BROKEN GLASSES CAN EVER BE JOINED (ishqbaaz few shots) shot 5

Hi guys i am back with shot 5
Link of shot 4- shot-4

Shot 5
Shivaay reach OM with his tensed face and was thinking deeply and suddenly his mind strikes a idea and he rush to the security, he informs the security to go at this place and don’t let this person enter the house(showing photo of samar)
Security- but who lives here
Shi- none of your business , go and guard there fast, if anything happens because of you all , YOU WOULD BE FIRED(he shouts the last sentence)
Shivaay leave there with a angry look
Security- what’s happen to sir, suddenly security in a chawl ?
As shivaay enters back to his room he saw omru already sitting there
S- what happen today, you two in my room
R-bhaiya, now we have to take permission for entering your room
S- i don’t mean that
O- we have here for an imp. Discussion
S-not again om, i don’t want to talk about ragini
O-we are not talking about ragini,we just want to know why have you shifted security to else place, who lives there
S(thinking)-if i said true to omru then they will make fun of me and ask a numerous questions so i have to lie
S-its for ragini
Omru- WHAT!
S-What! what it’s for ragini
R-bhaiya i am little dumbo but you cant always fool me, i also know that naggin is malhotra(rudra call her naagin)and why will she need security, she has that much money to buy security for her house
Omru was controlling their laugh seeing shivaay condition
S- who said ragini malhotra, there is a friend of ragini named ragini and she wants security but don’t want ragini’s favour that why ragini ask me
Omru-ok shivaay
Omru left his room smiling
Shivaay than breath a sign of relief
Omru were in one room
R-O! Did you see bhaiya’s face, i never see him this much confused
O- yes rudy he was really looking very funny in his confused look
R-but our work is still not over, we need to stop security so that samar bhaiya can do his work
O- i have a great idea for this and whispers it in rudra’s ear
R-great O! You getting intelligent with me
O- ofcourse my guru ji
Shivaay sees the security guards that he sed for anik is still here
S- how are you all here i said it earlier if anything happens to her, i will kill you
Security- sorry sir but omkara sor and rudra sir stopped us
Flashback is shown where rudra and omkara ask security to don’t go anywhere and do their duty in the OM as they did earlier
S- why did omru did this, i need to ask
In Omkara’s room(omru were present)
S- why have you stopped security to go there
O-what’s the big deal
S-its big deal for me, if anything happens to her then what will you do
S- yes her ragini’s friend
R- don’t be angry we have asked that naagin, if her friend need sany security or not, if you don’t trust us than we can call
S- i trust you but still i need to clarify pls call her
Rudra called on ragini’s no.
Flashback is shown where samar changes ragini’s phone and transfer all data with a new sim
R- hello i am rudra singh oberoi speaking
Malvi(malhotra mansion servant)-yes what happened, why do you call ms ragini malhotra, everybody needs to take appointment before speaking to me
R- shivaay bhaiya wants to talk to you
M- ooo! So give the phone to shivaay(she was just acting like ragini, samar has taught her what to speak and how to act)
S(thinking)-what can i do now
But still he gained courage and speak
S- did your friend need security
Ra- shivaay happens to you , today sometime before this question only rudra was asking and now you, shivaay my none of the friend need security and if they need i can also hire thembut still thanks for thinking
And she cuts the call
S-she is really amazing, yesterday she only tell me she need security and now no
Omru- we told you
Shivaay left to his room and start breaking things
S(thinking)-now what can i do
Meanwhile in Happy Home Chawl chanda mixes sleeping pill in anika’s drink and she fell unconscious, she was carefully laid on bed and sleeps
Samar enters
Sa-everything going through plan
C- yes
He goes to anika’s bed and sits far away, click some pictures of his and anika and gone
They all meet in parks and gave the photos to editors to edit and they should look like they are together
Editors- ok done, our money
They gave their money to them and they for editing(omru has arranged the best editors as they are oberois)
Are plan is finally on its last stage
After these all editing, these photos were send to shivaay(only shivaay)
After seeing all those photos, he was very angry also guilty as he cant save his anika, he was just at a verge of killing him
And he get a text message from samar that meet me at 7 pm today or you know
At 7 pm
shivaay reach the place in full anger and when he saw samar without thinking anything he starts hitting him badly, samar was smiling seeing him like this
seeing samar smiling he stops hitting and said what you want
Samar-first you promise me what ever i say you will do that
Shivaay-ok i will just say
Samar- first i should clear your doubts
Shivaay – which doubts
Samar explains everything to shivaay
Shi- you all did this much and don’t told me even omru lied to me
Sa- sorry but you said that you will do that
Shi- ok just say
Sa- just heart out in front of anika
Do tell how it and pls ignore grammatical mistake

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