Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 2



A boy is shown sleeping with a blanket all over him. A woman enter the room and wake him up.

Woman- Chotte uttho, wake up lazy!

Boy- Di let me sleep. Today is sunday I don’t have class and you too.

Woman- You won’t agree with your Di?

Boy- Di don’t start with your acting. Let me sleep you too sleep with me!

Woman- Ok chotte I’m leaving
Woman go and hide behind the wardrobe and the boy wake up

Boy- Thank God Di goes away! She would break an egg on my head

The woman go out from her hiding and go behind the boy then break the egg on his head

Boy- DIIIIII!!!!

Woman- Happy birthday Chotte

Voice- Yeh kya ho rahe ?

Boy- Dadima see Ragini Di did the same thing every years

Ragini- Because I love you Viren!

Viren- Haan haan I love you too.
Viren hug Ragini and mess her dress with the egg

Ragini- Chi, chotte how dare you? My new dress?

Voice- Koi bath nahi Ragini you can change! BTW happy birthday Chotte

Ragini fuming in anger- I have the only right to call Viren Chotte! Outsider nahi Swara.

Swara- I’m not outsider, I’m your sister, elder sister.

Ragini- Step sister don’t forget. We have just one relation here, that’s because of your dad.

Swara- Ragini don’t forget that he is also your father

Ragini- He lost this right when he came here with you and your mom. Your mom are just a home wrecker. Chotte I will change, you too change we have to go.

Swara was hurt, dadi come to her and tell- I still cannot forgive your dad and your mom. I have accept you because you are my blood and also because you are innocent. Give her some times, she will talk to you without hatred.

Viren- Swara Di, you know I like you, but Di is like my mother, so I cannot disobey her. And thank you for the wish.

Swara- Viren ruk. Take this it’s my gift for you, and this is from dad and mom.

Viren- Swara Di I have nothing with your gift, but like Dadima said I cannot forgive dad, because of him I don’t have mom. You are lucky to have your parents beside you. Your dad choose you and your mom over me, Di and my mom. I won’t forgive him easily. Take this back to him, and tell him thank you.

Swara- Ok I will like every year. You and your Di are same, stubborn

Viren just smile and then goes to change.

Dadi- Don’t worry Swara, you will get the love of both of your siblings.

Swara- I hope. I know Viren like me not like Ragini but I have some place in his heart. But with Ragini whenever I want to speak to her, she talk rudely with me. I never came to her place, It’s not because of me, if Dad and mom are together. What my fault in this?

Ragini who was coming talk to her

Ragini- What is your fault? I will tell you what your fault is!

Dadi- Laado calm down

Ragini- How Dadima? If your mom was not pregnant then today I will have both my parent with me! You know Swara, I wish you never come to this world. I may sound rude, and I’m sorry but today if you and your mom are here it’s because of my mom, but what my mom get? What I have get?

Swara- I know Ragini, I just want my sister to talk to me nicely! I cannot change the past, and I know you are hurt too, but try to forgive dad. You know he love you a lot

Ragini- If he love me, then he would have choose my mom, but no I didn’t want to be unfair toward you and your mom. Rubbish, he never love us, and I will never forgive him for what he did to my mom. You know Swara when I was little, I love my dad unconditionally, then I saw you, your mom. My mom was crying she was pregnant that time, your dad didn’t think about it! And your mom doesn’t say nothing too, I think she was enjoying separating a couple. I don’t know if you are the real daughter of my dad too.

A tight slap come to Ragini’s cheek. Ragini was shocked then furious to see who slap her.

Ragini- How dare you to slap me?

Person- Maybe If I have slap you before you shouldn’t talk like this Laado. I’m your father and I know you, you are not like this, why you said all this to Swara? If you have to hate someone then hate me.

Ragini- Father and you? No you are not my father, you just give me pain. And why not I hate you to the core of my heart, the same love I have for you, the same hatred I have now. Did you heard Mr Shekhar GAGODIA I hate you! Never repeat this, because maybe this time I will forget that you are elder to me. Got it?
Chotte come we have to go

Viren- Di you shouldn’t talk to Swara Di like this

Ragini- Chotte tum chup karo

Viren- Di I will talk to you when your anger will fade away, because now it’s no use.

Ragini- Chotte…

But Viren goes

Ragini- Oh God today is his birthday and I mess it.

Ragini goes outside and Viren see that

Viren- Di I know you are upset but past is the past! We don’t have mom with us, we can at least have a dad and a sister. I know you won’t accept Swara’s mother, but you can accept Swara.

After some times, everyone want to know where Ragini go

Swara- Dadi where is Ragini?

Viren- I think I shouldn’t talk to her like this maybe she leave me she left the house! Today a lot of thing happened

Swara- It’s all my fault, If I shouldn’t ask her to forgive dad, she wouldn’t have react like this.

Viren- Haan Swara Di why are you always behind her? If she hate you let her, she will come to you herself.

Dadi- What are you saying Viru?

Viren- Dadi I’m saying right. Every time Swara is behind Di, maybe it’s because of that Di hate her. You know Di is like when she can have something she won’t ask. But when she don’t have something she will definitely want that. If Swara stop being concern toward Di, Di will find this fishy, so Swara have to be rude like Di. I love my Di very much, she is like my mother, but I cannot see her in pain. I know she loves Swara, because in her every birthday she gift Swara a bouquet with a bracelet.

Swara- How my God, Ragini is the mysterious sender?

Viren- Haan Swara di, she think I don’t know but I know. That’s why I tell you that stop being around her, be rude with her, she will come to you. She just cannot forgive your mom for taking the place of our ma, and dad because he don’t choose us.

Swara- How can you be so mature for your age?

Viren- Because of Di. She taught me everything, how to behave with elder, how to respect elder. I know she is rude with your mom and dad, but if I speak rude to them, she will slap me, not before you all but alone. She will scream at me and will punish me.

Swara- Ragini did a good thing with you.

Dadi- Haan Janki bahu was like her, just like her. She has some trait of Shekar too, this rude behavior is due to him.

Swara- I know, Janki ma is very sweet. I hope I knew her.

Viren- I wish too ( he said with a sad tone), but Di never let me feel that I have no mother. She was always with me, even if she was young.

Swara- I know she never let dad or mom to come near you. She was your shield, she protect, when you are hurt, she is in pain, like a true mother.

Viren- You know Swara Di even if you are sick, she is not good. If you cry, she cry too, but never show off, because she think she betray our mom.

Dadi- So true. So we can make our plan at work because I know she never leave us Viru. I think she went to the place like always when she is angry.

The three began to start their plan, just then Ragini enter the house being happy. She scream

Ragini- Chotte, chotte where are you? See someone have come to see you

Viren- Di I’m here, who come to see me?

Voice- Viren you won’t welcome me?

Viren was shocked. He don’t know if he should be happy, crying, screaming. Maybe he is dreaming.

Credit to: Lovely

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