Swasan TS: My bride in a veil – Prologue and Character Sketch

Hii, well neither I am silent reader nor new to telly . I just became bore by mine previous I’d??? .]

So new story with new id . Those who come to know who am I?can try their luck.
Now stopping my boring talks.
Guys, it’ll be love triangle between swara, sanskar and ragini.
Let come to story.

Boy’s pov
Welcome in my marriage, today supposed to be most happiest day of mine life but here it turned most sarcastic day. I standing between two girls, both are standing in Lehnaga and long veil. Let me introduce my both would be wives. One is Ragini gadodia with whom my marriage fixed and all pre marriage rituals happened. And other is Swara shekhwat with whom I took three phere.
Now I am in utter confusion what to do neither I marry both girls nor I leave them like. If I’ll do then not only them but also their parents have to suffer.

I looked towards theirs parents who already giving me pleading look then I saw towards mine parents they told me whatever mine decision they’ll be happy. How can I supposed to take such discussion alone. I gave plead look to mine brother laksh who suggest me choose that girl whom I love and wanna spent whole life but little he knew I don’t love anyone of them. About spending life it not matter because I just doing this marriage for my grandmother as she wanna see her granddaughter in law.

I thought to ask girls only, I turned towards them and asked who wanna marry me.
One of them come forward, she removed her veil and held mine hand and told she wanna marry me. I looked toward other bride who’s just looking down. I went near her and asked she doesn’t wanna marry then why she’s here.

Before she could speak her parents come near me and told she’s little shy.
I again looked towards her who’s still looking down, another girl come near me and told he should marry her as she’s more suitable and match his status.
I just looked at her and held other girl hand who was still Veil. Other girl looked at me and tried to speak.
I: I took my decision I’ll marry her.

That girl first time tried to looked at me but not able to as her Veil was really long.
Before I could say further other girl parents fall in mine feet and started to pleading me. I looked towards Veil’s girl parents who was just standing with joining their both hands. I bowed and make other girl parent stand.

I: Uncle aunty I understand but I can’t marry your daughter but I promise till she not marry she’ll be mine responsibility.
That girl came towards me and join hands. I again saw towards Veil girl who’s just standing like statue. I just moved towards mandap and told priest to start mantra.
After sometime that Pandit finally declare me and my veil bride as couple.
Other girl parent started to curse their daughter and told that they’re disowning her. She fall down listening it and cried miserably.
My bride went near her and tried to console her but she jerked her hand and told don’t try to act.

That girl fell down and became unconscious, my bride looked at me and signal to help her. I looked towards that girl parent who just went from there. I unwillingly lift her and moved from there. My bride also follow me.
In these things I forgot to tell you most important thing who I am well I am sanskar Maheswari.

Character sketch

Sanskar Maheswari; 25 years old,Well known business man , try to show himself as rude and arrogant. But just opposite to it who loves his family very much.
Laksh Maheswari: 22 years old, naughty, prank master but yet caring.
Ragini gadodia: 24 years old, ( more things come about her as story will proceed)
Swara shekhwat: 22 years old (more thing come about her as story will proceed)
Ram and sujata Maheswari; love their both children. Support their every decision.
Anjali Maheswari: Sanlak grandma , kind hearted lady.

Shekhar and janki gadodia: loves their daughter but at same time strict also.
Raghav and shomi shekhwat; love their daughter but never show it. Just want good future.

future for her.

So start guessing why two brides were there and whom sanskar married.
Don’t need to vote or suggest main pair as I already decided it. Well sorry if you felt i am rude but I don’t believe in voting for pairs. It should be writer wish they have liberty to write whom they like.
Most important thing cmnt will decide future of this story.
Sorry for typos and grammatical errors.

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    1. Ohhh so sry dear I didn’t notice the title…Sorry 4 big Wala gyan

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