Breaking the silence – part 16

Breaking the Silence –part 16

“Krishna,wake up.someone is knocking.”came a sleepy voice in her ears.

“hun.” She murmured lightly.

“Krishna,its already morning.”

“let it be,I am so tired.i want to sleep more.

“let me get up then.”

“why asking my permission.”

“open your eyes and see yourself.”

“please,let me sleep a little more.”and she inched close to the warmth if it was possible.

And suddenly the soft husky voice winced, “ouch,…

And she opened her eyes and found herself snuggling to him more like hugging him and he seemed in pain and suddenly understanding dawned on her and she broke apart in an instant. “sorry,did I hurt you?”

And before anything further, came a little knock and he gestured her to open it first.

And it was Mani who had made breakfast for them and was now willing to go her home. she looked to the rhythmic pendulum of hall and sighting the time felt embarrassed about what image it made on the girl.

“okay Mani,you leave and there is nothing much to do now,don’t come afterwards, I’ll manage now.” She said to her sure of she wasn’t alone today as it was 15 minutes to 10.

“okay bhabhi,take care of both of you.” and the way Mani smiled on her she felt herself the biggest fool on earth.that girl thought with her injured husband she was going to have fun all day.(well,it all looked like that only,her mind told her)



“you could have just told her about it.”he mused sipping the tea.

“I just couldn’t say , had just woken up and was still half sleepy.”she said opening the blinds.

“you could have woken me up when you yourself were up.” She was still embarrassed about the hug.

And here he tilted his one brow.

“why are you looking at me like this?” she asked.

“I was waking you up for the last 10 mins.” He said resting on the pillow. “but you were pleading me to sleep for a little more.

“really ?”

“yeah,well…. I too wanted to sleep a little more but as soon as Mani started knocking,I thought it was better to just get up than she finding us, in you know…..”he suggested.

“yeah,” she said hastily. “you did right.” And blushing she turned away.


In the late March it wasn’t that too much to not take a bathe for one day but he wanted it.and he was right too, after last night he needed to wash up.

So she suggested it was better if he just wiped himself with a cloth damped with antiseptic but then how he could go for that, and so with no choice left she entered in the washroom and helped him discarding his t-shirt and it wasn’t easy for her with his eyes boring into her side.And not to forget the things he constantly kept telling her.

She tried not to look a little up or down than the required: too careful about her moves. And he thought to trouble her cause it was one golden chance so why not.

First he said he never took a bathe in pants so he needed to get out from them too ,she didn’t say a thing and helped him do that, then he  said he wanted her to rub his back and thankfully he didn’t think about any more area.

Then he said he wanted  her to pour the water slowly saving his wound and to say she was irritated was really an underestimation of his abilities and as soon as she bent to grab the loopha he poured water over him drenching her wholly.

“what do you think you want to do,” she asked sternly, standing up.

“sorry, the mug slipped from my hands.” He said sheepishly.

“first this whole idea of bathe was bad and don’t tell me when its going to cost you more.” She said grabbing the towel.“look you have drenched the whole dressing,” she said looking at the now  wet gauge.

“so lets just do the dressing.”he suggested and she fully knew he was again up to something colorful.

“but before as you too have been drenched ,lets help you take a bathe.” He teased her.

“no,no I can take myself,you please wait for me meanwhile.”she said trying hard to not just burst.

After helping him into the room she grabbed her own towel and clothes and entered inside.


She had been dressing the wound but it was nearly impossible with him teasing her nonstop about it.

“would you please stop,I need to concenterate.” She said with a red face.

“why, don’t you feel ashamed now,I mean there is no shirt and….

“please,my Majesty if you would stop ,it will be done in no time.”

“I too want it to be done soon, its you who is not concentrating rather checking out me, I know after shower I look too good.” He again teased her.

“by the way,in a sense we took a bathe together.” And it was the final stone.

Without looking to him she left the dabbed cotton and hastily exited the room.

“hey Krishna, wait. okay,okay. promise I won’t tease you any more on this.” he shouted behind her laughing.


Her stupor broke when she suddenly sensed he had been coming to her with the way he was dragging himself to kitchen platform and she didn’t say a thing.

“hey, lets go and just do the dressing .i tried but its not working, also we needed to go hospital soon, I am finding myself unusual.” He said softly behind her back.

And she thought for a moment checking if he had been joking again but as she found no further talk she turned and found him with the dabbed cotton in one hand and the half wrapped gauge who he was trying his best to wrap.

“why you came holding all this ?” she said hastily not meeting his eyes.

“I thought to make it easy for you.” He said genuinely.

“sit here first,” she said pulling the kitchen stool and after he settled she wrapped it in no time.

“if we are done ,lets visit the hospital.” He suggested.

“yeah, give me ten minutes.” She said helping him get up and as she tried giving him her hand he refused, “you complete your works I am fine now.” and he said smiling, “remember I came without any help.”


As they were leaving the physician who injected him the tetanus shot ,she looked through the walls of those familiar-scented corridors and suddenly one department’s sign board compelled her to think about something, maybe she was too late to discuss it with him, maybe all her plans were going in vein due to one certain failure in planning. Maybe she was thinking it too much but as a doctor she knew even one careless day was enough. She constricted his palm unknowingly trying to hold on to something and he looked to her face and found her staring the wall board………. MATERNITY DEPARTMENT.




I myself don’t know how I type these things and this is the third draft in three days I am clicking submit .i wanted something different every time I was typing this chapter and finally it came .

So guys next part updated ,hope you like it. Shall be waiting for your response. Also Have you ever heard “Raat Kali ek khwab me aayi ?” such a beautiful song… yes there is something with this song coming in next chapter and its not cliché : ) 

With love Morusya.



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