Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 10


Hey, <3 I want to tell you that I consider everyone comment so I decide to change my story according to you all. However I want to be clear, I have made some change and now I will not change my point of view. I want you all to enjoy the story, so please don't be angry at me :/ Since a long time, I have decided to make a love triangle, and I have changed my mind on this, because we read a lot of story like this, and being a reader too I think it's boring sometimes :p So please enjoy yourself! I want to amaze you all, but I cannot change the story every time, please try to understand my situation too.
Do comment because I saw less comment compared to the start, don't you like it ?

Ch 10-

Recap- Ragini feel something for Sanskar; Janki and Swara emotional convo

Swara enters the room, Ragini was sleeping. Viren too came but see his Di sleeping, so he don't want to disturb her.

Ragini- Chotte you came?

Viren- Kya Di you always know whenever I come, how that possible?

Ragini- I can feel you, because I love you so much

Viren hugs Ragini, Swara sees all this and is happy.

Viren- I'm sorry Di, I talk rudely to you

Ragini- It's ok chotte

Viren- I know why you keep quiet, but everyone have to know the truth

Ragini being a little angry- How many times I have to reply the same question.

Viren- Hey calm down Di, I was just asking

Ragini- Yes, first Mr. Maheswari ask me, then mama, after Swara, finally you. It's just Dadi and Dada who is missing! By the way, where are them, I didn't see them?

Viren- Dadi is very angry at you, even Dada. Mama has told them your plan, and Dadi was furious on you.

Ragini- Oh no, means

Voice- Means when you got discharge I will beat you so much that you will return here.

Ragini- Wo dadi

Dadi- Kya who dadi! Kyun kiya aisa? Have you thought about us? What if something happened to you? I can you be so selfish Ragini? Don't you think about me, your dada who love you more than anything? Your chotte?

Ragini- Wo Dadi, I'm … I'm sorry

Dadi- Sorry? What sorry? You cross your limit, I'm not young, if something happened to you, I will die.

Ragini- Nahi Dadi aisi baat mat bolo, your Laado is absolutely fine.

Dada- Your dadi is right, we won't spare you. See get your discharge we won't talk with you.

Ragini- Dada, you are like my dad, and a dad cannot be angry at her daughter. I know you cannot stay a min without talking to me, hai na Chotte?

Viren- This time I'm with Dada and Dadi, you didn't do right! You didn't think about me, nor our family.

Swara- I'm too with you, because Ragini you have to think about other before doing something like this.

Ragini sight- I'm always doing a thing for my family. I cannot do anything which will hurt them, if I have to do that, it's because I have my own reason, which I tell you all once I get out from this stupid hospital.

Viren- Stupid hospital?

Ragini- Haan, see I cannot even go out, walk ect

Viren smile- Haan you can be angry at yourself, it's because of your stupid plan

Ragini- What did you say? Stupid plan? Nahi Ragini ki plan is the best

Dadi- Chuup with your ego, see yourself, your arm is broken, you have some injuries on your head, feet hand, see your plan

Ragini- I'm fine don't worry

Dada- I can see how much fine you are

Ragini sight- Ok I will not do anything like that next time

Janki- We know that because you won't do anything before consulting us

Ragini- Mama

Janki- Meri kasam

Dadi- Meri kassam bhi

Dada- I join them, I cannot afford to lost you, neither Swara or Viren.

Ragini- Ok I won't ( in her mind) Sorry, but if I want to know why they are behind us, I have to break this promise. I'm sorry

Viren- That's my Di

Ragini- Chotte doesn't you have class today?

Viren- Wo… Wo kya hai Di, you are in hospital so I didn't go

Ragini- Yeh kya naya story hai? I'm fine go and attend your class

Viren- That's not fair Di, when I'm sick you don't attend your class

Ragini- Because I'm elder than you, and you are still in college in high school. Go and attend your class quickly

Viren- But Di

Janki- Ragini is right beta, go attend your class, we all are here with her.

Viren goes sadly

Ragini- Chotte? Won't you kiss your Di?

Viren kisses Ragini's forehead then goes to Swara- I cannot be unfair to you too

Swara- If you think I will tell you to not attend your class, you are wrong

Viren makes a face, Ragini, and Swara smile.

Viren- Not fair, mama I want a bhai. See Swara and Ragini are against me

Janki blush and said- Batameez go and attend your class

Everyone laugh, and Viren goes to attend his class.

Days passed and Ragini finally gets discharge. In theses days Sanskar came to see her everyday and talk with her. Swara and Ragini bond well, and finally they were Swaragini. Swara was very happy to finally have a sister like Ragini. She is a bit rude, but inside she has a golden heart. Viren too is happy to get two beautiful sisters. However, Ragini and Shekhar's bonding is like a dead way. She come to her home and was welcomed by all family including Shekhar.

The night all pampered Ragini. Swara was always with her, Viren too wants to spend some times with his Di.

Viren- Di till you came, I don't get a single time with you, you are always with Swara Di. You forget me?

Ragini- That's not possible, I cannot never forget you.

Swara- I think someone is jealous hai na Ragini?

Viren- I'm not jealous

Ragini- Don't be, I love you two the same way.

Viren and Swara hug her, but she hisses in pain.
Ragini- Ouch

Viren- I'm sorry

Ragini- It's ok chotte.

Swara- Viren, you can come even if I'm here

Viren- I know Swara Di, I just want to pull my Di's legs.

Ragini hit him and then the trio smile.

Janki- Chalo app tino so jaye.

Viren- Mama it's early

Janki- I know but tomorrow you have to go to your school, Swara has to go to university.

Ragini- Even me mama, I have to go at university.

Janki- Nahi, you don't recover yet

Ragini- Maa, please, I stay at the hospital during 2 weeks. Please mama
She said making a cute face

Janki- Okok

Ragini- Thank you, mama

Janki- Don't thank me because you won't go with your cars. You go by bus or taxi.

Ragini shocked face- Kya? Ragini Gagodia and bus? Never

Janki- So you won't attend university

Ragini- Mama

Voice- You don't have to go by bus nor taxi.

Ragini- Kyon Dada?

Dada- Because I bought a car for you

Ragini- Saach me dada?

Dada- Haan meri jaan

Dada hugs Ragini- Thank you very much, but Dada mama is right I cannot drive because of my arm

Dada- It's ok your dad will drove you at university like Swara. You two will go together.

Ragini- Ok if Swara comes I will go with them.

Credit to: Lovely

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