Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 18


Recap- Ragsan meeting; Swalak meeting

AT Maheshwari office

Sanskar enters at MO, everyone stand up and salute him. He salute them and then go to his cabin. He call his secretary and said- come to my cabin now?

The secretary doesn’t have the time to say yes, he has already cut the call. Less than 1 min the secretary was here

Secretary- May I come sir?
Sanskar ( rude tone) – You have already entered so why you ask?

Secretary being afraid- I’m sorry

Sanskar- It’s ok. I call you because our counsellor lawyer will go into retirement, so before that, I want him to train someone. I called one of my friends, and he advises me to go at university and search for a student. So I give this responsibility, you have to search for a brilliant student. The one who have the best mark and is a topper, because I hate losers. I don’t want any mistake, it’s our company prestige, your work depends on of the person whom you will take.

Secretary- Means, if I take a wrong person you will fire me?

Sanskar being frustrated- I think I should also change the secretary! Yes if you take a person who cannot take the responsibility I will fire you! Now get out.
The secretary goes out.
Sanskar thinks of the meeting with Ragini.
Sanskar- Why when I look at her, I think it’s Kavita?
Why Kavita? Why you left me? I love you so much please come back to me? I know It’s not possible but I love you and will always love you. I cannot forget you even after 3 years, you are my soul.
(He takes a picture of him and Kavita) See mom want me to marry someone, but I cannot give your place to a stranger. Till I die, I will always love you, this my promise to you.


AT University

Swara was doing her work but then he remember Laksh- Why Laksh? Why I’m feeling that’s you are attracted to Ragini? Why I’m feeling jealous when I saw some concern from your side for Ragini? Ragini and you are best friends, I don’t know if Ragini loves or like you? I cannot ask her because she will know that I like you. What to do?

Just then someone put a hand on her shoulder.

Swara- Ragini what are you doing here?

Ragini- I’m feeling bored yaar. I go to K&S orphanage and meet Avni and Anshu, and yes I meet Mr Maheswari too.

Swara- that’s greet! How was he?

Ragini- How was he? Meaning?

Swara- Uffo baba, is he alright?

Ragini- Yes I think

Swara- You know when you was in the hospital, he proposed me to drink a coffee with him. He is handsome hai na?

Ragini- Haan bohot handsome, like Laksh.

Swara- Yes I agree. Um Ragini Can I ask you something?

Ragini- Yes

Swara- Since when you know Laksh and Sanskar?

Ragini- I didn’t know Sanskar existence, but Laksh and I were in the same school. When I saw him for the first time, I have a crush on him, but then I don’t know when we became friends.

Swara- You have a crush on him?

Ragini- Yes but why are you asking me all this?

Swara- No I just want to know that’s why.

Ragini- So Mr. Maheswari proposed you to drink a coffee with him?

Swara- Yes, but I didn’t have the time

Ragini think- Why I’m feeling jealous? Ragini do you like Mr. Maheswari? Oh no What if Swara like him? No Ragini don’t think of Sanskar.

Swara- Ragini have a crush on Laksh, maybe she still have one? It’s better if I don’t think of Laksh now!

Ragini- Swara what are you thinking?

Swara- Nothing, I have to go, will see you at home.
Swara doesn’t let Ragini speak, and goes.

Ragini- What happened to her?
Ragini goes to her dean

Ragini- Hello Sir

Dean- Oh hello Ms. Gagodia right?

Ragini- Yes

Dean- So how can I help you?

Ragini- In fact Sir, I have been admitted to the hospital and since 3 weeks I didn’t come at the university. My mom doesn’t let me come because she thinks I still need rest. So It’s my kind request, can you please ask all the professor to give me the lesson I missed. Exams will start in one month, I want to be prepared.

Dean- Oh Your mom called me in the morning and tell me your situation, don’t worry. I have studied your studies files, and I’m impressed. Since you are here, you are the topper, in all subjects. Don’t worry I will ask your professor, and I will email you all.

Ragini- Thank you
She was about to leave but the Dean stop her

Dean- Ms. Gagodia Can I ask you something?

Ragini- Yes

Dean- My friend’s son want a counsellor for his company, won’t you mind to join him? I mean I saw your marks and I can say, you very smart and intelligent girl. You will get experience, and it will help you in your future career.

Ragini- I have to think before.

Dean- Take your time, you can call me tomorrow.

Ragini nod and goes out.


AT hospital

Laksh end all his appointment. In fact, some of his patients didn’t come so he was free.
He thinks of Swara and Ragini- The two sisters are different. Swara is very bubbly while Ragini is a reserved person. Ragini’s anger OMG I hope she will not be angry at me. I have to gift her something varna I’m dead. Swara is very beautiful, I think all girls in this house are very beautiful. Janki aunty has a beautiful smile, Sumi aunty has pretty eyes. Swara I cannot say because everything about her is beautiful, and Ragini I think her smile, eyes and face talk for her.
He smile
He goes out and buy a gift for Ragini.
He comes to GM, and Sumi welcome him.
Sumi- What a pleasant surprise

Laksh- In fact I came to see Ragini

Janki think- This guy is perfect for my Ragini.

Janki- How are you beta?

Laksh- Fine aunty but where is Ragini

Voice ( angry)- I’m here but who are you?

Laksh smile and bit his tongue – Ragini I’m sorry
He turn around and see Ragini and Swara

Ragini- Sorry? You didn’t come to see me! I was not in America, I was in the same hospital where you work!

Laksh- I’m sorry yaar, please Swara samdjao tumhari behen

Ragini- Don’t embroil my sister! I’m very angry at you

Laksh- I have a lot of operation to do, and plus mere patient ko

Ragini- Patient? I’m your friend, in fact, your best friend, but no you didn’t care about me.

Laksh comes and hugs Ragini- Don’t say that, I will always care about you.

Swara saw this and don’t know why she was hurt. Sumi saw this and think- Why Swara have tears in her eyes? I have to ask her.

Janki saw that and think- I’m sure now Laksh is perfect for my Ragini. He will make my Ragini happy.

Ragini break the hug and said- No, this time, I won’t forgive you.

Laksh- So I will give the gift I buy for you and give to Swara.
He was about to give this to Swara but Ragini snatches this and tell- No it’s my gift! Next time buy another for her.

Laksh and Swara smile seeing her childish behaviour.

Laksh- In fact I buy a gift for Swara too, I know you girls are same, so no jealousy, but I’m sorry Swara, I don’t know what to buy for you, so I buy chocolate. I know Ragini’s manpassand, but don’t know yours.

Swara- It’s ok
She is half happy and half sad. Happy because he gifts her something and sad because he don’t know what she like and dislike.

The night goes like that. Laksh eats with Gagodia and goes to his house. When he comes, he sees Sanskar fully drunk. Laksh supports him and takes him to his Room.

Laksh sad- Bhai why you are doing this to yourself?

Sanskar in drunkstate- Because I love her and I miss her.

Laksh put Sanskar on his bed and goes out. Laksh is angry and sad seeing his brother state, but he cannot do anything for him.

Laksh- He don’t want to move on, and plus that he hurt himself trying to remember someone’s memories.

Credit to: Lovely

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