Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 15


Hello guys, some of you is disappointed with the pair, but I want to make them like this. I like their bonding off screen, that’s why I write a story on them. Don’t worry guys, I’m a fan of both Raglak and Ragsan. So when I finished this story I will write another story on Raglak and Swasan.

The night pass peacefully. Ragini wakes up in the morning and saw Swara sleeping next to her.
Everyone come, but Ragini nod them to be quiet because of Swara.

Janki and Sumi smile at them. Shekhar hesitates to enter and decide to not go inside.

Swara wakes up and saw everyone here, and find Ragini smiling at her. Swara cry and Ragini said- Why you are crying?

Swara- I’m sorry but you are here because of me.

Ragini- Nahi buddu, don’t think about it. If you were in my place I’m sure you will do this, we are swaragini hai na? Sister by chance, but friends by chance.

Swara- Yes Ragini, but we are not sisters. You said yesterday that I’m not ma daughter.

Janki- Yes but you are mine and Shekhar daughter.

Ragini smile and Swara was shocked.

Swara- What?

Janki- Haan before Ragini I was pregnant. I gave birth to a girl, but unfortunately, someone kidnapped my daughter. I was sad, I didn’t want to have another child. I try to search my daughter everywhere, papa ji call all his contact, but all said that maybe my daughter is dead, or sell.
It took me 1.5 years to digest this, but inside me, I never lose hope.
Yesterday, when Sakshi was saying this I understand that you are my daughter, my lost daughter.

Swara- That’s means you are my mama too?

Janki- Haan Swara

Swara hugs Janki but then look at Sumi. Sumi was sad because she love swara a lot, but then she think

Sumi- I hope my Swara find her happiness now, she deserves to have a better family.

Swara comes to Sumi and hugs her- Even if Janki ma is my real mom, you will be my first mom. I will always love you

Ragini- We will love you two. I’m happy, today we got two moms.

Sumi- Nahi Ragini, today you get a massi. You know Ragini I was in love with your dad, but with time, I see that he love your mom. He loved me, I know but he cannot give me the right of his wife now. I decide to give him the divorce.

Ragini- What?

Sumi- Haan Ragini, I will always love you all, but my place is not with you all.

Janki- Are you mad? I know you don’t love Shekhar, but you said you are their maasi hai na? How can you leave us like this?

Sumi- No Janki, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.

Janki- I will never feel uncomfortable, and by the way, Swara needs you. I cannot be selfish, Swara loves you a lot. Think about her once, then you decide.

Sumi looks at Swara, she has some tears in her eyes. Sumi comes to Swara and asks her- what do you want Shona?

Swara- I want you to leave with us, but only if you are happy.

Sumi- My happiness is you Shona. You are my life, even if I didn’t give birth to you, you are my daughter.
Swara hug Sumi.

Janki smile seeing them all. Ragini sees Shekhar sitting out, so she calls him in. Shekhar enters with a smile on his face

Ragini- Your Laado didn’t get her morning kiss

Janki smile and Shekhar have tears in his eyes. He come to Ragini and kiss her forehead.

Shekhar- You know how long I wait for this day?

Ragini- I’m sorry papa, I’m very sorry.

Shekhar- Nahi beta, don’t be sorry.

Ragini and Shekhar hug each other, and Ragini call Swara to have a hug with them. Swara smile and come to them.

Ragini- Where is chotte?

Sumi- He have to go early to college, because of his trip.

Ragini- Haan I forgot.

Days passed and Ragini gets discharged. Sanskar never visits her, and she feels sad, she don’t know why. Laksh was busy with his appointment, Swara comes to see him every day.

Credit to: Lovely

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