Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 11


Recap- Swaragini bonding; Viren faking jealousy

Ch 11-

So everyone went to sleep, Janki kisses all her child even Swara. Swara has shifted into Ragini’s room.

Swara- You know why I shift in your room?

Ragini- Nahi

Swara- Firstly because I want your love and secondly cause I know you won’t shift the other side.

Ragini- You did right, but don’t you think your parents will feel bad. See you are close to my mom, Viren and me.

Swara- No they won’t feel bad, they love me a lot

Ragini got thinking, Swara continues to speak with her, but seeing that she is lost, she shake her

Swara- Where are you lost, I’m talking to you

Ragini- No, nothing

Swara- Ragini, I’m your sister, but above all, I’m your friend, you can share your sorrow with me.

Ragini- I didn’t hide anything from you. It’s just, for now, I’m a little tired. So jao, kyon ki tomorrow we have to get up early, varna mama will eat our head.

Swara smile, then sleep, but Ragini just watches Swara sleeping.

She think- I’m sorry Swara, but I cannot tell you what I’m thinking, I cannot. With that, she sleeps, but her sleep is disturbed by someone who came to her room. She cannot see the person, when she look beside her, she doesn’t find Swara. So she get out from the bed and then goes to see what is happening.
She saw someone in the living room, and ask- What are you doing here?

Person- I’m here to destroy you because you are the one that made my mission failed.

Ragini- What do you want?

Person- Your destruction

Ragini- Why? You cannot do anything to me

Person- Don’t be so sure! I know your weakness

Ragini- No you don’t

Person- Oh we will see

Ragini- Dekha saf saf mudje bata de, why you just go out our life?

Person smiling evilly- Why I should tell you, be patient

Ragini- What are you up to?

Person- I will give you a clue! Be ready to see someone death here.

Ragini- I will give you anything but don’t harm my family.

Person- You see, you have a weakness, that’s your family

Ragini- Please don’t harm them, what do you want? Money?

Person- I don’t want money, I want your destruction.

Ragini- You have messed with the wrong person! I will kill you if you harm my family. mark my word, I still tolerate you here, but once I gather enough proof, I will put you behind the bar.

Person smiling evilly- Try your best, because trapping me is very difficult. Don’t try to because your family’s life is in my hand. You cannot do anything.

Ragini smiling- Are you sure?

Person- I try to kill you mom, but nobody catch me; I tried to kill you and Swara make her culprit herself. Don’t you think I’m smarter than you Miss Gagodia?

Ragini- Don’t be so confident, because your games will come to an end.

Person- We will see

Person goes out the house, Ragini ant to follow the person, but Swara calls her

Swara- Ragini what are you doing here?

Ragini- I was searching you

Swara- Me?

Ragini- Haan you wasn’t in room, so

Swara- Ragini what are you talking, I was in the room. I wake up and don’t find you in room, so I came here

Ragini got thinking then reply- Ok chalo lets sleep

All night Ragini don’t get any sleep. The sun rise and Swara were sleeping peacefully. Ragini looks at her, nad then wake her up. She goes to Viren, but Janki was already here, so she let her mom do her duty.
Ragini smile because waking up Viren it’s very difficult.

Janki- Viren beta uttho

Viren- Mama sone do mudje

Janki- No you have to wake up, varna

Viren- Varna kya?

Janki- Just take a glass of water and throw at him. Viren wake up with a jerk

Viren- Mama does every girl in this house does the same thing?

Janki- What do you mean?

Viren- Dadi and Di did the same thing

Janki- Haan because you can’t wake up when we call you that why! Next time, I will come with ice cube

Viren- No it’s ok mama, I will wake up every day, even I will do the pooja. Kya Baghwan you have only find this family for me?

Ragini- Ungrateful, see mama how your boy is talking
Ragini and Janki pull his ears and said

Viren- Ok mama and Di I’m sorry

Janki- Challo utho, and nashta karo.

Viren nod, Janki and Ragini come down. Everyone was in the dining room.

Ragini- Good morning everyone

Dada- Good morning princess, how are you today?

Shekhar- Good morning Ragini

Ragini gives him a cold glare, but seeing her mom she said- good morning

Shekhar was happy, after 15 years she was at least said a good morning.

Ragini- Haan dada I’m fine now.

Dadi- Where is our Swara?

Voice- I’m here dadi

Swara wishes everyone a good morning then serve her breakfast.

Ragini looks at Swara once then think of something. She gets a call then excuse herself.

Ragini- Haan doctor

Doctor- Ragini I have the document you want, and you was right

Ragini- Ok can you come to my home tonight?

Doctor- Yes if it helps I will surely come.

Ragini- Ok see you at 8 pm

Doctor- Ok

Ragini was smiling, but sad as well.

Ragini- I hope everything will be fine now.

Janki come to her and tell- What are you doing Ragini? I hope you didn’t plan anything?

Ragini- Nahi mama
They come to the dining room, then Ragini tell

Ragini- Dada, one of my friends will come tonight

Dada- I have no problem

Ragini- I want you all to be here, he is my close friend.

They all nod.

After the breakfast, Ragini goes to prepare herself. Swara comes too, but she has already prepared herself.

Swara- You see my friend will never believe that you are my sister. They all think that you are rude and egoist

Ragini chuckle then said- Let them believe that, at least I will be spared from your gang tantrum

Swara pout, Ragini smile. Ragini was not feeling to go with Shekhar- Dada why you don’t drop me?

Dada understand but then said- Your dada is old now

Ragini pout and come with Shekhar. Swara didn’t come till so Shekhar call

Shekhar- Shona, Shona? Come I have a meeting, I cannot be late. Hurry up.

Swara- Papa I forgot that I don’t have any class this morning, you go and drop Ragini.

Ragini- No it’s ok, if you don’t come, I will go by myself.

Swara- Don’t be silly, see the hour, you will reach late

Ragini has no choice then go with Shekhar. The drive was silent but then Shekhar break the silent- Are you alright?

Ragini- Yes

Shekhar- Ragini why you don’t forgive me?

Ragini- because I don’t want

Shekhar- Why?

Ragini- Stop the car right now

Shekhar- What?

Ragini- I said stop the car right now

Shekhar nods and stops the car

Ragini- You want to know? really?

Shekhar- Yes

Ragini- because you are the main reason for our home breaking. I was happy before you came with this woman. You could just recognize Swara, but why you married her mom? What was the need?

Shekhar- I know you are hurt, but Sumi was going to suicide, I didn’t have the choice.

Ragini- And you didn’t think twice?

Shekhar- What do you want to say?

Ragini sight- You and mama married, then you broke up with her hai na?

Shekhar nods Ragini continue- Are you sure Swara is your daughter? I don’t want to offend you. See after 7 years you see her, and her mom told you that Swara was your daughter? And why she waited 7 years to commit suicide? Think about it

Shekhar was lost in his thought, he didn’t know that Ragini is out of the car.


Scene shift to GM

Janki- I know why you said all that

Swara stunned- what?

Janki- You want Laado and your papa conciliation

Swara- Haan ma, I know Ragini still love dad, I want them to reunite

Sumi- And what about you?

Swara- What about me?

Sumi- Don’t think about others much.

Swara- Why are you talking like this?

Sumi- I just want your future to be secured

Janki- Sumi ji, in life money is not everything. Swara is the eldest daughter of this house, she will have her right.

Swara- Janki ma is right ma

Sumi- Yes Janki ma is right and your mom is wrong? I just want my daughter happiness that’s all

Swara- Ma I didn’t say that but you have to understand that I don’t want money, I just want some love

She leaves with teary eyes, Janki thinks of something, and Sumi was angry.

On her way to go, she doesn’t see a car coming toward her, but hopefully, someone pushes her. She fall and get some bruise in her arms.

The person was angry at her- Are you blind?

Swara- Hey Mr lower your voice ok

The person saw Swara’s face and was mesmerized. Swara shakes him and tells him

Swara- Thank you

Person- it’s ok

Swara- my name Swara and you?

Person- Laksh

Swara- Nice meeting

Laksh- Same here, meeting a beautiful girl like you is not an accident, but destiny

Swara blushed- I’m sorry I have to leave

Laksh- Ok I hope seeing you some day

Swara- Maybe

Swara doesn’t know why but feels something for him. She think

Swara- Why I cannot take my eyes off from him? I know he is very handsome, and his smile oh god. Wait! Swara why are you reacting like this. He is an unknown man, why are you overreacting.
Swara brushes the thought of Laksh and goes to university.
All day Swara just thought about Laksh, about his smile, his intense eyes. Sometimes she blushed. Ragini who was coming sees all this.

Ragini- He is very handsome nahi na?

Swara- Haan Ragini

Ragini- Haan?

Swara come out from her dreamland and say- Huh what are you doing here Ragini?

Ragini smile- I’m seeing someone blushing and smiling like an idiot

Swara- How mean Ragini

Ragini- What is his name?

Swara- Name whose name?

Ragini- The man for whom you are blushing

Swara- No, nothing like that

Ragini- O k if you don’t want to share, and keeping him for yourself. I understand

Swara hit Ragini’s arm, and she hisses in pain- Ouch Swara, I was just joking

Swara- I’m sorry Ragini

Ragini- Swara can I ask you something?

Swara- Haan

Ragini- I want to tell you that I’m happy to have you like a sister. If some day I hurt you, don’t be angry at me. I love you so much, I don’t know why

Swara- Simply we are sisters, we are Swaragini. Nothing can separate us

Ragini- I know, so can I call you Shona?

Swara smile and said- Yes and can I call you Laado?

Ragini nod. They have their lunch then goes to their respective class. Ragini was just thinking about tonight. The day end like this, and the two come to their house.

Credit to: Lovely

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