Breaking Butterflies (thahaan two shot story)


Hello People!!! Um… I’m going to write a one shot… Hope you guys like it (i love thahaan)

The pandey family is all good and happy as always… Except for Bihaan. Bihaan is still upset with Thapki… Blah blab

Bihaan’s point of view:

All i feel is tonn of betrayal. I had never expected anything from anybody… I had never loved or protected someone so much as you… I fought with the world for you… I changed myself for you! And all i got in return was betrayal…. I can’t help it anymore! I can’t do it anymore! Ignoring you, fighting you, breaking your heart… I tried to stay away…but i can’t!!! My heart fails me all the time… I can’t help but love you… I can’t help but want you. It feels like I’d die without you. Why are you doing this to me!!! Can’t you just go away!!!!!!!

All these thoughts seemed to burden him all the time. He couldn’t overcome this war of herats…. Nothing ever had disturbed him sooo much nothing else but the thought of HER. His life was pretty much nothing without her. But he cannot heal the wound she gave him he cannot overcome this heartbreak. He knew it’s hard to forgive her but its even more harder to not…. Nothing seems right. The very next moment hs gpt up and locked himself in the store room. All this went unnoticed because the family was going to the temple. Thapki was at the market. She returned home sweating due to the endless heat… She quickly freshend up and came out looking for Bihaan. But wait! Why search for him…. He hates her anyway what is the point in getting insulted everyday and crying every now and then. What is the point in getting hurt every second!

Thapki’s point of view:

I know I’m not worthy of your forgiveness… I know i don’t deserve you! I’m ashamed and guilty. But you don’t understand my situation…. Whatever i did was wrong…. But i knew you would forgive me because you care for me… I thought you’d understand. But i know it’s my duty to ask for forgiveness to fix your broken trust and to renew our relation. I know it hurts you every time you insult me. I can see the pain in your eyes. I feel what you feel… I know you love me the way i do. I just need you to understand… Just for once….

All these thoughts broke her heart and a small tear escaped her eyes… She was determined.. She knew the power of true love…

Hope you guys like it… It’s a two shot story next part tomorrow… Pls pls comment and let me know.

Credit to: Thegirlwhotalksalot

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