Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 23


Hey, guys thank you so much for reading my story! And yes a special thank you for Niti for putting my story into her favorite one. I’m so happy 🙂

Recap- Swalak wedding

Ragini goes out the room to let the couple enjoy their first night. Pari comes to her and tells Ragini to come down- I never get the chance to speak with you.
Ragini nod- Pari please can you show me the way to change myself

Pari- Come with me I will show you

Ragini follow Pari and she changes into a beautiful royal blue dress. She let her hair open, with the curl it makes her more beautiful.
She saw a door open in the bathroom, she said- I didn’t enter with that door? So how can he be open? She slides the door and sees a room. A room with a lot of pics. She recognizes the women, she is the same women for whom Sanskar scream at her.
She was very curious so she enters the room and saw many pics with Sanskar.
Ragini- She is very beautiful and very lucky to have the love of Sanskar, I hope she will come back to him.

Voice- She will not come back to me

Ragini turn around and see Sanskar, with a crying face. Ragini feel bad seeing him like this.

Ragini- I’m sorry I shouldn’t come here. I will go before you shout at me, I’m not in a mood to hear your hurtful word.
She was about to go but Sanskar holds her.

Sanskar- I’m sorry for whatever I said or I did to you

Ragini- Mr. Maheswari I don’t want your pity. Don’t think because I said that I love you, I want you in my life.

Sanskar- I don’t show any pity on you. I know you love me, but I won’t be able to love you, that’s why I told you whatever pass in my head

Ragini- Sometimes it’s better to keep mum, khair don’t worry I will not bother you now.

Sanskar- I know but I’m a bit short temper

Ragini- a bit? No too much

Sanskar frown- Yes maybe

Ragini- I will go now

Sanskar- Thank you

Ragini look up- For what?

Sanskar- For not agreeing at Laksh condition and make him realize his mistake.

Ragini- If the situation was different, I would accept Laksh condition, but I know that we cannot force anyone into a relation, it’s won’t work. If I have to marry you, you have to love me.

Sanskar- Ragini I cannot lie to you, you are a beautiful woman, smart, modern, any man can fall in love with you. I’m sure you will found someone who will love you unconditionally.

Ragini- Unfortunately you are not the one who will be this lucky man.

Sanskar- You are right, I’m sorry for all

Ragini- Don’t be, but tell me what happened with her ( pointing to Kavita photo)

Sanskar smile at her- So we are friend?

Ragini- Yes since you save me and give me your blood. In fact since that day, I think I start to like you, but don’t worry I will forget you with time

Sanskar doesn’t know why but feels something- She is Kavita, my wife.
Ragini was shocked- wife?

Sanskar- Yes, we love each other since college. I was afraid to tell this to dad because he believes in marriage first then love. I was deeply in love with her, with her nature, her behaviour, her smile, her innocence. Some day dad comes to me and tell me we have to go to see a girl, I was about to object, but dad tells me that he did all this for me.
Like a good son, I agree to go and see the girl. I call Kavita but her phone remain unreachable. I cannot see the girl face, and her parent told me to go and talk with her, to see if we are compatible or not. Without looking at the girl, I told her that I cannot marry her because I love someone else. I told her that I cannot lie to her and mess her life. I don’t get any reply from her, but I get a tight hug. The girl was crying and tell me that don’t worry you don’t have to marry anyone, I’m here.
I was shocked and happy at the same time to see her here. My dad comes to me and told me that he cannot never make his son unhappy. He contacts Kavita’s parents and told them everything. I was happy so she.
We were engaged and after some month we married. She was loved by everyone, specially Pari bhabhi. In no time, she became the smile of our family. After some time we get to know that she was pregnant, everyone was happy, I was on top of the world. Finally, we will be a real family, I will get my own family. We all were eagerly waiting for the baby. She enters at her nine months of pregnancy, everyone pampering her like a child. Her every wish was fulfilled. One day I get an important call, so I have to go to the office. Kavita wishes to go with me, I didn’t stop her, so she came with me. She waits for me, but she was bored so she goes to the canteen, which is upstair. When she was going down, she misses a stair and slip. Someone call me and tell me what happened. I took her to the hospital and wait for 3 hours, I called everyone and told them what happened. They came to the hospital and doctor told us that she was no more. Mom asks for the baby, but even the baby died.
I was shattered, in fact, everyone was broken. From this day I became emotionless, I engross myself in business, and I became a successful man. I earn enough for entire India to maybe two decennie. I dream to live my life with my love, but she leave me with my dream.
It been three years that she left us, she left me, and she was selfish too beacuse she leave with our princess. I loved her, I loved her very much, I think more than myself, she was my reason to live.

With that Sanskar cry his heart out. Ragini was crying too seeing him like this. Sanskar hug Ragini and continue crying.

AP, DP and Pari was seeing all this from the door. AP was happy

AP- Finally he speak his heart out.

Pari- Haan bari ma, I think now he will be happy

DP- I hope, I cannot see my son in pain. I know Ragini is the right person for her.

Pari- Papa don’t you think…

AP- Beta I know you cannot see anyone in the place of Kavita, because she was your relative, but don’t you want Sanskar happy?

Pari- Yes bari ma you are right. I cannot be selfish, he have the right to live his life with someone.

Shift to Sanskar room-

Sanskar still hug Ragini, and Ragini tries to calm him
Ragini- Sanskar don’t you think you have to move on now? You cannot live with someone memories, you have to live your life? Do you think Kavita is happy seeing you like this? I’m sure that Kavita would be angry at you seeing your condition.
I don’t say all this to you because I love you, no but as a friend I care for you. You should move on, I don’t tell you to forget her, because you will never, she was your first love, and she will remain like that.

Sanskar- I cannot do that, I cannot move on, I still love her

Ragini- Don’t worry, some day you will realize that what you feel for her it’s not love but just the deny for her death.

Sanskar- Ragini what are you saying?

Ragini- See Sanskar as a friend I tell you, every person doesn’t grieve in the same way. We have to pass 4 step
1st step is the denial: you are still in the first step
2nd step is the anger: You will be angry. I think you are angry with Kavita for leaving you alone.
3rd steap is the depression: You will be sad to accept the thruth
4rd step is the acceptation: Reality will hit you! You will understand there is no point to mourn now, she leaved you for good and won’t come back.
You know Sanskar I cannot tell you that I understand your pain, because I never lost someone who was dear to me, but yes when my mom was in coma, I try to be strong. I didn’t care for anyone apart my little brother. I loved my dad very much, but after what he did to my mom, I keep me away from him even if I was broken. I have to bear a lot when I was young, but I always took it at positive.
Even when you reject the mariage proposal, I was hurt, but I thought that we cannot force you into a relation, I will not be happy nor you. I keep this in my head, and I will make sure that I will move on, you too have to think about it. Don’t make any decision in rush time, take your time. Think about all the moment you spend with Kavita, and with your family. If you lost a wife and child, your family too lost a bahu and grandson.
Pari lost a friend and a bhabhi. Laksh lost a bhabi, maybe a friend too. AP aunty and DP uncle lost her bahu and her daughter too. Kavita was not just your wife, she had some relation here too. They too is sad to lost her, but we cannot stay back at our past. You cannot live in someone memories, you will hurt yourself and your family too, because they love you a lot. Don’t forget that you are a son and have some responsabilies towards your family.
Tell me since when you talk with them, laught with them, go out with them?

Sanskar keep quiete, he never think about that, if he lost his wife and child, his family too lost someone dear to them.
Ragini stand up and Sanskar look at her

Sanskar- Thank you

Ragini- Welcome, sleep now I have to go to my home.

Sanskar saw his watch- It’s late I will drop you

Ragini- Don’t worry about me, I came with my car. And Sanskar I have to keep me away from you, because you know

Sanskar- I don’t want to lose my new found friend, but I can understand

Ragini- Thank you

She leave Sanskar room, she tries to not cry but she failes at her attempt. AP, DP and Pari saw this and feel bad for her.

Ragini come to her home, Janki want to talk with her, but seeing her crying she think- I will not disturb her now, let her rest, I will talk with her tomorrow.

Ragini sleep without changing herself.


Ragini wake up and go to take a bath. She come down she was wearing a beautiful combi with flower.

Janki- Good morning Laado, how are you?

Ragini- fine mama

Janki- What happened to you? Yesterday I saw you crying?

Ragini tell her everything and Janki hug her- Don’t worry beta, I’m always with you with every decision you take.

Ragini- Thank you mama, you are the best mom ever

Janki- And you the best daughter in the world.

Ragini tell something to her mom which is mute.
Janki- Don’t worry I will pray for you.

Ragini- Mama I will go now, today my exams start.

Janki- Ok you won’t go to Maheswari office today?

Ragini- No, I have to work with them for some time, now I’m with my exam only.

Janki- All the best, I won’t ask you for breakfest, go and buy something outside.

Ragini- Bye mama

Ragini go and after some Swara, Laksh and Sanskar come.
Sanskar search for Ragini, he don’t knwo why but all night he was thinking of her.

Janki saw them and welcome them- Come Swara, Laksh and Sanskar

Swara- Mama, Ragini nazar nahi dekha? Kaha hai wo?

Janki watch Sanskar, he wait for Janki’s reply- Ragini is not here, she has already go to uni, today her exams start.

Swara- Oh ya, I forgot that she don’t have test like me, but exams at the end of the semester.

Janki- Yes

Sanskar- Oh I tought she will be here, because she forgot her dress yesterday in my house

Janki- Koi baat nahi, give it to me I will give her

Sanskar- No…
Laksh and Swara look at him and he compose himself- I mean ok
With that he give the dress to Janki.
Sanskar go to his office, while Laksh go to hospital. Swara remain with Janki.

Day pass, and then months pass. Sanskar and Ragini don’t see each other. Sanskar was restless because he don’t have any news of Ragini.

Sanskar- Why I’m thinking about her? Why I want to talk with her? Why when I hugged her, I feel something, I feel we are connected?

He returned his home, and found everyone smiling. He want to know why they are laughting a loud like this. He found Ragini here, His heart beat fast, he doesn’t know why. Sanskar watch Ragini’s smile, she was beautiful.
AP sees Sanskar starring at Ragini, and was happy.

AP- Sanskar you are back?

Sanskar come out from his trance- Yes mom

AP- You know Ragini, nowadays Sanskar come back from office very soon. He stay with us and chat with us too.

Ragini- I’m happy for you all, with all that I forgot for what I came here.

Swara- Tell na, you didn’t want to tell me

Ragini- Ya ya, as you know I come first at my exam, so Dad want to keep a party for my success and also I want to announce you all something.

Swara pout- That’s not fair

Ragini- come tonight I will tell you all! You all have to come ok?
Everyone nod, Ragini bid bye to all


Somes relatives was here. Maheswari too come, and Janki and Sumi welcome them.

Janki- Namaste AP Ji and Sujata Ji

Sujata- Please Janki don’t add Ji at my name, I feel I’m old.
Janki nod, and Sanskar come too. He saw Ragini coming down, he was lost in her beauty. She wear a beautiful pink dress, with diamond earring and necklass. She was perfect in every angle.
Shekhar take a mike and speak

Shekhar- Today you are here for my daughter success, and also because I want to share something with you. Laado beta come

Ragini come to her dad, and Shekhar hug her, he continue- You keep all the family proud, and you have always be a good daughter. It will hard to see you going

This was a shocked for everyone including Swara and Sanskar. Janki was just amused to see them like this.

Shekhar- Today I want to tell you that my daughter agreed to marry someone. Finally my daughter will be someone else daughter.
Sanskar was stunned, he don’t know why, but he feel hurt. Ragini was smiling, then a guy come to her. The guy hug her, and Sanskar was jealous, yes jealousy.

Shekhar- Let me introduce you my daughter would be husband, Raj Raichand.
Everyone applaud them, and Sanskar feel like punching the guy.
Janki saw all this and think- I know you love my laado but it’s too late now.

Ragini come to Maheswari family with Raj

Swara- Ragini how dare you? You didn’t tell me?

Ragini- Because I wasn’t sure, but he keep running behind me.

Laksh- I’m happy for you both! Hey you keep her happy

Raj- Don’t worry she my priceless thing ( hugging her)

Sanskar- She is not a thing but a human ( in an angry tone)

Raj- I know but she priceless, I will keep her happy, not letting a single tears coming from her eyes.

Sanskar ( turning to Ragini)- You didn’t tell your friend? I thought that we were friends?

Ragini- I’m sorry Sanskar, but I was busy with my exams, and after that I meet with Raj.

Sanskar- Ya you were busy for me, but not from everyone.

Ragini- I’m sorry yaar

Sanskar doesn’t say anything, he just go out, because he was very furious. He cannot see Ragini with another man

Sanskar- Yes, I take time, but I love her.

Ragini come to him and tell him- Yes you take your time, but I cannot wait you to overcome your past! You take almost three months, I have move on. Raj is a good guy, I will be happy with him. You didn’t take your chance when I was in love with you.

Ragini go inside, and Sanskar keep starring at her.
Sanskar- I know I take my tim, but you are not married so I still have time to win you back. I will not let my love be away from me once again.

Raj Raichand is play by Karan Tacker ( I just love him. If one day I saw him I think I will hug him tight. So handome, six pack abdo, a girl he drive me insane lol I’m exagering )

Credit to: Lovely

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