Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 17


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I want to mention that both Gagodia and Maheswari are rich.

Recap- Sanskar past half reveal- Ragini's back to her house

At Gagodia mansion

Ragini is seen sleeping peacefully, Swara came next to her and wake her up.

Ragini- Swara don't' try to wake me up

Swara stunned- How do you know it was me?

Ragini- Because I cannot feel it. I think I have a 6th sense

Swara- So Ms 6th sense wake up, varna ma will come.

Ragini- Why are so excited? Today it's a normal day. We have to go to university, why are you like this?

Swara- I'm not excited

Ragini- Ok I will prepare myself, then you have to drive me to university

Swara nod and Ragini think- Why she is behaving like a teenager? I have to find it. I noticed her behaviour from past one week, after my accident. What happened to her?

Swara observes Ragini and then shake her- Ragini go prepare yourself, we will be late.

Ragini nod and goes to the bathroom. She takes a bath and change into a jean and a top. She take her laptop and goes downstair.

Janki saw her and said- Where do you think you will go?

Sumi- Haan Ragini where are you going?

Ragini- At University where else?

Shekhar- But Laado, you came back to home yesterday, you are still weak

Ragini- Papa, your laado is fit and fine that's why they let me go

Swara laughed and then said- They didn't have the choice, you threatened them every day.

Ragini shoots her with a black look, but Swara just smiles at her. Ragini then pout and said- Papa samjao mama ko, ki main University ja raha hai.

Shekhar just smile at her daughter, but before Shekhar can say anything, Janki tell- Don't look at your papa like this, your trick won't change my decision, you won't go anywhere.
Janki was angry, Sumi then said- Ragini your mama is right, you have to take rest and then you can go

Ragini- Mama I have already missed three weeks of uni, I have my exams in one month. I have to catch up many lessons.

Janki- I won't heard anything. I will call your Dean and explain him everything. He will understand, I will ask him to send all the lessons you missed.

Ragini pout, Swara tell- Maa I have to go now.
Janki nod and Ragini turn toward her mom- Mama I have take a lot of rest, If I stay back I will die.

Janki- You won't understand hai na? I said no means no. In which language you want me to tell you? Papa Ji tells your Laado, she will obey you.

Dada- Me? How can you think I will be against my Laado?

Janki's mouth form a perfect "O", then said- Ma Ji?

Dadi- Haan I'm with Janki, Laado you didn't fall or break one of your bones, but someone shoot at you. You fall in a coma and still your arm is not yet healed.

Janki- Thank you, Ma Ji, To Ragini Three against Two. You won't go at uni.

Ragini sight- Alright at least I can go and meet my friend at orphanage

Janki- Ok go take you car but be careful

Ragini- Haan ma.
Ragini's goes to K&S orphanage. She don't know why, every time she comes here, she fell free.
A little boy comes to her and said- Didi
Ragini kneel down and hug the boy, but the boy is angry at Ragini.

Boy- Didi I won't talk to you ( not facing Ragini)

Ragini smile- Oh my Anshu will not talk with, through I take with me a lot of chocolate, but I don't mind I will have them with other children.

Anshu- No no Didi, I'm sorry I'm not angry with you.

Ragini- That's means you don't like me, you just like the chocolate?

Anshu- Never Didi, I love you a lot.
Ragini gives him chocolate and then a girl comes- Didi that's not fair, you give chocolate to Anshu but what about me?

Ragini- Oh my Avni baby is jealous of his twins brother?

Avni- Nahi
Avni pout, Ragini kiss her forehead- Yeh lo drama queen
Avni takes all the white chocolate. She eats and give some to Anshu too.

Avni- Didi why you didn't come for past three weeks?

Ragini- I meet with a small accident

Anshu and Avni stop eating the chocolate and look at Ragini- How?

Ragini- Matlab?

Anshu- I mean how you meet with an accident?

Ragini- Car accident, but don't worry guys I will come to meet you every day.

The scene was seen by Sanskar. He unknowingly smiles seeing Ragini.
Avni saw Sanskar and then said to Ragini- Didi you know we meet a new friend

Ragini faking being angry- You replace me easily?

Anshu- Nahi didi, no one can replace you. It's just that this new friend is a bit arrogant

Avni- Nahi Anshu aisi nahi hai. He is sweet

Anshu- Nahi he is not sweet, Didi is sweet not him. He scolds me while I didn't make anything.

Ragini suspicious- Anshu it's a bad thing to lie

Anshu bit his tongue, and Avni mocked him.
Anshu- I'm sorry

Avni- You know Didi, Anshu put honey in new friend shoes. He took his coat and put them in paint.

Ragini- What? Why did you do this?

Anshu- I don't like him

Ragini- Why?

Anshu- I don't know

During Ragini and Anshu talk, Avni comes to Sanskar and said- Come and meet my Didi. Sanskar goes toward them and Ragini was scolding Anshu

Ragini- It's bad, you shouldn't do this. If he has to go somewhere? You put him in trouble.

Sanskar- Yes he put me in trouble

Ragini is dazed to see him her, but inside her, she was extremely happy.

Avni- Didi meet new Friend

Ragini and Sanskar have a short eye lock, but is interrupt by Anshu

Anshu- Why they are starring each other like this?

Avni- Chup buddu come, bye Didi bye new friend

Anshu- Didi tomorrow you will come hai na?

Ragini kiss them and nod. Sanskar and Ragini were alone now. No one talk but then Ragini ask- Why are you here?

Sanskar- It's my orphanage and you?

Ragini- Oh that's great! I like to come here, I help this children to not feel lonely, because I know how it feel.

Sanskar- Haan me too

Ragini is lost in Sanskar, but then said- Why you didn't come to see me at the hospital?

Sanskar- I didn't have time

Ragini- Oh, btw thank you for your blood, you save my life once again.

Sanskar- No need to thank me, You were my bhai friend so I help you. I would have done the same thing if it was another person.

Ragini was a bit hurt but don't show it- I… I have to go, thank you once again.

Sanskar just nods, and they go in separate ways.


At hospital

Laksh is seen to operate some of his patients. He finished and tell the nurse- Disinfect the wound, I will stitch after.
The nurse nod, and then Laksh stitch the wound.
Laksh- Operation successful

A nurse- Like always Doctor Maheswari.

Laksh just nods at her and then go out. He come to his cabin and see Swara here.

Laksh- Swara what are you doing here?

Swara- I… I want to see you that's why.

Laksh- Oh ok anything serious? Ragini is fine?

Swara- Haan Ragini is fine, in fact, she is fit.

Laksh- That's great, she will be mad at me because I didn't come to see her. I think tonight I will come to your house.

Swara- Ok
Swara feel uncomfortable when she sees Laksh concern for Ragini.

Laksh- Anything else Swara?

Swara- Yes, in fact, I want you to be the first to know

Laksh- What?

Swara- After my exam, I will work here.

Laksh- That's great

Swara- I will be your student

Laksh- What?
Seeing the shocked face of Laksh, Swara tell- Yes, I will be an intern in your department.

Laksh- Alright then, but I'm warning you, I'm a good friend but not a good teacher.

Swara- I will manage

Laksh- Anything else you want to tell me?

Swara- Haan If you have time, will you come with me for lunch?

Laksh- I'm sorry, I have a lot of appointment today, and if I want to come and see Ragini I have to end all my appointments.

Swara sad said- Ok I will go now.

Laksh- Ok

Swara was about to go, her feet beat on Laksh Desk. She hisses in pain ( in fact she don't have any pain, she just want to see if Laksh was concerned for her like Ragini).
Laksh comes to her and takes her feet. Swara saw some concern for her in Laksh eyes. Swara was happy, but she don't see the same concern of Laksh for her like he has for Ragini.
Laksh examines Swara's feet and said- Don't worry nothing happened.

Swara nod and then go.

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