BROKEN GLASSES CAN EVER BE JOINED (ishqbaaz few shots) shot 7

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They both sat at opposite corners of doors, they were not crying but was in deep thoughts of each other. Shivaay remembers each of the cute moments he spend with anika and anika remembers the harsh words of pinki about shivaay
Anika POV-
If shivaay got to know the truth, what if he goes in depression, if he knows that mahi is his real brother and kamini his mom, if he get to know the truth if will be a body without soul and i cant let this happen, think anika think
By the time everybody wake up he left, he didn’t want numerous unnecessary questions to be asked, he goes to his luxurious car and broke its glass remembering of anika, anika see all this from window a flow of tears were rolling out his eyes
Shivaay sit in that broken car and harshly drives towards his office
After an hour or so, anika called omkara and rudra for confirming that shivaay is fine or not
Anika-has shivaay reached home, is he fine, he get to know the truth and numerous other questions and at last she says answer me
Om-let me answer
Om-idk all your question as shivaay didn’t come home, he directly went to office and earlier he was with you so we don’t know anything instead we should ask you, what happend at your house
Ru-O! What are you asking, you don’t know what happens between two lovely couples
Aniom-shut up rudra
Ru-ani bhabhi you are just like shivaay bhaiya, he also says me shut up only from past so many years i am hearing these words from shivom but now you also, i think till i will become old i will hear theses words
Om-rudra we were talking some serious issue
Ru- i know i was only cheering and you are scoulding me
Ani- ok stop this and how do you know that shivaay reach my house
Ru- because we only send him
Om to rudra- you are idiot
Anika again ask same question how do they know
Om- explains everything to anika
Ani- what have you done
Ru-we were just trying to unite our bhaiya bhabhi
Ani-in this way
Omru-sorry bhabhi
Ani-leave that we cant change past but definitely change the future and tell me when shivaay returns
Omru(unable to understand her statement)- ji bhabhi
Till 9 shivaay was working hard to distract himself and after that told hi staff to tell his family that he come late
Shivaay again in the broken drive harshly and reached plub
In plub shivaay was drinking very much, he was out of his senses
As this news reaches omru they quickly told this to anika
Ani-he has wake up so early and he sleeping so late, he will become weak
Om- this is not that big, from last 3 months this happen often
Anika was feeling guilty now as he left shivaay but still in thoughts what will happen if he get to know the truth
Anika’s POV
What can i do so that he come out of this depression and don’t get to know the truth that she suddenly remembers the news of shivaay purposing ragini, she get an idea
Ani- found out where is shivaay and bring him to this address at 4 am quick and i am not asking, i am telling ok
Omru- ok
End of Convo
Rudra- we said bhabhi to get him but from where
Rudra(gets an idea)-give me your phone
Om-why?use your phone i am not giving
Ru- my phone is dead
Om(murmuring)-just like you are always unative
Ru- you said anything
Om gives his phone to rudra
Rudra click the app of GPS where these three bros get ot know their location(remember in DBO when om was caged by kali gauri and rudra found his location because of GPS)
Om-kabhi kabhi tu hi dimaag laga leta hai(sometimes you also apply brain)
Ru- hai tu lagaunga, aapki tarah tu nahi dimaag hi nahi(i have brain so i will use it not like you)
Om –oh really
They both laugh and left
They reached the location of shivaay and found him drunk heavily, they stop him first and with a lot struggle carry him ,they don’t the family to get to know this that’s why they stay in car as they have to go to anika’s address
Meanwhile anika went to Ragini’s home and take her to her address
The address was of Mandir(temple) at hill slope
With they help of anika ragini get ready but normal not as bribe because resources were not available
Both ragini and shivaay were present there
Omru were shocked to see ragini and scenery as they didn’t expect that
Omru-what’s this bhabhi
Ani-nothing only a havan kund
Omru-we can also see that but why
Ani- for marriage of shivaay and ragini
Om-bhabhi don’t joke
Ani- i am not joking i am serius
Om-shivaay is not in the state of marriage
Ani-ik that, he will get married by support
Ru-who will be the support
Ani-you both
Ani- pls
Omru- bhabhi we accepted all your orders but not now, this time we cant let this naagin in our shivaay/bhaiya life, she will spread poision in our shivaay’s life
Ani- no she is a nice girl with NKK
Omru-from when you believed in NKK
Ani-when shivaay believes it i will also believe it
Ru-dont talk illogic, you should teach bhaiya right and wrong and you yourself is walking on wrong path
Om- rudra is correct for first time
Om-just kidding
Ani- Stop this i know that you are doing this because you love me but still you need to understand taht shivaay happiness is in ragini
Omru- no bhabhi his happiness is in you
Ani- no and if you don’t listen then i will fell from this hill
Omru-bhabhi don’t be silly
Ani- i am serius
Rudra to om- we need to do that else bhabhi will commit suicide
Om-no way what are you saying
Ru- i have a plan
Om- tell than
Om- you are getting intelligent day by day
Ru-i was intelligent only but you get to know today
Om-now stop praising yourself and work on plan
Omru- bhabhi we need to bring shivaay from down

PRECAP-execution of plan and lot of suprises

Sorry friends for extream late but i was little busy but i can promise the next will be before Wednesday, till tehn stay stuned
If you like this part then pls comment and i am planning to end this ff within 2-3 shots more so pls tell me should i continue it further or not. Pls ignore grammatical mistakes

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