Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 12


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Ragini was restless, every time she watch her mobile. Janki and Swara were seeing all this, and then Janki confronts her.

Janki- I’m watching you from some time now, why you watch your phone and the door?

Swara teasingly- Janki ma she waits for her close friend that’s why

Ragini- Swara ki bacchi! Wait you want me to tell mama the morning incident?

Janki- Morning incident?

Swara eyes pop-up- Nahi Ragini

Janki- What happened in the morning?

Ragini- Nothing mama
Ragini give Swara a don’t-you-dare-to-pull-my-leg look, Swara just smile.

Janki- Laado don’t start with your scaring look, you cannot scare me, so tell me what happened today morning.

Ragini- Nothing mama, just that Swara was a bit out of mind

Janki smile- You won’t understand

Ragini/Swara- What?

Janki- Swara tum kissi se pyaar ho? Tell me I will tell your dad?

Sumi who was coming said- Swara don’t love anyone, she would tell me if she has a boyfriend

Janki- I know, but she is old enough to have a boyfriend

Sumi- I cannot manage my daughter, just focus on your daughter

Ragini- Aunty…
Ragini was stopped by Janki- Rukko Laado, Swara is my daughter too. I don’t differentiate any of them. For me Swara, Ragini, and Viren is same

Sumi- Yes at one different, Swara is mine, not your blood.

Janki- Sometime, we cannot love someone just because he is our blood, he can win us by heart too. Our Swara is adorable, and I love her like I love my own child.

Sumi- Don’t give false hope, when your daughter was at hospital, you were accusing my daughter

Janki- I was not accusing your daughter, I know she cannot do this.

Sumi- But you were angry at her! If you have to choose between Ragini or Swara whom will you choose?

Janki- I don’t know

Sumi- I know, you will choose Ragini because she is your blood

Ragini- But I will choose Swara because she is my sister, even if God said the opposite. Swara will always be my sister.

Swara has some tears in her eyes. Ragini hugs her and Janki was glaring at Sumi. Before she goes Janki tell Sumi- Sumi Ji I hope you won’t lost your daughter in hoping to secure her future. I’m also a mother, I care for my children like you with Swara, but give her more love. Till I came, I never saw you hugging her, I saw many times Shekhar Ji, Papa ji but never you. Maybe she wants some love from you. I don’t want to snatch your daughter…

Sumi- I don’t want your advice, you were absent from past 15 years, and you came here to advise me. I know my daughter more than you, better be away from her.

Janki just left, because if she will continue arguing, they will never end. Janki think- I hope Swara will not be hurt.

Ragini comes to the living room hoping that her friend will come, but he was late. Ragini calls her friend but doesn’t pick up. This person was testing her patience. She was about to go but then someone talk

Person- Waiting for someone?
Ragini turn and was smiling. She run to him and hug him- LAKSH!
(Yes our hero enter)
Laksh- I’m sorry I’m a bit late, but you know at hospital, I have an emergency so cannot postpone it

Ragini- It’s ok I miss you so much yaar

Laksh- I miss you too

Swara who was coming sees Laksh with Ragini. She doesn’t know why, but she feels jealous.

Swara- Hum-hum! Ragini what are you doing?

Ragini turn and come to Swara- Swara come and meet Laksh my close friend cum best friend

Laksh- Tum?

Ragini who don’t know what happened in the morning tell- You know her?

Laksh- Haan she meets with an accident in the morning and I save her

Ragini- KYA?
Swara just closes her ears, same with Laksh

Ragini- Why you didn’t tell me? And you Laksh like a hero you save her?

Laksh- Yes I became hero when I see a beautiful girl

Ragini- Don’t try to flirt with my sister ok

Laksh laugh- Sister? Her?
Swara and Ragini give him a weird look

Laksh- I’m sorry you are serious?

Ragini- Why?

Laksh- You didn’t tell me that Janki aunty gives birth to another girl?

Ragini- In fact she is my step-sister

Laksh- Oh I understand now

Ragini- I understand too. That’s why she behave weirdly till the morning, hai na Swara?
Ragini suppresses her laugh, but Swara hit her feet.

Laksh sees Ragini’s arm and was tensed- What happened to your arm
Seeing the tense in the eyes oh Laksh, Swara feel something, she think- In the morning, I don’t see him tensed for me, why?

Ragini- Long story, you come with the document?

Laksh nod and give her some files.

Ragini screams at everyone, then they come down. Shekhar was coming from the office.

Ragini- You are here dad
Everyone was shocked to hear the word “Dad” in Ragini’s mouth.

Ragini- Since my accident till today, everyone want to know what happened with me, who want to kill me and why?

Janki- Yes

Ragini- Please I want to tell you all when I will explain you all, you have to keep quiet till I finished Ok?
Everyone nod.

Ragini- So here the person who wants to kill me is none other my sister Swara

Swara- Ragini what are you saying?

Ragini- I said na, don’t stop me.
Swara was crying
Ragini- Don’t cry I’m not finished, but she was not alone, one more person was with her. The person is

Credit to: Lovely

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