Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 19


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Swara wake up early in the morning, and then wake up Ragini

Ragini in a sleepy tone- Swara don’t dare to break my sleep. It’s Saturday yaar please let me sleep

Swara- Ragini this is not fair

Ragini- What it’s not fair?

Swara pout- You always guess what I’ll do

Ragini- Yes, I know everything!

Swara- What you know ?

Ragini- I know that you like Laksh and you are insecure with the closeness I share with him.

Swara shocked- What? me liking Laksh? No wh…

Ragini finally woke up and look at Swara- Laksh is my best friend, it’s true that I have a crush on him, but I was 12 years old. Don’t be so insecure, and I’m sure Laksh like you too.

Swara hugs Ragini- are you sure about him?

Ragini- That’s means I was guessing right?

Swara look puzzled, Ragini add- In fact I was just saying all this like that, but you confirmed my doubt.

Swara- Your doubt?

Ragini- Haan because I noticed since I was in a hospital you are weird. I think maybe it’s Mr. Maheswari but then I noticed that whenever I’m close to Laksh you are hurt so I want to confirm that. But I’m happy, Laksh is a very good person, you will find in him a good friend and a good husband too.

Swara- Are you sure?

Ragini- About what?

Swara- about your feelings?

Ragini- Haan baba, I don’t love Laksh, I just see him like my best friend.

Swara- ok I will go and talk to him

Ragini- No let him propose you. I know he will, you know he doesn’t like hurting anyone so before he proposed you, he will ensure that he is in love with you.

Swara- And if he is not?

Ragini- I fill find a good looking jiju for you!
Swara hit Ragini and then she add- He will because he never buy a gift for anyone except his family or me. Yesterday he gifts your chocolate, how does he know that you love white chocolate?

Swara- I don’t know I never tell him

Ragini- But I did, and he remember this information.

Swara was happy. Janki was calling them downstair, Swara goes to her and Ragini goes to change. After 10 min she goes downstairs and saw Sanskar with all his family. Ragini was surprised to see them, and look at Swara. She, like Ragini, don’t know why they are here. Janki smile seeing Ragini here and tell

Janki- Laado, Shona I called them here because I want their sons to be my SIL.

Everyone shocked, except Janki and Maheswari family.
Janki- Don’t look at me like this, Shona is elder than you so her wedding first, then yours.
I want Sanskar for my Shona and Laksh for Ragini.

Ragini-Swara-Laksh- What?
Sanskar just stays silent

Ragini- Ma before calling them you have to talk with us. I’m sorry aunty and uncle, but I cannot marry Laksh. Laksh is my best friend, and I like him, but S

Swara- Ragini please
She was crying, Ragini and Laksh feel bad seeing her like this.

Laksh- Ma, papa I have told you earlier I don’t want to marry before bhai.

AP- But beta?

Laksh- No mom, I don’t want to marry before Sanskar bhai. Bhai I want to talk to you alone.
With that he drag Sanskar out of the house and tell him- Ragini is my best friend, I cannot marry her because I like her sister. I don’t know if it’s love or not, but I cannot ruin Ragini’s life. Please do something I don’t know try to reason dad and mom, especially mom.

Sanskar doesn’t say anything, he just stares at Laksh. He can see love in his eyes for Swara. So he just enters the house, leaving a confuse Laksh.

Sanskar- Ma I’m ready to marry

AP was happy and all family except Ragini and Swara. Swara because he doesn’t like him and Ragini because she was hurt.

Sanskar- But I don’t want to marry Swara, I want to marry Ragini!

Ragini- What? (shocked and happy too)

Sanskar- Yes Ragini I want to marry you.

Ragini was happy and Swara saw that. She was happy for her sister.

Laksh- Toh I have no objection to marrying now, but yes I will marry Swara. I’m sorry Ragini

Ragini- Please Laksh don’t say sorry I know you don’t love me, but someone else ( teasing tone)

Laksh- Haan

Ragini- Haan?

Laksh- Nahi

Ragini- Nahi? See Swara your would be husband don’t love you

Laksh- Stop this yaar you are embarrassing me in front of all

Ragini- In front of all ya pir in front of Swara?

Laksh- Stop this now

Ragini- Ok ok Jiju jiiiii (teasing tone)

Everyone was happy, except Sanskar. He will marry Ragini just because of Laksh, he can’t love Ragini.

Sanskar ( in mind)- I have to tell her before! No, if she doesn’t marry me then Laksh will not marry! I have to marry her at any cost, I cannot see my bhai in pain.

Ragini- Mr. Maheswari I want to talk with you.

Swara- Don’t call him Mr. Maheswari, he will be your husband soon.

Ragini- Keep blushing with your Laksh, I have to tell something to Mr. Maheswari.

Swara go away, Sanskar is not comfortable with Ragini and Ragini sees that.

Ragini- So Mr. Maheswari I just want to tell you something, I hope you will understand me.

Sanskar hopes that she will tell him that she don’t want to marry him, but nope.

Ragini- I know Laksh love Swara, but he didn’t confess yet, I want him to confess his love for her. Will you be my partner to make him realize his love for Swara?

Sanskar stares at her.

Ragini- Swara is my sister, I want her to be happy. I know Laksh is a good person, He will take care of my sister, but without love, a marriage cannot work. I hope you understand me.

Sanskar just stare at her, He thinks- this girl has something in her, she look so innocent

Just then Ragini shake Sanskar- Mr. Mahesawri?

Sanskar- Yes ok I will help you, but please don’t call me Mr. Maheswari

Ragini blushed and then said- Are you happy with this wedding?

Sanskar doesn’t know what to reply, fortunately, Swara came with Laksh.

Swara- If your talk finished can you come, Sumi ma and Janki mama want to tell us something
Ragini and Swara go inside and Laksh and Sanskar follow them.

Laksh ( whispering)- Kyon bhai meri best friend khoobsoorat hai na?

Sanskar doesn’t reply and just nod. Laksh think- I know you will fall in love with Ragini. She is like that cannot see someone in pain, but she will heal you bhai.

Sumi- We call our pandit and he said that we can do the engagement ceremony in one week

Ragini- Sumi ma, I cannot because my Dean proposes me to help his friend son in his company.

Janki- Toh? You will not work at night! And you didn’t tell me anything?

Ragini- Nahi, in fact, I don’t know when I will start, and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t have time to tell you.

AP- Don’t worry beta, even after you shaadi if you want to continue your studies and work we won’t be against.

Ragini just smile. AP and DP bless Swaragini and then goes. Swara watches Laksh leaving, in the hope that he will turn around, and he did, Swara was happy. Ragini doesn’t get this chance, Sanskar goes out without talking to her. She was sad but then think

Ragini- I will marry him, so maybe he is nervous like me.



AP enters Sanskar room. He was working on his laptop.

AP- Sanskar can I ask you something?

Sanskar- Yes

AP- Do you like Ragini?

Sanskar- Ma, I have told you earlier, I won’t love anyone except Kavita.

AP- Why are you marrying her?

Sanskar- It’s just a compromise mom. Laksh won’t marry before me, and I know he likes Swara so I have to marry Ragini to make him happy.

AP- Compromise? I never think that I will hear my son marrying a girl for a compromise! I will talk to Ragini, you don’t have to make this sacrifice for your brother. I will make Laksh understand.
AP was going out but then Sanskar tells- You want me to move on, I’m trying to

AP with a sad smile- Yes I want you to move on, but not to break a girl’s heart.
AP goes out and Sanskar think- I’m doing right?
He take Kavita’s picture and tell- See if you were here, today I never had to face this situation. I love you please come back to me.
He cries but then remember Ragini. Her face, her tears, her smile.
Sanskar- No Sanskar, you just love Kavita, not Ragini. You just marry her for Laksh.
Just then someone calls him

Sanskar- Hello (with a rude tone)

Voice- I’m sorry, I get your number with Laksh.

Sanskar- Kaun ho tum?

Voice- Kaun hoon main? Ragini aur kaun?

Sanskar- Oh

Ragini was hurt, he even doesn’t know her voice, but then remember why she is calling him- Yes I have a plan to make Laksh realize his love for Swara.
She tells him something, at the end Sanskar tell

Sanskar- No, it won’t work

Ragini- I’m telling you it will work. After all, it’s Ragini Gogodia’s plan. She laughed, and Sanskar was mesmerized by her laugh.

Ragini- Sanskar are you here?

Sanskar- Yes, don’t you think it’s risky?

Ragini- Nahi toh, don’t worry just bring Laksh with you tomorrow

Sanskar- Ok

Sanskar was about to cut the call but Ragini stops him

Ragini- Sanskar you didn’t reply me, are you happy with this marriage?

Sanskar- I have to go, will see you tomorrow.

He cut the call, Ragini just stare at her phone and think- Is he really happy with the wedding? I have to talk with him! If I’m not convinced I will talk with AP aunty or DP uncle.


I know this upsate is a bit bored but don’t worry, I will bring some entertainement in the next update
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