Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 14


Hello, guys, I will clear your confusion: The pair will be Ragsan and Swalak because when I finished this story I will start a story with Raglak only. I’m sorry if you don’t like the pair but till the beginning, I was planning to make them as a pair. So enjoy and let me know if you like or not because I like to read your comment. And please don’t tell me in the comment to change the pair, I won’t 🙂
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Recap- Truth revealed; Swara sickness; Sumi evil twin sister introduction; Ragini being shot.

Sanskar drove till hospital and call the nurse. Ragini is unconscious, the doctor saw her and tell

Doctor- We are sorry it’s a police case, we cannot treat her for now.
Sanskar furious tell

Sanskar- What? How can you, this woman is fighting for her life, and you tell that you cannot treat her? You know who I am?

Doctor nod a no, Sanskar tell- Sanskar Maheshwari, iss India mai N°1 business tycoon. If I want I can ruin this hospital, I have so much contact that I cannot fire you. Understand?

Doctor are afraid so take Ragini with them. The Gagodia family come and hears everything.
Laksh comes to him and hug him- Bhai thank you, I hope Ragini will be fine.

Sanskar- Do you know her?

Laksh- Haan bhai, she is my best friend.

Sanskar- Ok

Swara- Thank you once again Mr Maheswari.
She was crying, Laksh hugs her and tells- Don’t worry Swara everything will be fine. Nothing can happen to our Ragini.
Sanskar doesn’t know why but feels something when Laksh was telling “our Ragini”. Swara in the other side was happy, Laksh takes her to his arm, she feel secured. Laksh was very tensed for Ragini, he thinks- I hope nothing happened to her.

Sumi, Janki, Dadi, Dada, Shekhar cry silently for Ragini. Sumi comes to Janki and tells- I’m sorry, I know it’s because of me Ragini is in this state.

Janki takes her hand and tells- No it’s not because of you, but your sister. You didn’t know that she was this mad. We cannot differentiate you and your twin. It was just destiny

Sumi- I know why Shekhar loves you now. You are very kind heart woman.

Shekhar- I’m sorry Janki and Sumi. I cannot make you both happy, neither my daughter. I hope nothing happened to my laado.

Dadi- Nothing will happen to her, she is our life. She cannot go like this I know her, she won’t go, she is a fighter.

Dada- Yes Ragini is our lioness, she won’t go anywhere.

Viren just stood alone, praying for her sister. He waits in front of the OT. After 2 hours doctor comes out, the first to come was Viren.

Viren- Doctor, my sister?

Doctor- I cannot tell now because the bullet is near her heart. She is in a very critical state. We need A- blood

Before Viren speak Sanskar came and tell- I will give my blood.
Laksh was stunned to hear that- Bhai? Will you donate your blood?

Sanskar cut him off- Yes doctor, please proceed.
Laksh think- What happened to bhai? till childhood, he is afraid of blood, ho can he donates his blood?

Swara- What are you thinking Laksh?

Laksh- Nothing Swara.

Swara- So mr Maheswari is your bhai?

Laksh- Yes

Swara- ok

Sanskar gives his blood, but he was extremely afraid. So he shut his eyes, and the nurse proceed.

Sanskar comes to them and was feeling dizzy. Sumi comes to him and gives him water with sugar.

Sumi- Thank you

Sanskar- It’s ok I think I will go now.

Janki- Beta thank you very much. May God gives you every happiness

Sanskar- Nahi aunty I don’t want any happiness. God have already snatch everything from me.

Janki was about to reply back but Sanskar has already gone.
Everyone is tensed for Ragini. Doctor came and tell- I’m sorry, but Ragini fall in the coma.

Viren- What are you saying, doctor? he was furious

Shekhar- Viren calms down

Viren- Papa how can he tell that Di is in the coma. She cannot leave me, I can live without mama, but not without Di. Papa, please do something, I promise I never ask you anything.
Viren pleads to Shekhar, he was not crying, but still have some tears in her eyes.

Swara- Chotte don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Viren- How are you sure about that? Mama fell in the coma and wake up after 15 years. If Di never woke up?

Viren touches a point, everyone watch the doctor.

Doctor- I know, but when someone is in Coma, he is partially dead. Mr Maheswari you are a doctor, you know what happened when someone fall in the coma.
Laksh keeps mum, he doesn’t know what to do. Everyone watch Laksh, Viren said- Laksh please save my Di. She is your best friend na, do something for her.

Laksh- I’m sorry I cannot do anything. I’m helpless too. Like the doctor said when someone is in a coma he is partially dead because it’s due to the machine who keep the person alive.

Viren- Don’t say that my Di is partially dead. She cannot be dead, she cannot leave me. With that Viren goes out. Janki tries to stop him, but he was far now.

Viren goes near a temple and said- God, I never have any complaint toward you. When I was born, mama fell in coma, Di took her place. She never leave me or feel the absence of mama. You cannot be selfish and take good people with you, you have to let her leave her life, because, since childhood, she just lives for me, for my happiness. Please God don’t take her away from me. I beg you don’t fo this to me, I can leave without mama, but not without Di, she is my everything, my strength, my pillar. I love her a lot, don’t keep her away from me.
A priest come to him and saw him crying. He smile at him and said- What happened to you?

Viren- My Di cum mom fall in Coma, I just come to tell God to not take her away from me. She is my everything, I cannot afford to loose her.

Priest- If you love her this much, you will have to take a test. Fire test

Viren- What? fire test?

Priest- Haan Agneepath.
Viren nod and priest lithe the coals. Viren sees the idol and then pray for his Dr recovering.
Janki comes to the same temple with Sumi, they saw Viren doing this, with a great difficulty he finished the fire test.
Janki and Sumi saw that and cry seeing Viren like this. The priest comes to him and tell- now climbs the stairs with your knees.
Viren feet are burnt, he cannot walk properly, but he manage to climb the stair for his Di’s sake. He climb the stair and was about to fall but then Sumi and Janki come to him, but he stop them. He continue to climb, his knees were bleeding, but he doesn’t care, he just want his Di alive. When he arrive upstair, he stands up. The priest smile at him and give him prasad- Eat you will feel better.
Viren nod, Janki, and Sumi comes to him and ask him

Janki- Are you alright?

Sumi- What was the necessity to do all this?

Viren- For my Di I can do anything because she gives me what I need more, her love and her time.

Janki and Sumi were astonished to watch so much love. Janki and Sumi bless him. The same priest comes and said- Go now, your Di is fine now.
In the same time, Swara calls them and tell them that Ragini is out of danger.
Viren thanks the priest, but he replies- Your love save her. God is not selfish, he can see the love between you three siblings.

Viren, Janki, and Sumi come to the hospital. The doctor was speaking with Laksh and Swara. Viren with many difficulties walks toward them. Swara seeing him come to him tensed- Chotte what happened to you?

Viren- Nothing but what about you? See your hand?

Swara- nothing

Laksh- She lied I will tell you what happened


Swara was waiting for the doctor coming out. Swara saw Ragini in the window. She cannot take it and run toward the temple of the hospital.

Swara- Baghwan you cannot snatch our happiness like this? Today I know that I have some personality trouble. My mom isn’t my real mom, I don’t know where I came, who are my parents, where they are. I don’t complaint because you give me this family. I cannot tell you how I’m happy to have a sister like Ragini and a brother like Viren. Please, Bagwhan don’t snatch my happiness. I’m selfish, egoistic, I agree, but please heal Ragini. I have faith in you if Ragini doesn’t recover I won’t keep faith on you. If Ragini is in this state it’s because of me. If you want you can take me with you, but don’t take Ragini. Till Ragini doesn’t recover I won’t take my hand off the candle.
With that she keep her hand on the candle, her hands burn, she cry because of the pain, but doesn’t care. She just wants Ragini’s safety.
Laksh comes to her and was angry at her.
He shove her hand and tell- Are you mad?
Swara putting her hand on the candle tell- No this is my Vishwas, If God decides to take Ragini, he will lose a faithful fervent.

Laksh- Your Ragini is out of danger don’t worry. See your hand is bleeding.
Laksh care for Swara, she saw that and was happy.

Swara- I will go and see Ragini once.

Laksh- No, first let me bandage your hand then you can go.

Swara- No, I will go and see Ragini first and that’s final

Laksh smile- You are really Ragini’s sister, same stubbornness.
Swara was sad because she know that she is not Ragini’s real sister.
Swara comes to Ragini but Ragini was unconscious. Laksh comes with first aid, and then bandage Swara’s hand.

Flashback end-

Janki- I’m happy that our children are caring toward each other.

Sumi narrate what happened in the temple. Swara was tensed for Viren, but Viren assures her

Viren- Swara Di I’m fine don’t worry.

Swara- Chup, I’m seeing how much you are fine? See your pants all bleeding, and you cannot even stand on your feet. She said crying.

Laksh- Come I will dress and disinfect your wounds.
Viren nod but before he wants to see Ragini

Laksh- I will come but before I will see Di

Laksh smile then said- I think this three sibling are same. Swara asks the same thing. Go and see her.

Viren comes to see Ragini, but like Swara, he have no chance to talk with his Di. He goes with Laksh and he dresses his wound.

It was late, so the doctor comes to them and said- You have to leave now if you want just one person can stay back.
Swara want but then remember her sickness and resign her. Viren and Janki see that then Viren said- Mama I think Swara Di can stay back because tomorrow I have school.

Janki- I have no objection

Swara- But I have, I cannot risk her life.

Janki- Beta, you won’t do anything like that don’t worry.

Swara nod resignedly, then Laksh said- don’t worry, you won’t harm your sister. We all have faith in you.

Swara smile then goes to Ragini’s room.

Credit to: Lovely

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