Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 13


Hey guys I’m happy to see that you are enjoying the suspense! Being a good girl I will now divulge the person who is behind Ragini and her family. I hope you will like it please tell me if you like it or not!
And yes I repeat I won’t change my story 😉

Recap- Entry of Laksh; Swara jealousy to see the closeness between Laksh and Ragini; Swara’s being the culprit;

Ragini- The person is none other Sumi.

Everyone was shocked, but Shekhar stops her and tell
Shekhar- What are you saying?

Ragini- I’m saying the truth, but Swara is not the culprit because she suffer from personality trouble. When she is her alter ego, she forgets what she have done. Sumi aunty used her and think that no one can reach her. Swara was the one who put poison in my perf, but she doesn’t know what she have done, once she sleeps, she don’t remember anything.

Sumi- What are you saying I’m not the one who did that. I never want to put your life in danger.

Ragini- I know, but you know who were behind us, and you didn’t do anything.

Janki- Wait, what are you saying? Main kuch samadj nahi ata. First, you said Swara is the one who want to kill you, then you said Swara is sick. After, you said Sumi Ji was the one, and then you said she is not the culprit, so who is the person?

Ragini- The person is Sumi aunty’s twin sister, Sakshi.
Everyone was stunned.

Ragini continue- Sakshi is a psychopath, she run away from a mental asylum, 17 years ago. Everyone search for her, she kill dida, and want to kill Swara but Sumi doesn’t let her do this. She loved papa, but dad loved Sumi aunty. Sumi aunty didn’t know that Sakshi loves dad. When Dad leave Sumi aunty she was shattered, but then decide to move on. Sumi didn’t know that Sakshi was around her. Sumi aunty never gives birth to any child.

This news shocked everyone, including Swara.

Swara- Ragini what are you saying?

Ragini- The truth Swara, I’m sorry but Sumi aunty is not your real mom.

Swara- How do you know that?

Ragini- Because when I was at hospital Sumi aunty comes to me, and thanks me for saving her daughter’s life. But after that, Sakshi comes, I thought it was Sumi aunty, but she was different. She threatened me, I have some doubts that she might not be Sumi aunty.
Then I call Laksh, he is a doctor, so he can easily find every file, so I ask him to search Sumi aunty’s file. That I discover your sickness and the adoption paper.
Sumi aunty don’t you want to tell the rest?

Sumi nod then tells the rest of the truth.

Sumi- Ragini is right, Shona you are not my daughter, in fact, I cannot become a mother. When Shekhar Ji leaves me, I was devasted, I meet with an accident, and the doctor said I cannot become ma.
When I heard that I was like dead. Sakshi comes to me and tells me that she was cured now. I trust her, but someday she comes to me with a girl, she told me that girl is our sorrows end. I ask her much time, where she found this girl, she just told me that you cannot become ma, so keep her with you. I know I was selfish, and I keep her with me. One day Sakshi found Shekhar at Delhi, so she took my place, and fake a suicide. Sakshi threatened our mom, to tell Shekhar Ji that everybody badmouthing me. Next day, he saw me with Swara. I didn’t expect him because that day I want to run away with Swara. I discover that Sakshi was not healed, and faking to be normal. She mistreat Swara since her childhood and didn’t know it. That’s why Swara have this sickness because Saskhi beat her. When Shekhar tell me that she will marry me, I accept without thinking of consequences. When Sakshi discover that shekhar married me, she was out of control, I try to call the police to inform them, but I cannot. She vows to destroy our family, whenever I go out, she took my place. She mistreats everyone, to show them, that I’m bad. I tried to stop her, call the police, but she is a mastermind, she fool the police officer. She killed my mom and tell me that if I didn’t do what she want, she will Swara and Ragini without any hesitation. I cannot be selfish, so whenever she tell me to go out I go. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Shekhar, but you never give me the right of a wife, you always love Janki. I never want to separate you two, I just want to be away from Sakshi. She is mad, she cannot kill someone when she doesn’t get what she want.

Shekhar was about to said something, but a person come and clap.

Sakshi- Mindblowing, you said the truth. Poor Sumi and Janki, the two are very mahaan. Janki didn’t want to come between Sumi, and Sumi didn’t want to come between Janki.
But you two snatched my love. I won’t let you succeed now. Like you said I cannot kill to have my love.

Shekhar shout- I don’t love you

Sakshi laughing like a mad- You don’t have the choice
Just then a lot of men come and surround them. Two of them take Swaragini and tie them up with a bomb.
Everyone was crying.

Janki- Please don’t that Swaragini is our life

Sumi- Please Sakshi don’t do this to my daughters.

Sakshi- Don’t cry it won’t affect me. Swara is not your daughter, she is mine and Shekhar’s daughter. I kidnapped her for you, and what I get in return, dhoka?

Janki- You kidnapped her?

Sakshi- Haan yaad aya tujhe?

Janki- No it’s impossible

Sakshi- Nothing it’s impossible for me, I’m very smart. So Shekhar will you marry me? Think about your reply, because if you don’t then your daughters will explode.

Sumi- Don’t do that please, I cannot live without my Swara.

Sakshi- Your Swara was never yours. I give you her, so today I take her back.

Swara- I’m not a toy, you cannot do this. Police will come.

Sakshi comes to her with a gun- You shut up ( turning to Shekhar)
Think quickly because if you don’t tell me your reply in 3 sec I will kill your Laado
1… she points the gun at Ragini. Laksh sees this and was afraid for her.
Laksh- Rukko why don’t you tell us, why you kidnapped Swara, and where are her parents?

Sakshi- Oh you mr lover. It’s you who comes between me and Swara today morning! You want to save your lover sister.
Ragini was shocked to hear that, Laksh was astonished, and Swara was hurt.

Ragini- Means it’s you who want to kill my sister

Sakshi- I didn’t tell you yesterday, prepare yourself to have a death in your family, but this idiot comes between us, like you with your mom. Yes I tried to kill you and your brother, but failed.

This was height now, Shekhar comes to her and slapped her hard. Sakshi falls away, the men comes to Shekhar and was about to punch him, but Sakshi stops them

Sakshi- Stop

Shekhar- How dare you? Did You try to kill my family? Are you out of your mind?

During the convo, Laksh signal Ragini, and she understood. The men were with Sakshi, so Ragini and Swara can escape, but Sakshi saw this and tell

Sakshi- Where you want to go
She slapped Ragini hard that she fell and blood comes out her mouth. She hisses in pain because of her arm. Swara helps her to stand up

Swara- How dare you to slap my sister?

Sakshi- Oh don’t be like that, I was using you like a puppet. You think I will dirty my hands for this family? No, once Shekhar marries me, you can go away from our lives.

Voice come behind tell- You won’t do anything

Ragini- Mr Maheswari
She was happy. Sanskar looks at her and sees blood. He was furious, he cannot understand his feeling.

Laksh- Bhai

Sakshi- Who are you?

Sanskar- Your nightmare
Sanskar calls the police and tell them. Sakshi was shocked to see police, so she take her gun, and point toward Swara.

Sakshi- You think you won?
With that, she shoots at Swara.
Everyone was shocked, but Ragini come in front and she saw her stomach, then smile to her family and fall down.
Police take Sakshi and then tell- I told you, today a will have a death in this house.
Sakshi was smiling like a mad person. Everyone gather around Ragini, and Sanskar took her to his car, and drove toward the hospital.

Credit to: Lovely

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