia’s engagement with the most handsome business tycoon Raj Raichand.
Laksh suppresses his smile seeing Sanskar fuming. Swara and Ragini also see that, so Swara comment

Swara- Yes Ragini you are lucky to get a handsome and dashing fiance
Now Laksh stops smiling and glare at Swara.

Laksh- Let me remind you something BIWI ji, you have a HUSBAND who is dashing and Handsome too.

Swara ( she pull his cheek like a kid) – And jealous too, but don’t worry I love only you, don’t be so insecure, my dashing husband.

Ragini comes to Sanskar- They are cute hai na?

Sanskar- Yes

Ragini- You are still angry at me?

Sanskar- No

Ragini- So why you are not talking with me?

Sanskar- I talk with you

Ragini- Like now? You are just replying with Yes/No! It’s not talking

Sanskar- So what is it? dancing?

Ragini- Uffo, cannot talk with you. ( Turning to Swara) If you two are done with your romance please come with me, we are already late.

Swara- Ragini you came with your car?

Ragini- No, Dad send my car to servicing, I came in a taxi, so Laksh will you mind to drop us?

Laksh- I’m sorry Ragini I cannot because I have an appointment with one of my patient in ten minutes, I have to go.

Ragini- Ok I will call a taxi

Laksh- It’s not need Ragini, Bhai will drop you two. He can stay with you because he won’t go to the office today hai na bhai?

Sanskar- Yes

Ragini- Thank you Sanskar

They bid bye to all and sit in Sanskar car. Ragini sat next to Sanskar and Swara at back. All the drive Sanskar stare at Ragini. Finally, they come to the mall, Ragini and Swara get down.

Sanskar- I will park the car and will come with you

Ragini- Ok

Sanskar goes to park the car and Ragini talk with Swara

Ragini- I hope this plan will work because I don’t want to marry Raj. I have to act because of Laksh idea.

Swara- I know but I think Sanskar love you, but he is afraid to love someone else. He cannot move on from Kavita memories.

Ragini- I know but I love him, I will not leave him

Swara- Yes you love him and just him, that’s why Laksh gives you this idea.

Ragini- Yeah you remember I told him that it will not work, but see at the party, he was jealous and angry? How he talk with Raj? How he was when Raj was hugging me or touching me?

Swara- Yes I see that! I must say we are good in acting

Ragini- Yes, but I hope he will tell me he’s feeling before he comes to know that Raj and I were not dating. At the party, he told that he love me, but he spoke in anger, not in mind peace, so I want him to confess when he is not angry.

Swara sight- Never satisfied

Ragini- Chup he is coming

Sanskar comes to them and they became quiet

Sanskar- Challo?

Ragini and Swara nod. They enter different shop and Sanskar follows them, like a puppy.
Swara was trying some dress and Ragini too, but Ragini cannot tie her doli and call Swara, but Swara was not here. Sanskar hears her calling so he came to her. Ragini without looking say

Ragini- See Swara I cannot tie the doli can you tie it for me?

Sanskar hesitates but when he saw her back, he cannot control himself. His finger touch Ragini’s back and the duo feels something. Ragini turn around shocked

Ragini- TUM?
Sanskar put a hand in her mouth stopping her from shouting like that.

Sanskar- Yes you were screaming at Swara, but she is not here, so I came

Ragini- Get out now

Sanskar- I just came to help you

Ragini- You came at ladies changing room, besharam!

Sanskar- I think you know how a besharam is! I think I will show you.

Sanskar moves toward Ragini and Ragini step back till she hit the wall. Sanskar put his two hands next to her, preventing her from escaping. Ragini shut her eyes and breath heavily, Sanskar is not in his sense. He watches Ragini like a creamy cake. He came near her and was about to kiss her, but Swara interrupts him.

Swara- Ragini you are here?

Ragini comes to her sense- Yea… Yeah I will change and come out in few minute

Swara goes away, and Ragini try to go, but Sanskar holds her back

Ragini- Sanskar yeh kya hai?

Sanskar- I don’t want you to marry this stupid and idiot guy

Ragini- Why? Give me a good and a valid reason?

Sanskar- See I didn’t come with you for your shopping

Ragini- He is busy

Sanskar- Even I am

Ragini- Why you did all this? Why now?

Sanskar- I don’t know

Ragini- Do you love me?

Sanskar- I think you know the answer, you have heard me when I was confessing

Ragini- Yes but you said all this when you was angry. Can you tell me that you love me?

Sanskar- I don’t know

Ragini- It’s a simple question Sanskar Do you love me? YES or NO?

Sanskar- I’m confused

Ragini angry- So you don’t know? Please, Sanskar if you don’t know why you came to me? Why you feel angry when you saw me with Raj? You know what keep leaving with someone who is dead! Please keep that in your mind, Kavita is dead, she will never come back to you, but why I’m telling you all this!
She storms out forgetting her dresses. Sanskar was numb, he doesn’t react at her comment! He cannot see some hurt in her eyes. If she has said all theses to him few before, he surely will be mad at her.

Sanskar- I’m sure now, I love her, I don’t love Kavita now. I will tell her
He goes out but doesn’t find Ragini. He comes to Swara

Sanskar- Where is Ragini?

Swara- She left because she was not feeling well. I think she left some of her dress in the changing room, I will collect them and pay the bill.

Sanskar- No let it be, when she will feeling better, she will come for another session of shopping.

Swara- Sanskar I think you don’t know, but Ragini hates shopping.

Sanskar- So why she came here?

Swara- It’s obvious because it’s her engagement!

Sanskar- Yes I forgot about this Raj

Swara- Challo, ghar challo.

Sanskar- Ok

All day Sanskar tries to call Ragini, but she doesn’t reply. So he decides to go to Gagodia mansion.

Janki- Are Sanskar beta, what are you doing here?

Sanskar- I came to meet Ragini

Janki- Oh but she left with Raj few minute ago

Sanskar ( in mind)- I thought this stupid have work, how can he come here now?

Sanskar- Oh aunty, Ragini told me she is not feeling well

Janki- Yes that’s why Raj take Ragini out.

Sanskar- Ok aunty I will go now

Janki- Ok beta

Sanskar goes back to MM. Janki comes to Ragini’s room and finds her angry

Janki- Laado, Sanskar came here, but I told him that you were out with Raj. He seems upset

Ragini- Yes mom, this idiot, stupid, useless is good in expressing his anger, not his love. Mom I doing all this to make him realize his love but he is stubborn like a nut

Janki- Laado, I know you are desperate, but think once from his side! He is afraid to love again, or to lose you. He doesn’t want to relive his past.

Ragini- I know I don’t want him to remember his past, I want to build new memories with him, but he is stubborn

Janki- Like you Laado

Ragini- Ma I’m not stubborn

Janki- Yes you are! See you want Sanskar to realize his love for you!

Ragini- It’s not being stubborn but I never give up! I love him

Janki- I hope he will realize soon.

Ragini- Mama thank you for supporting me

Janki- I love you and I want you to be happy! Sanskar is a good guy he will keep you happy!

Ragini- I love you too mama

Janki- Call Raj and tell him everything

Ragini- Ok

Ragini call Raj- Hey dude how are you?

Raj- I’m fine cutie what happened to you?
Ragini tells him everything

Raj- Oh God I hope he will not kill me because I’m not married!

Ragini- He will not kill you

Raj- How are you sure? Don’t you remember how he stares at me whenever I came close to you? I can feel his anger till now on me.

Ragini- Dramebazz! You know what to do now?

Raj- Yes I know, Janki bua told me, don’t worry he will confess soon.

Ragini- I hope because I don’t want to marry you! Not because you are not handsome, but because you are my brother! I don’t want any incestuous relationship.

Raj- Chal don’t talk like this! Pray that he will confess to you soon because I don’t know If I can put a ring on your finger

Ragini- How mean, you have to do some acting! Even if you have to put sindoor in my maang it will be just an acting like they do in the film.

Raj- But you are not in any film, you are in real life, we cannot take the risk.

Ragini- Yes I know! I will now hang up take care and see you soon

Raj- Yes cutie bye

Ragini cut the call and smile. She comes down and Janki calls her

Janki- Laado comes here, please

Ragini- Yes mama?

Janki- AP ji calls me, tomorrow is Karvachaut she invite us and Raj.

Ragini- I have to kiss AP hand because she will make our plan easier now.

Janki- Ok I will call her and confirming our presence. And yes you have to fast for your would be husband

Ragini- What? but why?

Janki- You don’t want Sanskar to have a healthy life?

Ragini- Yes but Karvachaut is for married women no?

Janki- Single can also, so you will fast?

Ragini- If I faint?

Janki- Sanskar will be here to be your hero and broke your fast.

Ragini- And if he doesn’t?

Janki- Stop now with your if not! He will, he loves you, but what about Raj?

Ragini- I know what to do, don’t worry mama.


( So guys, this engagement is just an acting! Ragini, Laksh, and Swara want Sanskar to confess his feeling for Ragini, that’s why they did all this.
Raj is Janki relative, in fact, Raj is Janki sister’s son)

Credit to: Lovely


  1. Amna

    Really mised broken hearts and you too dear.
    Bt l don’t agree with one thing u said is it like that we should stop loving or missing some person who hv died . V cn love again , v can b happy again but d 2 pr son will have two persons will hv 2 different places in r heart , l don’t think v could forget them even if v strt loving some 1 else , they will always be r first nd frst love.
    Don’t think that l dont like ur story , l jst love it bt on that matter it was just my pov.??

    • Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

      I wrote this because Ragini is angry at Sanskar! Just due to her anger, I know we cannot stop loving someone who is dead!

  2. Azure

    Haha what a plan…..amazing,,,,poor raj is scared and sanskar is emotional and jealous…..interesting ingredients

  3. bisha

    You are back!! Yipee!! I am so happy. And tge drama is on full swing now. Everything is soo perfect and awesome plans out there. Wohoo!! 😉 😀

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