Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 16


Hellooo, my lovely readers! So I will make it clear I won’t CHANGE the PAIRS! I want them to be like this. The principle of fanfiction is that the writer uses her imagination to make her readers dreamed. It’s my choice to make Ragini and Sanskar as a pair, Laksh and Swara as well.
I want to thank you all for your comment, also my silent readers. Love you all <3

Recap- Revelation Swara is the real daughter of Janki and Shekhar; Shekhar reunite with Ragini.

Ragini get a discharge, so she went home. She was happy finally she came out of this stupid hospital. She hates hospital, and everyone know it.

She enters the house with Swara, everyone come to her. The house was fully decorated, a banner was in the living room, and on that, it's written: " welcome back to our Ragini".

Ragini- Thank you so much to you all

Swara- Haan choti

Ragini- Choti? she frowned

Swara- Haan because I'm elder than you

Ragini- Don't think that you can call me choti

Voice- We got our lioness back

Ragini and Swara turn and was happy. It's Viren, he came back after one week. Ragini was happy

Ragini hug Viren and then said- Did you enjoy your trip? How was your FRIENDS? She said teasingly, no one heard what she said.
Viren blush and then said- Di tum bhi na. Are you alright now? You don't know how restless I was.

Ragini faking being angry- Haan haan that's why you call me every day?

Viren- I'm sorry Di, their was no network

Ragini- Don't try to lie to me! I went the same school, and even do the same trip, but har roz main dadi and dada phone kiya. No network my foot.

Swara- Don't start you guys. Viren you didn't hug your Swara Di?

Ragini- Viren I have to tell you something, prepare yourself ok?
Viren hug Swara but then nod

Ragini- Swara is our real sister you know, mama and papa ka daughter?

Viren- How that's possible? Did Mama adopt her legally?

Janki- Nahi Viren, before Ragini, I give birth to a girl, but she was kidnapped by someone ( Janki tell him all story)

Viren- I'm so happy, even if I have accepted Swara Di much before.
Viren goes and great everyone.


So Laksh and Sanskar are real brothers. AP and DP are their parents
RP and Sujata are Ardash and Uttara parents
Pari is the wife of Ardash.

A lady come and know at someone door's room. The lady is AP
Voice- Comin

AP- Sanskar you won't eat anything?

Sanskar- Nahi ma, I have a lot of work

AP have tears in her eyes- Kab tak tum kaam ke peeche chipane rahogi?

Sanskar- All my life, do you have a problem with that?

AP- Yes I have, Kab tak tum tumahare attet mein nihit rah jaoge? Shaadi karo. I didn't tell you to forget your past but build a present with new memories.

Sanskar- Mom please don't start with this. I'm tired of your shaadi talk. I was in love once not twice. You have another boy, think about him.

Voice- I won't marry before you
( it's our Laksh)

Sanskar getting frustrated, stand up and tell- Toh be single all your life because I won't marry.

Laksh- Bhai…
Sanskar stops him and said in a very firm voice- I said I WON'T MARRY! Make that clear in your mind.
With that, he storms out his room. Ap cry, Laksh console her

AP- Laksh why he is like this? He has to forget her

Laksh- Mama, when we cannot forget her, why did you expect bhai to forget her? She was his life, his smile, his everything. See this room, you have just her pictures. Bhai cannot and will never forget her, we also cannot forget her. This house, this room has her fragrance. Kavitha is bhai soul.

AP- I know my son will found his love. You are right Kavitha was his soul, but someone will be his heartbeat. I will pray God that my Sanskar finds his happiness.

Laksh- I hope so otherwise, I will remain single all my life.

AP hit him, and said- Don't say that! I will find a girl for you.

Laksh- Ok. Maa I have to go

AP nod

Credit to: Lovely

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