Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 21


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Ragini doesn't get down for dining. Swara came to her but saw that she was sleeping.

Swara- Ragini I know you love Sanskar, or maybe you like him. So why you don't want to marry him?
She caress Ragini's hair and let her sleep. Ragini wakes up, she just acts as sleeping.

Ragini- I know Swara you are worried for me, but just with my love, I cannot change Sanskar mind. He doesn't love me and I don't want to be in a forced relationship. I prefer to be in pain now rather crying on my fate all my life.

Downstair Laksh and Swara was talking with each other.

Swara- I cannot see my sister like this. See since her childhood, she doesn't get love from our dad, now that everything is alright, she is still sad.

Laksh- I know, but why she took this step?

Swara- I don't know Laksh, maybe your bhai said her something, which hurt her?

Lakhs- Haan maybe

Swara- Laksh did you hide anything from me relate to your bhai?

Laksh doesn't know what to say- Nahi toh

Swara- Please don't lie to me

Laksh sight- I cannot tell you anything

Swara in an angry tone- Laksh how dare you to hide something to me! I'm your would-be wife, we cannot start our new life with lies.

Laksh- Please Swara understand. Sanskar still loves a girl name Kavita. That's all you have to know.

Swara- Laksh it's my sister life

Laksh- Toh Ragini is also my best friend. Do you think I will be happy if she is not happy? Ragini is like my sister I cannot see her unhappy, but also, I cannot see my brother alone too. He is sad, lost in someone memories. I know Ragini is perfect for him, I'm selfish about my bhai, because I love him very much. Like you love your siblings, I also love Sanskar bhai, and I cannot see him like that. That's why I told him that if he doesn't marry, I won't too, but I think I made a mistake. I give false hope to my best friend, I cannot see her like that.

Swara hugs Laksh and tells- I'm sorry, I know you love your bhai a lot. I will speak to Ragini tomorrow, let her rest. If you want we won't marry until this affair is clear.

Laksh- No I cannot live without you too

Swara- Ooh you have to because the next week is our engagement, don't know when we will marry. So be patient Mr. Laksh Maheswari.

Laksh- I will Mrs to be Laksh Maheswari.

Swara- Repeat

Laksh- What?

Laksh comes near her, and she looks down- Wahi, the three magical word?

Laksh smirk- I…… Love…… honey

Swara look up with a weird expression and tell- honey? Who is honey now?

Laksh- Who nahi, what?

Swara- What?

Laksh comes near her lips and kiss her. Swara was shocked but then she also kiss him.

Laksh- This honey

Swara blushed hard, and Laksh tells- If you blushed this much for a kiss, I don't know what will happen on our suhaagraat.

Swara eye pop-up, she hit Laksh- Beshaaram

Laksh- I know, will wait for you.

Swara and Laksh come out. Laksh waits for Sanskar to come but he was already gone.



Laksh tell AP and DP about Ragini's decision. AP cry and tell- Maybe it's a right decision. We cannot force her to be with this unwanted relation.

Laksh nod and ask- Ma Bhai is at home?

AP- No, I thought he is with you?

Laksh- No, it's ok I will wait for him. I want to know what he said to Ragini that she back off from this wedding.
Laksh waits all the night, Sanskar didn't come.

Next day

Ragini wakes up and goes to her bathroom. Swara was sleeping, so she don't make any noise. After some time, she comes out, she was already prepared and goes to Orphanage. Before that, she talks with Janki

Ragini- Ma, I'm going to orphanage, then I will go office

Janki- Ragini

Janki never call her by her name, even if she make a mistake

Ragini- Yes?

Janki- I want to know do you love Sanskar?

Ragini- I don't know, I just know that I like him.

Janki- So why you denies to marry him?

Ragini- When Dad come with Sumi aunty and Swara, why you didn't go? Why didn't you give him a divorce? because you love him, and his happiness matters to you. I'm like you, Sanskar happiness resides in someone else. I'm happy if he is happy.

Janki- But you are in pain, I can see in your eyes. You can put a fake smile on your face, I'm your mom, and I know you.

Ragini- Don't worry mom, I will be fine. I'm going
Ragini goes out and drove to the orphanage. She search for Avni and Anshu but doesn't find them. So she talks with the director.

Ragini- Ma'am can I ask you…

Director- Where are Anhu and Avni?

Ragini nod and tell- A couple saw them and decide to adopt them both.

Ragini was happy- Really?

Director- Yes

Ragini was really happy for them, at least they will get the love they crave for.
Ragini- Can I get the address, I want to see them

Director gave her the address and tell- I didn't give you that information ok?

Ragini's smile and then nod.

She drove to Maheswari building and enter. She came to her cabin and begin to work. She call her secretary and tell her to come to her cabin

Secretary- Yes you need something

Ragini- Yes, I want all the legal document related to actual deals.

Secretary- I'm sorry I don't have this, you have to ask Mr Maheswari

Ragini nod and think- Oh no I have to face him

Ragini with a strong mind came to Sanskar cabin and knock. She heard a: come in. So she enters, Sanskar was dazed to see her here so he asks

Sanskar- What are you doing here?

Ragini misinterpreted his tone and said- Working? Yesterday I join your office.

Sanskar- I know, but I though that you will leave

Ragini- No I won't it's the matter of few weeks so I won't mind.

Sanskar- If you are not comfortable you can leave, I won't stop you

Ragini being frustrated now- Tell me clearly if you want me to go, but let me tell you something, even if I want to go I cannot because of the clause in my contract. I have to pay 30% of my salary, so I won't.

Sanskar- You have money to pay so

Ragini- It's not my money but my father money.

Sanskar- It's same. Maybe you think if you work here I will fall for your innocence? But don't dream it won't happened, I will never love you. I just love her ( pointing to the photo frame)
Sanskar doesn't know why he tell her that. He saw in her eyes pains, hurt, and anger.

Sankar- I'm sorry I didn't mean all that.

Ragini- I know you don't love me, stop telling me all time. You don't have to, I just came here to collect the new deal legal paper, not to show you my face. Please give me all the file

Sanskar- I'm sorry

Ragini- Sorry doesn't work all time. She grab the document and goes.
Sanskar doesn't know why but he have an urge to go and console her. He goes toward her cabin and saw her crying. He wants to hug her and tell her sorry, but then Kavita's face come to him, and he decide to not enter.

Ragini cry for a time and then goes to eat something. She doesn't want so her sandwich reminds like that. Sanskar notices that and feel bad for her. So he comes to her cabin with food

Sanskar- Eat

Ragini- I don't need your concern, just go away

Sanskar- Don't be stubborn

Ragini- I'm not stubborn, Oh I'm sorry It's your office not home, so I cannot mix professional and personal life. Thank you for your concern Mr. Maheswari but I already have my lunch. Go and eat with your love

Ragini tells all this and doesn't look at him. Sanskar was burning with anger, here he try to be kind to her while she keeps being arrogant.

Sanskar- I have tell you no? Don't talk to her?

Ragini look at him and saw anger in his eyes- See Mr. Maheswari please go, I don't want your sympathy nor your concern. You didn't want this wedding, I back off, what do you want me to do? You want to marry your love, marry her, who I am to stop you? but please get out.
She said with a calm voice, but inside her, she was crying. Her eyes saw all the pain she has inside her.

Sanskar- When you don't know anything, don't talk rubbish.
With that, he storms out the cabin.

Days pass like this, Ragini remains away from Sanskar, but she doesn't know why she still feel for him. Sanskar was feeling bad seeing Ragini like that. He doesn't know why too. Whenever Sanskar looks at Ragini, she avoids him. She come before him and go before him.

Today is the engagement of Laksh and Swara. They are happy and Ragini saw all this she was happy for them. Laksh and Swara are finally engaged. The priest told them that in next week they can get married. Swara looks at Ragini and tell- Next week is too short

Ragini- Nahi Swara, I know why you are telling this. See I'm happy, I will enjoy your wedding.

Viren- Haan Di, we will make your wedding memorable.

Swara smile. Sanskar looks at Ragini. He thinks- After a long time, I'm seeing her smiling. But why I'm feeling like that?

Next week- Ragini prepared Swara and tell- Swara you are looking gorgeous in that red/gold lehenga.

Swara- You are also beautiful, look at yourself just like a princess. You have to look at a price now.
Ragini smile vanish, but then compose herself- I don't need a prince for now.

Ragini come down, Swara goes somewhere and Ragini was busy with the arrangement.

Some lady come to Ragini and tell- You were not supposed to marry today?

Ragini smile- Nahi today it's my sister wedding.

Lady- Your step sister dear, we all know that she is the illegitimate daughter of your dad.

Ragini- Please I don't want to misbehave with you. You are here for my sister wedding, if you continue with your talk, the door is open you can go.
Ragini is very angry

Lady- See how dare you to talk to me like this. What happened to you I'm just saying the truth. I will make sure you don't find any groom.
The lady goes out, and Swara comes.

Ragini- Swara you should be upstair

Swara – Nahi Ragini
Swara was sad and she was about to cry.
Ragini- What happened to you?

Swara- Laksh doesn't want to marry me!
Swara cries louder, and Sumi comes to her

Sumi- Shona what happened to you?

Swara- Ma Laksh doesn't wish to marry me anymore.

Janki- What?

Swara saw Ragini going outside and smile- Mama doesn't worry nothing happened I know Ragini will make everything fine.

Janki and Sumi are stunned.



Voice screaming- LAKSH! LAKSH! WHERE ARE YOU?

Laksh know she will come and tell her- What are you doing here Ragini?

Ragini slap him hard, shocking everyone. Sanskar interposes and say

Ragini- How dare…
Ragini stop him and tell- How you dare you Laksh? I though you will give my Swara happiness, but you made her cry the day of her wedding? If you don't love her, why all this acting?

Laksh- Listen, Ragini I don't want to force you but I won't marry, If Sanskar doesn't marry.

Sanskar- Laksh what are you saying? How can you do that

Ragini- Please stop this nonsense Laksh! If you truly love Swara, you won't force me to this relationship.

Sanskar- Ragini is right, I don't want to marry her

Laksh- I saw in your eyes that you love my bhai

Ragini- Go and check an ophthalmologist. You cannot force me!
Decide, you come and marry my sister or you will face my wrath! My family is my everything, if Swara is sad because of you, you will pay for it. Who are you to decide with whom I will marry?

Laksh- Decision will be yours, you marry my bhai, I will marry your sister.

Ragini was shocked, she look at Sanskar then at Laksh. She goes out, she come to GM and talk to Swara.

Ragini- Laksh won't marry you if I don't marry Sanskar.

Swara- What are you thinking, marry him please! I'm selfish and a bad sister, but I won't be able to live without Laksh.

Ragini think and tell- I cannot marry him

Swara cry and said- please Ragini find something I want to marry Laksh, I know he loves me, but he loves his bhai too like I love you.

Ragini think- I love him but cannot marry him! He don't love me, how I can stay with a man who will never give me a right of a wife.

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