Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 1


Hello, I’m new here, and I love Swaragini. I think I should share my story with you all!
Tell me If you like it or not 🙂

A girl is shown sleeping peacefully. A pregnant lady enter the room and smile at the little girl, she come near her and shake her little

Lady- Ragini utto, wake up

Ragini- Ma let me sleep please today is saturday hai
( Ragini’s ma is play by Daljeet Kaur and her name is same like the serial: Janki )

Janki- Laado utto, your papa will come today, won’t you welcome him?
Little Ragini wake up immediatly and said

Ragini- Sacch papa aa raha hai?
Janki smile at the innocence of her little daughter ( yes Ragini is small, she is 5 years years old)- Haa Laado
Little Ragini get up and go to bathroom

Ragini- Mama jaldi jaldi dad will be coming, I have to be ready before he comes.

Janki- Okok papa ki chamchi

Janki make little Ragini’s bath and then take a frock for her.

Ragini- Mama not this one, but this ( pointing to a pink frock )

At the time Dadi was screaming downstair, Janki come down hurriedly not caring about her condition.

Janki- Ma why are you shouting like this?

Dadi- See at the door

Janki sees her husband and she run to him, but the second she see a woman behind him. She was curious to know about her

Janki- Shekhar kaun hai yeh aurat?
Shekhar look down and doesn’t respond
Ragini with a baby step come down and see her dad

Ragini- Papa papa but little Ragini stop seeing his dad with a women and a girl

Janki- Shekar I’m asking you something who is this lady? Why are silent?

Dadi- Why will he answer you bahu, I will tell you! This is Shekar second wife and his elder daughter

Janki who was not believing tell- No it’s impossible Shekar love me, he cannot betray me like this. Shekar why are you silent please tell me that’s not true please. She cried aloud. Ragini seeing her mother like this come to her, and tell

Ragini- Ma, why are you crying? (She spot the lady) I know my ma cried because of you! You are a bad woman. Mama don’t cry, papa why mama is crying?

Shekar- Janki I’m sorry, I was in love with Sharmishta before our wedding, and she was pregnant too. I was unaware that she was carrying my child I swear. I went to my meeting in Delhi and I see her with her daughter. I meet her ma, and she told me everything that she is a single mother, what should I do? I have to married her, I know I hurt you a lot but please forgive me

Janki wipe her tears and stand up- By forgiving you what I will get? You want me to accept your second wife?

Shekar- I know it’s hard but please understand me like you always do

Janki- I can understand all but I cannot accept my husband is married when his first wife is alive and carrying his child. You have to choose Shekar Me, Ragini and this child or your second wife and her daughter. I will understand each decision of yours.

Shekar- I love you but I love Sharmishta too. I cannot choose between you two.

Janki- Ma what you have decided?

Dadi- I will not tolerate this woman and this child in this house. NEVER!

Janki- Ma think again! This child is not at fault

Dada- I decided that Shekar and this woman will live with us

Dadi- Ji aap kya kare rahe hai?

Dada- Janki bahu are right, this daughter is our blood and we cannot neglige it

Dadi- Agar aap dono manzoor hai, main kaun hoon to tell I’m not ok with it

Shekar- Thank you papa

Dada- Don’t thanks me so early! You will rest in this house in one condition! I will give you your part of house. This house will be divide in two sections! One section will be for Janki bahu and the another for you. I and your ma will stay between you two. I don’t want my bahu to suffer for your absurdity.

Day passed, Shekar sees Janki sad, Ragini was not even talking to him. He is very sad, but he cannot be unfair to Sharmishta. Swara they daughter ( Shekar and Sharmishta) was two years elder to Ragini.

Months passed and everyone was out of the house except Ragini, Janki and Shekar. Janki was giving milk to Ragini. She was uncomfortable and Shekar sees that but he think that it won’t be good if he cross the line. He was about to go but Janki scream aloud. He turn around and sees Janki crying holding her stomach so he cross the line, but Ragini stood up, and say

Little Ragini- STOP HERE!

Shekar- Stop being stubborn Laado your mom is not well

Shekar take Janki at hospital and call everyone. Janki was screaming and Ragini was shocked to see her mother in this state. Then she hears a baby crying and she was happy. A nurse come out and then the doctor, but no one speak about her mom. Ragini even if she was small she was very smart for her age, so she keep asking doctor

Ragini- Doctor, my mama is fine?

Doctor doesn’t reply her and she scream


Doctor smile seeing her anger and then tell her. You mom is a little weak, I have to speak with your dad.

Ragini- I have no dad

Shekar was hurt to hears that. In the meantime Dadi, Dada, Sharmishta and Swara come.

Dadi- Doctor I’m her MIL, kaha hai meri bahu?

Doctor- Come with me.
Ragini too follow them but the doctor tell her

Doctor- Bete I know you love your mom, but it’s elders talk
Ragini frown but then wait outside.


Doctor- I’m sorry but your bahu will not survive! She take a lot of stress and she is in very critical condition.

Dadi- Please make my bahu fine, I will pay you the amount you want, but don’t let her died

Doctor- I will try my best, but it’s upon God and her. She have to fight for her life.

Ragini who was bored waiting outside enter the room and hears everything so she run to her mom.
Ragini wait for a nurse to come out and then goes. She sees her mom with an oxygen mask and a perfusion.

Ragini take a stool and climb it. She was crying- Mama, please for me wake up. You cannot let me alone in this world, please utto.
The nurses were shaken to see Ragini like this, but then take her out the OT.

Day passed, months passed, then years passed.


Leap of 15 years
Ragini is like her mom but the different that she hate her dad and his wife and Swara.
Swara is very arrogant with rude people. She like Ragini and was hurt to see the hate in her eyes.
Viren is very jovial. He love Ragini a lot. He can do anything for her, and vice versa. Ragini can make everything for her little brother. Viren like Swara, and Ragini don’t like it but doesn’t say anything.

Credit to: Lovely

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