Bring Me Back To Life (Epi 1)


Hellloooo Everyone. Your Kavya is back with this new story which is a fantasy based. Well i know it will be hard for my readers to imagine Swara or Ragini as vampires but what to do. You know crazy ideas.?? so i just hope that you all people like my new ff just the way you liked my previous ones. And thank you everyone for reading my ff’s.

Introduction of Characters,
Ashley- Swara
Ahana- Ragini
Pammi- Uttara.
Ed- Laksh.

Scene 1
They stood before the washroom mirror. She looked at herself again. It was soo different. Her skin had become milky white or rather pale. Her vision was really good, no more specs needed. Her brown, dull hair had turned dark black and shiny. And at last, her eyes. Her eyes were no more that dark chocolate pool. Right now they were blood Red. And that meant that she was, not hungry but thirsty.
She sighed. ‘its all because of me’ she whispered. Her bestie turned to her side. ‘purdon me’. ‘its all my fault, we all have changed because of me. I shouldn’t have dragged you in all these’ she replied with a wet voice. ‘hey Ashley, are you crying? Hey don’t cry please.’ her bestie waited.
Ashley: but its all my fault ahana.
Ahana: soo what? You know i kind of like this life. New powers and a fast life. soo different from being human.
She continued speaking in the favour of this life while taking her brush and paste.
Ahana:(happily) moreover you see i don’t have to wear the specs anymore. I can see everything. Even the tiniest of the tiniest creature, liiikeeeee…
Ashley:(irritated) i have already got your demo.
Ahana:(excited) no, wait wait.
She looked at the paste.
Ahana: yucks, i am not brushing.
Ashley: why?
Ahana: coz there are some worm like bacteria’s moving around. Yuck it seems soo damn dirty and unhygienic.
With this she threw the brush and paste in the dustbin.
Ahana:(turning to Ashley) so you see. Its kind of cool.
She said doing a little bit of Juicy J steps.
Ashley rolled her eyes. Seriously she has got crazy friend.
Ashley:(softly) i am thirsty.
Suddenly they heard somebody opening the door of the washroom. ‘may i join in?’ the person asked.
Ahana:(smiling) sure Pammi.
Pammi came inside the washroom and closed the door.
Pammi: well,since you both have been paying my share of the rent since the last two months so this time I took the initiative to pay yours.
Ashley: noo, pams…it was not…
Pammi: i know i know. Its not needed and all that stuff. But just let it be.
She looked at the two unconvinced faces and added,
Pammi: at least for my sake.
A smile played on the trio’s lips and they started with their normal conversation but it was not too long when it was stoped by a surprising act of Ahana.

In the middle of their converstation she suddenly left from her place and tried to sit on top of their washing machine.
Ashley:(shocked) AHANA??wat the hell are you really trying to do?
Ahana looked around as if coming out from a dream and innocently replied,
Ahana:(looking around in confusion) what was i really doing?
Suddenly Pammi replied with a serious note in her voice,
Pammi: this happens when we get thirsty and try hard to control it.
Ashley:(worried) then what shall we do now??
She stared at Ahana’s eyes for more than half a minute and declared,
Pammi: we need to go out for hunting.
Ahana:(shocked) what at 4’o clock you want us to go for hunting.
Ashley:(seriously) we VAMPIRES don’t feel any different for night and day Ahana. So its better that we get used to it.
Pammi: i agree with Ashley.
In a fraction of a second Pammi opened a large window panel which was at the corner of the washroom. The freezing breeze touched the trio’s face but it didn’t make them shiver anymore.
Pammy: are you ready?
The other two noded with a smile which came up due to the new adventure they shall face today.

Scene 2
They were in the middle of the jungle, riding on horses. But there was something quite odd. The two of them were half drenched with blood. They could hear the whizzzz and swizzzz sound of the breeze. ‘is it really the sound coming due to the breeze or they are already here?’ the boy asked himself.
Suddenly a heavy voice made him come back to the present.
Ed replied,
Ed: yes dad.
Dad: are you afraid?
Ed: no, not at all. (confident) when you are there with me then i don’t have any problem.
Again he could hear the same sound in his left ear,only this time he felt as if seeing something moving around.
He told his father about it and then there wait started again.
It was past 1 hr still there was no sighn of their pray. At last Laksh lost his patience,
Ed: dad?
Ed: why cant we just chase them out. I can feel that they are already here.
Dad:(a wicked smile playing on his lips) Ed, we are not supposed to chase after them. We are supposed to patiently wait for our pray as our prays ‘s shall come to us.
After saying this words suddenly his father gave a hysterical laugh. That’s when Ed felt some movement at his left side. He turned around to see but the next thing he found was a woman in a green dress, jumping at him. She had long black hair and was with a beautiful face. With lively eyes and luscious lips but those two fangs just scattered that whole beauty into pieces.
Before Ed could just take out his bow and arrow he suddenly heard the noise of firing and the next thing he found was the lady’s dead body, with a bullet on the perfect middle of her forehead.
Ed turned around to his fathers side to found smoke coming out from his father’s gun.
Ed:(sadly) dad, this was my pray.
Dad: you cant waste your time when they come. You were being too slow.
And Ed knew his dad was right. If he wouldn’t have been busy to look at her face then he could have easily killed her.
That’s when he heard another gun shot and there lay another of those creatures.
He looked up at his father.
Dad:(pointing at the trees) they are up their.
Ed looked up and within the fraction of a second another one appeared. This was a boy this time. ‘its mine now’
And the next thing they saw was this one’s dead body with an arrow perfectly penetrating into its heart.
Dad:(proudly) good shot son.
They waited for more,but the others had already left with the promises of vengeance in their heart.

Okay so this is the first chapter of my new ff. Hope that you all will like it and please do comment. I know i am a bad writer. Even then please comment i don’t want to write anything with a low confidence.

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Credit to: Kavya

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