Breaking the silence – part 19

Breaking the silence – part 19

“i am telling you again it is not healed enough that you are going your office, what is the chance you won’t hit it again or get hurt?” she tried reasoning with him.

“i am fine Krishna and it is not hurting anymore, beside i am no kid.” he smiled boasting when came Mani with hot water in her hands.

“bhabhi, you asked for it-” and she stopped on the door itself .

“yeah, thank you Mani,” she said taking the tumbler. “ and please pack his lunch Mani, he is going office today.”

With an affirmative mumble Mani left the door and she came to him, “ alright if you have decided its okay but you will have to listen to me.”

“hun hun….please tell my beautiful doctor, what are the orders?” he smiled to him.

“well something ,you won’t like but I won’t let you do that at any cost, not after yesterday .” she too said in the same tone.

“don’t scare me Krishna …. He said waiting for what was coming.

“you are such a drama sometimes, I was only saying you won’t take a bath today,” she said pouring a few drops of the antiseptic solution  in the water and taking out his towel.

“oh…it was that only.’ He sighed “As you say,”


“is it something important today ?” she asked As she helped him putting on the seaweed-green shirt of him.

“no, why you asked ?” he asked looking himself into the mirror.

“i just felt, you want to go office at any cost.” She said turning away from the mirror.

“Nothing like that, but I have to report about that incident to the upper blocks so I need to go office.” He shrugged taking his blazer from the chair .

“Let me help you,” she said taking the blazer from him.

“why I feel you look tensed suddenly ?” he observed her features “don’t take tension, its alright.”

“I am okay,just take care of you.” She said lightly, looking away from him as soon as she was done.

“come soon,” she said taking her phone from the table before exiting the room when he caught her arm and she looked back questioningly .

“so you are asking me to come Home soon ?” he whispered silently behind her.

“no,no I meant come soon as in for the breakfast.” She completed hastily.

“oh, you are actually so uncool Krishna,” he said leaving her hand and fixing the collar.

“why ,what happened?” she asked.

“Leave it, okay tell me. How about going for a long drive today?” he suddenly asked and she was surprised.

“what?” he was now behaving totally weird. “you are injured ? You are going office it itself is too much. We are not going anywhere.” She declared.

“as you say Madame,” he made a face and she smiled on him.


“bhabhi , what happened to bhaiya?” Mani asked as she helped her in kitchen.

“actually he got himself in some fight,” she shrugged it.

“but bhaiya never indulges himself in such things, Ma too says that he is always the one away from fights.” she said recalling something.

“hun, sometimes it’s the others who start a fight. But leave it its over now.” She said arranging the washed porcelain crockeries.

“when is Ma coming bhabhi?” she asked.

“ummm,she had said they were staying for a few days more.but I think they will be back by Friday night.” She answered.

And she suddenly remembered she didn’t tell Ma anything about it, but was it okay to not tell cause then she would be disturbing them but what if ma felt she hid this from thinking to talk about this with him she brushed the thought away.


“Bhabhi, I can stay till bhaiya comes….Mani offered but she denied saying she haven’t informed her family prior and till how many days she will be terrified of being alone in house.

“as you say bhabhi.” Saying Mani exited the door and bolting the main door she came inside and thought to water her plants as it was not dark yet.

As she was watering the euphorbia bushes, she recalled the saying that never plant a thorny plant in your house, she always was against it “wasn’t a thorny plant a plant ?” and these beautiful shrubs had the cute pink, white and variegated petals too in one pot, they also sent the message that despite all the odds they kept surviving.

She kept walking in the balcony when she noticed the black kitten with yellow eyes looking at her from the building next to her, and she felt it was starting to dark .and with no second thought she came inside and locked the balcony door. She suddenly felt she was alone in the house.

She tried pushing away that thought telling her that in an hour or so he would be back. She thought to hear songs meanwhile so that she couldn’t listen or think anything other than that.

And she leaned on the easy chair she didn’t know when she slept with the music in her ears and she was suddenly in some other land.

She had difficulty in walking in that state, she was feeling her back was strained with the weight. He was waiting for her in the car, “hey, you took too long. Fasten the seat belts. We are already late.” He told as she sat on the sit.

“let me take a breath first.” She huffed.

“yeah sorry, I was kinda in hurry.” He apologized.

“actually , ma had called me many times asking if we left for the-

“its okay, I understand. We can leave now.” She said with no emotion.

“Krishna, you are still angry with Ma.” He asked covering her palm.

“why would I be, it’s my baby too.” She said looking outside the window and brushing her tears away.

“are you okay ?”

“yeah, I am.”

And he started the car and with the cool wind touching her face she left the tears to run freely aware about his quick glances every now and then, but she was in no mood to argue again or talk about something she didn’t have control.

And suddenly the car passed a hospital and she felt her dream too left somewhere behind her.

And she woke up with a jolt. “what was it, why she dreamed this? was it some sign ?” and quickly leaving the chair she went to wash her face. “it was one scary dream.”


“if something happened to you ,” he asked as they were sitting in front of the TV after the dinner.

“no, I am fine.” She smiled trying to sound normal it was only a dream her heart again told her.

“but you do not look one. Tell me what happened.” He again asked switching the news off.

“actually, I had this dream- she waited.

“hun, I am listening.”

“I saw I am heavily… you know I am pregnant and we are leaving for somewhere and it looked like – she was hesitating.

“hun…he encouraged.

“it looked like I wasn’t happy about it also I felt it was Ma who forced me to have it cause you asked me if I was still angry to her.”


“I woke up suddenly and I was scared about it.”she completed not looking at him

“oh my innocent wifey,” he encircled her shoulder.” it was just a dream, I can see it was the result of all this thoughts, don’t worry I am always with you. We will do anything with mutual decisions.”

“thankyou.” She mumbled hugging him, she needed these words for her.

“I was also wondering what will we tell Ma? I mean about this bruise?” she asked him.

“dad, already know about this. someone has told him from office so he would be telling ma. You don’t worry.” He said .

“By the way, I have some different things to make you feel okay if you are not feeling.” He smiled through her hairs.

“no, I am okay.” she said trying to leave from there and she succeeded too cause in this state he wasn’t going to chase her.

Coming into the room she smiled on him and in a moment her smile was gone when she found him entering the room.

‘well, a kite shouldn’t play with fire when it has to ultimately burn in it.” He said bolting the door and she blushed hard.

“did you really think you were going to leave me this way…hun?” he smiled in his ears and she shivered with the warm breaths.

“so do you want to switch off the lights today or not?” and her nerves went on an alarm.

She turned swiftly and said to him, “but you are injured and moreover we haven’t thought or prepared about-

And he cut her, “what are you talking, wont I not sleep if I am injured……and she looked up with her big eyes.

“what ?” he asked innocently. “I was only saying do you want to sleep switching the lights off or not.” But the sly smile on his lips told her he had been teasing her.

“do, whatever you want.” She said and turned feeling awfully insane about his sense of humor.

But suddenly he pulled her and without a warning his lips met hers, she didn’t get a time to process it and then she understood her own words, “do whatever you want.”

And completely the hug she too responded cause well, she didn’t find herself a nerve that didn’t enjoy that.


Hey guys, next part updated. hope you like it will be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.

Also Do dreams come true? Have you ever been in such situation when you felt dreams gave you a hint prior?

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  1. some say dreams are indications of what will happen in the future or what happened in the past or even our deepest fears coming to play as a dream. yes, sometimes it happens, nice episode.

    1. Morusya51

      yes ,you are right about the dreams and their prospects time to time but you know the dreams we see in sleep are the most beautiful thing i feel are ,Sometimes, yes they terrify us a lot but i feel its adventurous to feel something without the terror and sometimes disbelief afterwards of “it was just a dream,nothing else”.
      lets see,what this dream comes with. thank you dear for liking this chapter hope you like the next part too.

  2. Palak_55

    Splendid One Dear!!! There is something different in your updates, from others which compelled me to fall in luv with them so much…and your way of penmanship, its Exceptional….
    Each and Every aspect you include in story,starts making it more beatiful than other parts…:)
    Even if i talk about today’s update, that watering plants sequence, was too good and more than it your thoughts included in that….
    and in last your dialogues for Saiyyam, gives a humorous touch to update….I will be not wrong if a say it’s a brew of each and every emotions…..:)

    1. Morusya51

      oh my god girl !!! you are making me greedy even more,:) thank you so much for the words. i am so so so so happy that you like them this much, these are my own revoltive thoughts from the world which i want everyone to think upon too.
      every kind of animal, every kind of plant and every human being has the right of being respected if you can love them….even the non living things too that are important in your life should be treated well. i believe in it 🙂
      and Sayyam needs to be that spooky for us to keep loving them even more 😉 thank you again for thinking me this capable that i can give you something worth read and enjoy. love you lots<3

  3. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful update I loved it. Ya some says dreams may come true

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Sravya, yeah, lets see what this dream comes with :). i hope you enjoy the next part too.

  4. Fidato

    Hi… Morusya… I don’t have any words to praise you… I’m out of stock… Day by day…Your books become like a drug…That I addicted to it…So much… Really each…And every word you write….Simply I can see it in front of my eyes… I agree with Palak…Your penmanship is really exceptional….

    Your dialogues are extraordinary….Never felt like it from a drama…But from life…Like we used to say…

    About dreams…Yeah… Sometimes I do feel like it’s real…Or I’m so scared that will this become real or what… Did you watch movie “Inception” … It’s all about dreams….

    1. Morusya51

      hey Fidato….you girls are spoiling me ,do you know? its me who are getting addicted to all these beautiful words ? . everytime i write the next part i want it to be up to you all’s expectation but yes at the same time its something i love/enjoy creating and want to keep it as natural as it could be.
      thank you so so so so much dear…love you<3.
      and yeah dreams are really mysterious, they have the ability to turn your life upside down in just one episode 🙂
      and i have loved this mystery filled ,criminally involved and super movie…it keeps you glued to the seat till the very last. but Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't look as good as he looked in his earlier movies 😉

  5. Muniya

    Hey Morusya…
    I had to say so many things about this chappy…but believe me…i going out of words this moment…u r such a superb writer girl…
    Andabout dreams…i think sometimes it happens…actually it happened with me twice….once good and once bad…and those dreams were so real…i just can’t believe how it happened.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Muniya….you guys love my amateur attempts this much !!! i am overwhelmed with it dear.
      and yeah it has happened in past when dreams have showed some coming future ,which is hard to believe like it really happened. thank you again dear. love you<3

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