Breaking the silence – part 18

Breaking the silence –part 18

She was anticipating the words, fully prepared about the talks soon going to start. She wasn’t shy about the talks but yes with him it was going to be a little difficult. She knew every damn thing about these planning and protections but with him she felt awkward, she never watched a single movie with her cousin brothers afraid of what might come on screen any time. Films were always a girlie time for her.

But now a whole embarrassing thing was about to start and she already felt like she needed to visit washroom and her heart mocked, “afraid, already..?” shutting her heart she sat on the bed and she felt it dipped more than usual and she was sure she saw a smile on the corner of his lips.

“You are due in how many days?” he asked without making the silence any more discomforting than it was already.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear, what you asked ?” she felt in her thoughts maybe she heard something else.

“You heard right, you are due in how many days, I mean your ….he was cut midway.

“I got that. She answered hastily, “in seven days.” and he looked to her a little tensed.

“That is the reason you being upset.” He asked shifting uncomfortably.

“yeah,” she mumbled.

And  silence dawned on them…..yet again.

“what do you think if there is a possibility ?” and she looked to him like he did the biggest joke and he defended himself, “I mean you are a doctor you certainly have the knowledge.”

“Well,” she searched the right words. “It’s possible, science only needs one moment.”

And suddenly she felt her face hot; she needed water but how to move from this situation. It was better to discuss it now than leaving for some other day.

“So we need to wait till then?” he enquired.

“Yeah. we can check in two or three days too as tests are available. But it would be good if we wait.” Again silence engulfed them.

“what do you think about it?” he asked carefully not wishing to hurt her.

“I don’t know.” She started uncomfortably. “I am confused, we have barely started.” She said fidgeting with herself.

“Hun….” He hummed as in agreement.

“And its unplanned.” She sighed.

“Okay let’s assume you are actually expecting then what we are going to do.” He asked all of sudden.

“Well, I have grown up hearing it’s a blessing and I understand it is a blessing so maybe I would never make my mind for an abortion.” She told honest to what was running to her mind.

“And what about your Hospital plans,” he asked to know about what she was thinking if it really happened. “ you had to join there…right?”

And she felt she was going to cry any moment, it felt everything was falling apart. Right now she was starting it being in the flow now after a year or two…would she be same?” the same thoughts again disturbed her.

“What do you think about it?” she asked to him and her always shining eyes were expecting some relief.

“Actually it’s not like that, for me like marriage; it too is something in life that should happen on time and on right time when we both are ready about it. And I do understand prolonging a pregnancy when you are not ready is not a wise decision.” He replied earnestly.

“so should we abort it if that’s the thing?” she asked not meeting his eyes why it was hard for girls,why they had to think about so many things.

“we can go for that, and I read it is nowhere verified that one can’t get pregnant after a pregnancy termination, we need to understand each other more. Moreover It’s not the 60s or 70s when girls were thought the baby producing machines and it was more good as soon as the products started coming.”he said looking to the wall.

And like that he again became her savior. Men were sometimes so easy about things and here she was afraid about everything. All the things sorted in a moment.

If he was right he found her creases decreasing in a moment and she looked a little better and he smiled on the change in demeanor.

She could have just hugged him if she had enough courage but who said she was that courageous .she was in her own world when she heard him, “you never answered my question!”

“but I got every answer.” Words left on her own and as she found him smirking she understood what she said, “ummm, what you asked?” she was embarrassed.

“I said how about having a little rest if you got every answer…he teased her.

“yeah, you take rest.” She said leaving the bed.

‘well, I said how about we both take a little rest ,together.” He said pulling the comforters and she blushed on it.

“okay but I am coming in a moment.” And giving a running glance on the wall clock which sighted 4:30 she left the room.




As she joined him after washing her face with cool water which she needed after these torturing hours she found him with that candy crush …..Seriously, that sound was so annoying.

“It is not hurting you?” She asked as she shifted the cushions aside and made herself comfortable on the pillow.

“no, it is not.” He said without leaving the screen.

She leaned on her side and silently gazed his face, the prominent brows which went well with the determination he held in his thoughts, the aura he had which she always felt captivating and the full lips which used to tremble for a while when he was concentrated about something…..

“it’s  not good to stare someone for this long  he suddenly said locking the phone and keeping it on the side table.

And she turned straight on her back “but I thought you were not someone’ and smiled inwardly but kept a straight face and craned her neck to him.

“hun, that’s right.” He came beside her shoulders touching. “so ?”

‘‘so what?” she started shifting a little.

“You are unbelievable Krishna” he said .

“And why so ?”

“Well, your husband is injured ,you could have made him feel good, and all you do is staring him ?”

“tsk” clicking her tongue she turned his back to him blushing on the words. “so what you want me to do she asked In a low voice.

“Well, there is not many choices but you can hug me, I will feel better with it.”she felt the hidden mischief in his words.

And when she didn’t say anything for a while he leaned to her shoulders and whispered in her ears, “why queen, are you still scared, I thought you wanted to enjoy our nights a little more before extending our family.”

And her breath got hitched, “no ,I never meant that “and she nearly injured him again as with the jerk he fell on his back.

“Aaah, you could have shifted with a little less force.” He winced.

“sorry, I am really sorry. But why you said something like that.” She said seeing if his dressing was okay or not.

“It looks okay, “she said after checking it. “is it hurting ?”

“Yeah,  a little.” He said getting comfortable “but now you need to do as I say”

“Hun,tell me what you need.” she offered hastily

“Well, I want you to lean beside me, with no tension.” He said looking into her big eyes which were full with concern.

“no, I might hurt you again.’ she said trying to shift.

“Now queen won’t agree to the king’s orders.” He played.

And she smiled on this, “well,I don’t want to see a wild angry king.’ and she indeed leaned putting her one arm around his heart.

‘now it seems a perfect position to talk something important.” He said as he put his one arm around her And she looked up to him confused.

“Well, me might just solved this thing for now but we won’t be wishing to get caught in such situation again so it would better we discuss it now.” he said opening his phone screen

“And what are we going to discuss?” she asked

“About family planning and contraceptives.” He said with no hesitations.

He always knew how to turn serious things into a light one and here started their talks about what was good for them.

“Yeah we can go for pills but they sometimes unbalance the normal hormone cycle”

“so what about IUDs?”

“ummm,its good but  women sometimes get allergic of that.”

“so it is definitely the latex now.”

“well,what you said…”

“I said what we say it”

And a laughter echoed in the room.

“Seriously you called it a latex ?”

“It is actually something like that…..dont you feel?”

“you are way to blunt.”

“aaa, you want to see it. let me be fine then we will see how blunt I can be”


And they finally decided what was good for them (where every other thing had some problem with it  whether the way it worked or something about it wrong) but let’s be it their own secret 😉



Guys next part updated, and this part again lights one really important thing. Prolonging a pregnancy when one is not ready for it is truly not a wise decision and there is no verification about one can never get pregnant afterwards. Girls too have a right to dream and complete those dreams, they just need time and support of their family cause some things never wait for you It’s better to not risk it for some other day.

Hope you like this effort, will be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.

Note –what do you think what should they do if she IS pregnant ?”

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  1. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful update I loved it so much. Ya what u said is right if they r not ready it is not a wise decision . I think they need a little time to understand then after they can go forward

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Sravya….yeah,they need a little time before you know 🙂 and
      next update will be soon cause i know you miss them a lot. 🙂

  2. Muniya

    Awesome update dear…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear….i just hope i am not spoiling the minds here 😉

  3. Fidato

    So… Sayyam do know how to handle the situation…Ha ha… You’re dealing very mature content here… ??

    Really loved it…Felt so real….

    1. Morusya51

      haha….yeah she is 27 and he is a few years older to her so in my idea of Sayyam ,he should be handling all the situation and for the rest we have our Dr Krishna 😉
      yeah, i know its a BIT mature….i hope we can manage that 🙂
      and thank you for your words. i feel good reading those.

  4. Palak_55

    oh God! what to say….and u already catch my words…first thing i enjoyed this part very much and secondly …again i will say i never find types of episodes here ….and really a grt hats off to ur efforts
    now ans to ur ques…..first of all they need to be cautious in their first attempt itself but if such thing happen …they still have time….they could abort it and according to me ones career should be his/her priority…..and for saiyyam of ur ff ….my respect for him has leveled up…
    and it seems u did much efforts for all this 😉

    1. Morusya51

      oh man….i love you for these compliments, i need covers to hide behind but honestly i have said many times i love reality and real things and most importantly practicality in thoughts and actions ,maybe they are reflecting here.i am happy you find it worth a read.
      yeah, they still have time to mend things, one should be aware of their priorities . and i too love this version of Sayyam, i love shaping him in B T S. thank you so much for the words,this day couldn’t get any better for me.

  5. Palak_55

    one thing more…which i forgot to mention in earlier comment…..
    According to me Its not a mature content, rather its a necessity on which a discussion is really required…for both purpose planning and contraceptives …and u bought this issue into a limelight…

    1. Morusya51

      yes, i told you mature things ahead 😉 and i too feel people should be aware about these most important but least talked things.

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