Breaking The Silence- A Kriyyam ff part 14

Breaking the silence- part 14
He was gone to his office and here Mani was nonstop blabbering about the chandni chauk market and the fancy jewelry she has bought previous day. “bhabhi, you need this bag too?” She asked as she pulled the red wheeler down the shelf.
“yeah,Mani. Since it is not in this blue one I think it should be there.” Answering her she helped her in pulling the bag down and with her help Mani climbed down the big stool she was standing.
“Bhabhi,you have many so many papers already piled up here then what is this you are searching?” she was curious as well tired and Krishna knew that with her voice.
“actually, these aren’t papers Mani, they are my certificates and other things I have got from my school and my colleges. I need to arrange them properly cause in a few days I will start going hospital and then I will need these.” She answered pulling one folder under her dresses.
“I guess I got that…..yeah it’s the one I was searching.” Relief was obvious on her face.
“there is nothing much to do so you can rest for a while Mani,till then I will arrange all these.”she said as she zipped the bag. “and then we will eat the leftover kheer I made last night.”

After the wedding she never got a chance to properly arrange her books and folders ,they were still in her bags and kept in the store so now she had to make some place for them, thinking about some place she kept walking when Mani knocked the door and came inside, “hey Mani ,you yourself came. Okay come. Let me just make some space on the bed.” And keeping all her folders and papers aside she took the bowls and they sat on the bed.
They had been relishing on the kheer with little talks which Mani kept initiating when suddenly Mani pulled one certain sheet peeping from the sheets they used last night.
“bhabhi,who made this? she asked.
And Krishna jolted as she found the paper in Mani’s hands, she was embarrassed was a little word.
“they are such a beautiful pair of eyes, and they look so real.did you draw these bhabhi?” she was amazed.
“yeah, but lets keep it aside. It isn’t that good anyways.” And she tried taking it when Mani said,” but I feel they look like someone’s, whose eyes are so?? She tried recalling and here Krishna waited for the earth to open and take her in. cause she knew if Mani guessed whose eyes were they, she would take no time in telling Yuvani and then she was done…..she couldn’t imagine the colorful teasing.
Somehow she succeeded in taking the paper back and as she went to put it in her side of drawer again she found the words peeping through the paper and again It was a bad timing cause she found her phone her phone ringing and seeing his name she smiled and with an understanding smile Mani collected the bowls and left the room.
Swiping the screen she took the call, “hello.”
“hiiii. How are you?’ came a rather carefree voice.
“I am good,you did your lunch?”
“yes,I did. I called to ask if you need anything when I am back.”
“no, I don’t need anything.”
“okay then.” And he waited.
“yeah, okay then.”she too waited.
“see you soon.”and the line went dead.
And here she smiled on him. He was a little more careful last night with her. even when he hugged her from behind he tried to be a far as he could. And she had to voice out she was fine if he hugged her. and he had then hugged her rather tightly and had teased her about her being bold, she had blushed and then had come his torture, the little kisses on her exposed neck which had left her curling the sheets in her fist and then he had pretended he was sleepy which she knew he wasn’t but wanted to give her time and so turning she had kept her head on his chest and then keeping his arm around her she has tried sleeping.
“Krishna, my doll. You are saying you two progressed finally.” Came an amused tone from Archana.
“yeah, I guess that is what I said.”she was doubting her decision of calling her.”and I have told you don’t call me a doll.”
“but dolls are called dolls only Krishna,” she chirped.
“you won’t listen. Ok tell me how is Anurag? And others ?”
“he is busy as always in the hospital and here I am munching on fruits and choclates.” She answered back and it was obvious her mouth was full with something.
“but don’t eat too much, otherwise the baby will suffocate inside of you.” She was always amazed how this girl became a doctor and now planning a baby when she was still a baby.
“well, now that you two have progressed in your relationship,did you two talk about babies and family planning and you know….” She asked concernedly.
“Archana, we have just taken the step, what do you think all the things should be done in a single day.” She replied lightly.
“but girl,you need to decide ,maybe later you won’t get time to think.” She said.
“ok my mum, I’ll think about it.”she brushed the topic and suddenly she heard the beep in her phone suggesting someone was on waiting line.
“Hey hey….wait Archana I’ll call you in a minute. Sayyam is calling me,let me just talk with him.”she said checking the screen.
“hello,” she said taking his call. “I didn’t intrupput some important call,did i?”he said as she answered the call.
“no, was Archana only,tell me why you called.” She asked.
“actually, I have to attend one important meeting with the chairpersons of the metro cities along with a few I may get late in night. So tell Mani prior and let her sleep in our house today.”
“Okay? he confirmed after completing.
“Okay,I’ll tell her.”she answered.

It was 1 in night, Mani had slept already but sleep was not touching her, maybe the habit of him beside her was the thing that sleep was away from her eyes when suddenly she heard the honk of his car and finger combing her hairs she left the bed and went to open the door.
Unaware of the Man who was coming to meet her as soon as the door was being unlocked.


Hey guys, next chapter updated. I seriously need the will to complete this book.? Every time I want to type that certain scene I had decided with which I have to end this story from the time this story came to me, I just couldn’t keep my heart to type that.
I hope you keep enjoying them as much I love writing them; next chapter is a crucial one because it is one important plot I decided today. Will be waiting for your response.❤
And guys on this last day of 2017, I hope you remember this year as a lovely year in your memories even if it was one of the not so cool year cause guys there are many things worse than our condition so always be thankful for whatever we have gotten so with a smile bid this year a bye.
And Happy New Year. I am hoping for a prosperous and healthy year ahead for all of you guys. I may be unavailable for the coming days so my sincere apologies in advance.will be back soon. Love ya all.⛄⛄

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      so curiosity about this man!!!! no worries now, next part is on its way, i am typing it. and yes,i know the next part is a surprise,but a little hint i believe in reality so expect something realistic. ? and now i am back so expect fast updates.
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