Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 22


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Recap- Laksh decision to not marry Swara- Laksh blackmailing Ragini to marry Sanskar- Waiting for Ragini’s decision

Ragini get thinking- What to do? Marry Sanskar and live a miserable life or denied to marry him, but Swara will be shattered! What if Laksh doesn’t marry her for real? I cannot take this chance!

Janki come and see her daughter like that, she keep her hand on her shoulder- Kya hua Laado?

Ragini- Mama what to do? Laksh doesn’t wish to marry Swara, and he told me that if I won’t marry Sanskar he won’t marry Swara as well.

Janki smile and tell- You know sometimes we cannot be selfish, but then we have to think about ourself first. You know Laado when your dad married me when we took the seven pheres, I vow to be with him in every moment. When he came with Sumi and Swara, I was shattered, I want to scream at him, beat him, because I feel he is doing injustice toward me and you, but then I remember what my mom told me:
We cannot escape from our destiny, we can delay it but if God thinks something for us, you are sure it will happen, even if you don’t want it. So if in your destiny it is written that you will marry Sanskar, you won’t escape. I know you love him, and because he doesn’t love you, you are hurt. You yourself don’t know if you love him or not, you are confused. Trust me, I thought Laksh love you because whenever he look at you, I saw some concern for you, that’s why I thought to marry you two, but I was wrong he loves Swara. Swara is also confused, I know, you cannot fall in love with someone without knowing him. Swara thinks she loves him, but no, for now, she likes him. And about Sanskar I saw some fear in his eyes, maybe he like you maybe not, just time will tell! For now think about you, Swara will understand each and every decision you took. You have a big heart, but I don’t want my two daughters unhappy, I want you two to be happy. I cannot make one daughter sad and another one happy. She cannot build her relationship on your sorrow, this type of compromise won’t work. Still decision is yours, I can only give you advise. I can take a decision in your place, even if I’m your mom.

Ragini- You know what mom, I love you so much. You give me such a good advice, I have already take my decision, I’m happy that our thought is same. Chalo, I think you have to welcome your jamai now

Janki- You didn’t give your decision to Laksh so how

Ragini- I know Laksh he will come

Ragini and Janki come downstair, guest also comes and Bharat too. Ragini looks at her mom and grin. Ragini welcome Laksh but Laksh stops her. Swara comes down too

Laksh- I came to hear your decision

Ragini- So listen

Laksh and Swara were tensed and Sanskar waits for her reply too.

Ragini- So what you told me in the morning? You will marry my sister if and only If I wed your bhai hai na?

Laksh tries to be normal- Yes

Ragini- You can go to your house then because I won’t marry your bhai!

Laksh and Swara were shocked. Ragini was amused to see their face, and compose herself before anyone can see her smiling.

Swara- What? Ragini how can you do this to me?

Ragini- I’m younger than you, but I have brains, what you thought? How can you think I will marry someone who doesn’t love me? Laksh you think with my one side love, he can fall in love with me? Do you think If I wed him I will be happy? He won’t give me the right of a wife. Will you be happy seeing me unhappy? How dare you two to think I will marry him to make you two happy? I have dreams too like you Swara! I want to fulfill them, I want a husband who can be my friend, who will love me unconditionally, not one who cannot love me.
So Laksh tells me you love my sister, are you be able to be away from him, because if you go I won’t let you come near him, even if Swara hate me, I don’t care because I cannot let her marry someone who can blackmail her sister.

Laksh was stunned to react, andSwara was crying, she tell- Ragini nahi you cannot do that! It was our plan to make you two marry. I know you love him, I cannot see you in pain while I’m happy.

Ragini smile, cup her face- Don’t think I’m unhappy because today is your wedding. I’m very happy for you both, I agree I love Sanskar, but he doesn’t, I cannot force him to love me. This is not love if it’s my destiny to marry him, I will. I know it your plan that’s why I didn’t accept this.

Laksh- So you know? but what the need to slap me this hard. It’s paining a lot

Ragini- You deserve it, and yes I know, Swara love you and if you deny to marry her she will be broken, while today morning she just acts like crying. You guys think I’m a fool? You are in front the smartest girl in Kolkata. She laughed
Mama welcome them.

Laksh smile seeing Ragini smiling. Janki welcome him with his family, and he is brought to the mandap. Swara came and he was lost in her beauty. Swara shy seeing his gaze on her. Laksh comes to her and tells- Don’t blush like this, keep some for our first night.
Swara blushed even more.
The priest calls the parent to do the Kanyadan. Sumi was about to go but then think- This the right of parents, I’m not Swara real mother.
Janki keeps a hand on her shoulder and takes her to the mandap- I give her birth, but you grow her up. You have an equal right to do this, so we will do this together.
Sumi has tears in her eyes and complies to do. Janki and Sumi do the Kanyadan. Swara was happy to see her both mother.
Finally, Swara and Laksh is married. Swara was crying and Janki tells her

Janki- Remember my advice: Today is a new day for you two, so keep understanding each other. In every couple, we fought but don’t even think to be away from each other. Love and trust are important, keep them and you will have a happily married life.

Sumi- Laksh beta, we give you our Swara keep her always happy. She might be stubborn, but don’t be mad at her.

Ragini- Laksh I give you my sister keep her happy, if I get one complaint from her, I will kill you.

Viren- Swara Di, I have a gift for you, take this and remember you have a little brother here. And you jiju make my sister cry and you will see how much I can be sweet and worst too. I give you my sister, I give you a priceless thing, keep her like a treasure even if she is old and don’t have teeth I’m clear

Everyone smile at his statement. Viren hugs Swara and Swara kiss him.

Swara- Now I’m not here, you will have to bear the anger of your Di.

Viren- Not a big deal Swara Di, I’m immunized from her outburst.

Ragini- Viren ki bacche, I will see who will protect you now, your Swara Di is not here now.

Viren- I have two moms with me

Ragini- But I have Dadi, Dada, and Dad. Four against three.

Janki, Shekhar, dada, and dadi bless Laksh and Swara. Then they come to Sumi, she blesses them and hugs them.
Swara comes to Ragini and says- I will miss you

Ragini- You will not miss me tonight and wink at them
Ragini- Swara I keep a gift in your luggage please open it when you will go to your room. It’s a gift that is important for me, and I want to give you this. I want you to open when you are alone with Laksh.
Swara nods her and Ragini keeps Swara hand with Laksh.
They bid Gagodia family a bye and go to their car.


Swara was welcomed by everyone. Pari keep a rice pot on the ground. AP does the arti for the newly wed couple. Sujata keeps a plate with red water on the ground and tells- Chorri keep your feet on the plate and walk till the living room.
Swara obeys and then Uttara said- Bhai now you have to play with us. You have to search for your rings. Whoever will win this game, will be the chef in the couple.
Uttara put the ring on a milk plate and signal them to search. Swara tries to win but Laksh just holds her hand and wink at her. Swara blushed and Laksh gets the ring.

Swara- This is cheating

Uttara- Kya bhabi what cheating?

Laksh- Haan what did I do?

Swara- Inone mere… Choro he won the game.

Everyone clap, Sanskar was not here, he was alone in his room. He thinks of what Ragini said, and think- Ragini love me? but I keep hurting her! Kavita what I did? You think I should move on? No, I cannot, because you are still alive in my heart. I can not replace you.

Downstair, Pari say- So Devar Ji you have to carry my Devrani to your room

Laksh takes Swara while Swara keeps blushing. When they come in front of the room. The room was locked, they were dazed. Laksh gets a call

Laksh- Hello

Caller- You cannot enter your room, you didn’t pay me

Laksh- Kaun?

Caller laugh- Kaun hoon main? your well wisher

Laksh- See it’s a bad joke

Caller- You cannot enter the room if you don’t pay me.

Laksh- Ragini is that you?

Caller- Yes

Laksh- How you came here? I didn’t saw you?

Caller- I think you want to spend your suhaagraat outside, that’s why you keep talking with me!

Laksh- Please Ragini open the door

Ragini- No, you have to pay me

Laksh- Ok how much you want?

Ragini opens the door and say- Hum I give you my priceless thing, so I cannot put a price on, but yes if you wish you can give me, 10000 rs

Laksh- What? Are you out of your mind?

Ragini- It’s ok
She was about to close the door and Laksh sight

Laksh- Hello drama queen, you ask me for money. How can I give you this amount money, my checkbook is in the room, I have to enter.

Ragini- No, I will give it to you. Wait

She closes the door and searches for the checkbook and finds it.

Ragini- Take it

Laksh gives her the check and she opens the door- Thank you, jiju Ji, enjoy now. And yes Swara I keep your gift on the bed.

Ragini goes out and lets them enjoy their first night.

Laksh- Swara before starting our new life, I want to tell you something. Don’t be upset ok?

Swara- Bolo Laksh

Laksh- You know before meeting you, I love a girl
Swara was stunned but let him continue

Laksh- And the girl is your sister Ragini, but she never look at me, for her I’m just her friend, her best friend.

Swara- It’s ok Laksh you don’t have to tell me all this, it’s your past

Laksh- I know but I want, to be honest with you. I love you that’s why I don’t want to keep any secret from you.

Swara hugs Laksh and tells him- I love you too
Laksh kisses Swara and turns into a passionate one, till they couldn’t breathe. Swara blushed, Laksh remove her jewelry one by one. She was just in her lehenga and mangalsutra. Laksh was about to kiss her neck but Swara stops him

Swara- See Laksh Ragini get a gift for me, I will see and then we can…
She blushed

Laksh smiles at her. Swara opens the parcel and gets shocked. Laksh see what the gift is and was amused.

Laksh- I should thank my small because she doesn’t gift you but me.
Ragini gift Swara a s*xy with lingerie.

Swara- I won’t wear this.

Laksh- You have too, but it won’t make a difference because I will help you to remove this.

Swara- badtamiz

Laksh- Just with you

Swara blushed, she goes to the bathroom after some time she comes out. She still wears her lehenga.

Laksh- Not bad Mrs. Laksh Maheswari, you want me to remove the lehenga too.
Swara blushed
Laksh comes to her and remove unzip her chori. She is in her bra, he carries her to the bed and put her on. Swara was breathing heavily. Laksh kisses her neck, then her lips. Swara grap Laksh hair and hug him. The candle blows off with the consummation.

Today it’s just Swalak epi because it’s they wedding. Next update will be just Ragsan with a little Swalak hope you loke it 😉

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