Broken to be fixed (Sneak Peak)

I tossed and turned in my bed willing myself to sleep but I couldn’t.I t was too hard after he went.He left me all alone and went after his career.Obviously I wanted him to do good but he just left,when I asked him for a reason he just went mum.After I returned from work was a note on the fridge

“Dinner is in the fridge.Eat it and rest”.That is all he said nothing else,no goodbye or Im Sorry just an order EAT.Well if he left then what am I doing here.I looked under my bed and looked through the box.

Pictures of him and me stared back at me.Flowers and notes and cards were all there.I carried the box with me to the living room table,and put on a coat and boots and driver off.

It was a Sunday night.The roads were quiet.Too quiet.I reached my destination and prepared myself.I went towards the bridge and stood towards the edge.I calmed myself.Breathe in.Breathe out.In.Out.Thays what I kept telling myself.

I closed my eyes and jumped,when suddenly I felt 2 unfamiliar hands dragging me up.I struggled,screamed,pushed but to no avail.The hands were too strong.During my struggle the box fell into the deep,dark murky sea.That is when I fell.Not into the sea but on the bridge.My eyes felt woozy and my body was too tired to stay conscious.The person I could hear was shouting at me but I wasn’t responding.He then scooped me up and laid me in his car.I don’t know where I was being taken but I felt strangely safe with him.He took me to a hospital.

By the time the doctor’s were finished I could feel myself regaining lost energy and slowly I gained consciousness.The first person I saw was a guy.He didn’t seem like a doctor.No he was too good-looking for that.Well what else would he be with fair skin.Light blur eyes and disheveled hair.His body was well-built and he was tall.WOW I thought

Person:Your awake then
Person:You ruined my whole night
Me:Sorry and then I started crying
Person:Stop crying I can’t stand girls crying

I immediately stopped feeling rather comforted but his arrogant attitude.

Person:What were you doing t suicide point
Me:Not much just commuting suicide I replied.Why did you save me

I could feel his body tense up when I said that.

Person:Because I couldn’t save my freind.
Me:Huh I’m not sure if I understand
Person:Nothing Look you are fit enough to go home so I am going to get the discharge papers ready and then we can both go our separate ways.

I gave him a smile.He was the only person who was unknown but I could feel he was trustworthy.

Well guys that was a sneak peak to my ff.Hope you enjoyed it and PLZ comment.


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