Breaking the silence – part 21

Breaking the silence – part 21

She cooked all the light dinner Ma had told her since they were arriving in late night and was now waiting for him meanwhile arranging the little glass containers of kitchen shelf in the order. She had two days left to live her life this way where she was only the daughter in law and a wife, from Monday one more chapter was going to start and she was excited as well a bit nervous .Excited to finally help people with this long study and Nervous about the people she was going to meet.

Humming that tune she continued her work and clock too kept ticking and as she went to the sink she recalled a memory not too old when she was trembling with even the thought of being alone with him and here nearly after a week she wanted the time to stop ticking, she wanted this small trip of her family to extend for a few more days; yes, it was childish but she can talk with herself and wish with herself without no one knowing it.

Into all those not completing wishes and longings she heard her phone ringing and dusting her palms to the apron she lifted it and his name shined. Swiping the screen she took it and came a frustrated voice, “didn’t open whatsapp all this time?”

“ummmm no, why?”

“Leave it, now you would have even cooked the dinner?

“Yeah I have. But what happened?”

“Nothing, I am coming. Do you need anything?”

“Noo…but …

“Okay, will talk when I am home.” And he hung up.

He seemed irritated with whatever it was she missed receiving on time so she thought to check and as she switched on the network and opened the app ,a few message popped with the first one saying ,

”How about a dinner? by the lake, Again? “And her heart skipped a beat, she understood why he sounded irritated.



“Are you angry?” she asked as soon as he entered.

“No…but we missed our chance.” and he handed her a little packet rather smilingly. “Let’s eat first then I have another plan.”

After he went to change she peeped inside and found a full packet of the end wrapped familiar chocolate candies. With surprise she smiled, “who told him she loved the ECLAIRS chocolate candies?”


I ‘ll let you set the pace cause I am not thinking straight humming the song she was humming from the evening whenever she was engrossed in her works she picked out the plates and bowls from the corner stand and someone cleared their throat.

“Give me one minute I am coming with the plates.” She said turning for a moment and embarrassed if he heard her humming cause it was one beautiful song but she didn’t want him to know.

“Pumpkin….really Krishna??” he made a face glimpsing his plate and then her.

“Yeah, but have this spicy daal too.” She said putting the bowl before him.

“Ma asked for a light dinner but I have fried the daal for you.” She said taking her seat.

“Whatever.” And he kept himself busy with the meal.

“Sorry.” she said as he completed and he looked up.

“For the pumpkin???” and with a slight smile on his lips he lifted his one brow.

“For not seeing the texts earlier.” And she smiled.

“its okay…i was thinking why don’t you too join me as I go to receive them , what say?” he said resting his back on his chair.

“okay.” she said getting up. Anyway it was better to go with him than being alone in the house in night.

“So complete whatever you have to .” he said as she passed him.

“But their train will arrive past 11 ….Ma had told me.” she recalled.

“but we shouldn’t miss this chance to go on a long drive, “ he pointed out and blushing red she collected their plates.

 It felt like they got married just a few days back where they were seeking plans to just be with one another. Well it was like that only, her ever so smart another mind suggested her.



He had been waiting for her in car as she locked the door and came to him. The dark coffee brown full sleeve kurta gave her the regal look and she looked much confident with that dupatta on her one shoulder and an easy pony tail.

“Is something not good?” She asked feeling a sudden discomfort with his constant gaze as she reached to his window.

“No….it’s beautiful.” he said turning away the gaze and not thinking much she rounded the car and took her seat.

Putting the keys and her phone on the dashboard she took a breath and waited for him to steer the wheels and when it didn’t she looked at him.

“Something not okay?” she asked him.

“No…its done.” He said connecting his phone to the jack between their seats and turning the ignition.

Some classic music started like how he liked the old 70s and 80s songs which she didn’t like that much but she didn’t mind the solace the soft tunes gave.

Closing the instrumental came the song in the now speeding vehicle Raat kali ek khwab me aayi and looking at him she smiled.

“What happened” he asked relieving the slight itching between his brows with his free hand.

“Nothing, was smiling on the song.”

“A beautiful song….and without waiting for her reply he hummed with it.

She recalled how last time they were returning from their outing he had refused to even look to her and she grinned as he kept humming.

They kept passing the lonely roads with those songs when suddenly one familiar hustle with piano jolted her up and before she could have think anything else with the soft drums Ellie Goulding echoed the car and she turned to him and she noticed  a ghost of smile on his face.

He heard her back then.” And curling up in the embarrassment she waited for that Beautiful song to end cause the lyrics were certainly not she was going to enjoy with him just next seat.

“What happened…such a beautiful song!!!” he teased her.

“Yeah, it is beautiful.” She said trying not to give him any hint how she had been feeling.

“Only if your feelings too….this intense.” And he hummed the chorus notes looking to the roads and here she contemplated was it a joke or something serious.

Thinking the former she thought to enjoy the song with the cool bridge touching them.

And the car came to a halt but it was not the station rather some shop and unfastening his belt he said, “don’t tell me, you won’t be having this tasty Faluda.”

“He has some not so sincere thoughts today.” she thought as she exited the car and creasing her dress joined him.


“So, how was this special one,” he asked as she devoured last of the tasty and sweet vermicelli on top of crushed ice.

“It is tasty.” Adjusting with the coldness spreading on her teeth she replied.

“Want more! ” he asked collecting their little glasses.

“no.” she replied touching her now cold lips with fingers .

“okay then, I am coming in a minute.” He said and she walked to their car.

This city never seemed sleeping unlike her home city which usually slept this time. Couples, college students, and actually whole city were going here and there. This famous old market seemed the life of this big city hustling with noise and a mix of yellow and white bulbs.

“Thinking something wifey?” he asked from behind her and throwing the packets he had been carrying to the back seat came to her.

“Some milk sweets ,Yuvani loves.” he said leaning on the bonnet beside her.

“This city never sleeps.” She said looking at those narrow lanes hustling with all kind of people who had one single motto to relieve their quests.

“Yeah, it’s true.” He nodded. “Missing your home?” suddenly he asked.

“No, it’s not like that, I was just noticing them.” With her eyes she gestured towards the busy street they just visited.

And suddenly her cold palms again found the home, “your palms are always so cold!” he pointed as he caressed her one palm with his warm one.

“hmmm…my body try hard regulating with environment.” She smiled with the scientific reason.

“Okay ,I believe you.” He quipped circling her waist and pulling her to him. “By the way what about these….”and before she could have understood his lips pecked her cheek and as she looked to him he said looking the roads “no, they were not that cool.”

“But you were cool.” She mumbled keeping her head in the crook of his neck and staring the lives in front of them again.

“Was I ….let me confirm then,” and she restricted his any attempt to assault her lips this time in this not so dark place.


“Oh, look who has come to receive us.” Yuvani commented and Krishna knew her sister-in-law was back if she still had some confusion.

“yuvani…..she received her mother’s warning.

“Are you two okay  my kids,” Suhani asked as Krishna touched her feet.

“Yeah Ma.” Side hugging he confirmed her about the unasked. “it was nothing big.”

“yeah, I know that my son.” She too replied in the same tone.

“okay sorry , it was not that small but your daughter in law helped me with that.” He smiled and he knew the lady wasn’t angry anymore.

“hmmm, that is what your mother needed to hear son.” Yuvraj joked and they laughed on it.


“Krishna ,slide the glass of your side.” He said as they settled in car where this time all ladies adjusted in the back seat.

“Now don’t scold me Ma , but see the love birds…….yuvani teased the couple and they sought ways to just ignore the smiles on everyone’s face.


So guys next part is updated. A very Happy MahaShivRatri and yeah, a very lovely Valentine’s day ❤❤❤❤.

 I know this time I am very late but as the chapters are progressing I am getting really teary eyed and that’s the reason for this and all the coming late updates.

So guys with all the heaviness inside, keeping weight on my heart and stopping my second mind who is shouting a NO, here ANNOUNCING the 25th chapter to be the final note to BREAKING THE SILENCE.

It’s too much for me and so I don’t want to type this story , only to stay with them a little longer. Perhaps there will be more of my Kriyyam fanfics and eventually I will love shaping them but this one would always be my favorite.

 Hope you like it,will be waiting for your response. Also thank you so much all my lovely readers.❤❤

With love Morusya.

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  1. Muniya

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    1. Morusya51

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      aaaaaaaaw sorry love, if i did that….i too am feeling so bad and from now on the updates of BTS will be slower for my own selfishness as i told earlier.
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