BROKEN GLASSES CAN EVER BE JOINED (ishqbaaz few shots) shot 6

Hi guys i am back with shot 6
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Samar-first you promise me what ever i say you will do that
Shivaay-ok i will just say
Samar- first i should clear your doubts
Shivaay – which doubts
Samar explains everything to shivaay

Shi- you all did this much and don’t told me even omru lied to me
Sa- sorry but you said that you will do that
Shi- ok just say
Sa- just heart out in front of anika
Shi-what! Are you out of your mind

Sa- shivaay there is nothing to over react and i know everything about you both
Shi- if you know then what i do with that and why should i heartout, i had nothing in my heart to share with anika
Sa- shivaay i know you have many questions in your mind regarding the incidence that happens three months ago but you are not letting you ask because of your ego and other reasons
Shi- there is nothing in my mind and why you taking care of me so much
Sa- i am not caring for you but for my best friend and sister and you also think that your brothers never lie, if they lied today there must be some reason and they want you to do something
Shi- i need sometime to think

Sa- take time but don’t take that much time that yu lose your most important thing
Shivaay left from there with deep thoughts, he first think to talk to omru but he knew that they will say same things that samar said so he decided to talk to samar again tomorrow early morning at 4 AM and he message this to samar
Shivaay reach Ob mansion and he goes to his room without caring as always
This night he did not sleep he was only waiting for reply of samar
AT 3.30AM
Shivaay found a message of samar and he was glad with that YES

Samar and shivaay reached at xyz place and their talks
Sa- why did you call me here this morning
Shi- i want ot ask you something important
Sa- yes say
Shi- are you all were serious about uniting us
Sa- no we were just playing with you and anika, we are jokers that we will hier best editors and edit those photos and videos
Shi- k so problem solved
Sa- are you mad or act to be mad, i was saying in a sarcastic way and ofcourse we were serious about your relationship

Shi- k but why you feel that we should unite
Sa- that you should ask from yourself and anika .omru told me about your state and anika’s state you will see by yourself
Sa- i also listened that Shivaay Singh Oberoi always follow his commitment
Shi- yes i will, i will ask anika but not because i trust her but only to know that why she betray me and why she play with my fellings
Shivaay now straight move to happy home chawl to reach anika’s house

The room was all dark, she had a fear of darkness but now she loves darkness because in her life she has only face darkness
Can shivaay forget me sooeasily taht he is going to marry that ragini and really celebrating it. Shivaay never goes to plub that often but now he is always there drinking . i cant believe that in these 3 months shivaay has changed so much
When she was deeply thinking a bang sound come and the door break(it was shivaay)
He was shocked to see darkness as he knew that she has a fear of darkness. He firstly open a light and ask are you fine
Ani- why you opened the light i love darkness

Shi(shocked)-but you have a fear of darkness
Ani- i had it, if there is only darkness in life than what’s need to get fear of, if you inner soul is dark tahn what will the outer body do of light
Shivaay never thought anika in such a way
Shi- what happens, why are you behaving like this

Ani- shivaay what’s new in this, i always sit in dark room like this and curse my luck/destiny. I always lose the loved ones taht i got, i don’t know why god always do this with me and god wants separation then why he always let us meet
She said all this without looking back so she didn’t know who was she talking
When he look back,she was stunne dto see shivaay there (shivaay was full of tears by this time)
Shi- i dint know that you would be in this state after separation
Ani- i also don’t know that you will change this much
Shivaay was now full in guilt because he knew that he misunderstand anika (over engagement)and take a stupid step

He forget his each and every question , the only question he rememberes is did she love him
Ani- by the way why you came here
Shi- to get some answers, i have get those but only thing i want to know is that do you love
He places his hand on his head and said tumhe mere kasam
Anika was shocked as she didn’t except this from shivaay but she cant lie because of kasam so she broke down and said yes I LOVE YOU! YES I LOVE YOU FROM MY BOTTOM OF MY HEART but we cant be together again
Shivaay smiles at her 1st sentence but then he was surprised, he asked why
Shi- why cant we be together

Ani- there are some reasons that i cant tell
By this sentence shivaay understood everything
While he was thinking anika drag him and throw her out of the house and shut the door ( same way as shivaay drag her out)
They both were crying at opposite sides ends of the door (O JAANA SAD VERSION PLAYS)

Hi guys i know i am extremely late but my school opens and i am little busy because of school stuff and exams. I am really SORRY SORRY, holding my ears and ig you like this part then pls comment and sorry again for late but i will try to post next one as soon as possible

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