Entering the University, gives me a sense of freshness , jubilation , gladness and much more which is beyond my interpretation. The smiley faces, the laughter, everything makes my heart dance with glee. A person cannot be more joyous in such a splendid surrounding.

My beautiful thoughts are crushed when my gaze locks on her. “GOD! Oh God!” my anger rises at the peak. “What? What happened?” Natasha asks in a state of sixes and sevens. “Please..I can’t control that Homo sapien, who is currently coming towards us” I mumble, frustrated. Natasha follows my gaze as she is startled.

She bursts out laughing while I give her a death glare. I give her a ‘zip up’ gesture while she raises her hands in defense. “Oh look. Who’s here” the world’s most vexatious , aggravating, irritating and bothersome tone hits my ears as I roll my eyes. “Well, I guess none of us lack the ability of sight” I mock at her , while she arches an eyebrow at me.

“Well, but someone doesn’t have mind” Natasha buzzed in her her ear while she shoves her away. “ mosquito..get away from me” she grumbles at Natasha who tease her. “Pardon me? We are not mosquitoes, if we were, we would have sucked your blood , which I seriously want to” I hear a husky voice behind me, causing our attention to go on her.

“Sophia!” Natasha exclaims, running towards her direction. Aww, Natasha is such a sweetheart. Sophia smiles back as we both greet each other. Oh okay, this is Sophia, my other best friend. I met her when me and Natasha were in like 2nd grade. Since then, we have been together.

Sophia is British, of course, and right now she is dressed up in denim shorts paired with a plain white shirt, and a black blazer on top.

We pay our attention back to that annoying brat as she taps her feet. “Look, bimbo..” Natasha begins while we bursts out laughing. “How dare you call me a bimbo?” she asks, frustration at the peak. Oh sorry again, the ‘she’ I have been referring to is Emma, Emma Winston.

Well, call her the bimbo, whatever. I swear, she’s just like this mean girls #plastics. “I don’t get it, how did you even got admission in this university?” Sophia asks, trying to control her laughter. “Because my dad’s the trustee” Emma replies, showing off.

“And That’s so blo*dy lame” I say, pursing my lips. “And that’s so blo*dy true. Because even the ants in your pants know, you can’t get admission in this university” Natasha says , while we bursts out laughing.

“Guys..let’s go..we have to get out schedule too” I say, while Emma fumes in anger. We collect our forms , as a pair of arms surrounds my waist. “Chloe” I say, a smile forming on my lips. Lastly, this is my other best friend.

Her mint coloured pants and white net designed shirt makes her even prettier.

After sorting out the whole schedule thing, “Okay.. so me and Natasha are having the same classes..and then the four of us are having literature, music, dance classes together” I tell them, as happy as I could be. “Great” chloe says in a joyous tone.

“See you too after our biological sciences class” Natasha says, grabbing me by the elbow. We both take a seat as a host of people enter, taking their seat.

“OMG! He’s so hot” I hear voices , murmurs about someone but I concentrate back on my phone. “Seriously?” Natasha says, snorting. “What happened?”I ask, boggled. “The beast is here” she says, pointing at the entrance.

“Beast?” I ask, trying to fill in the wonder. My gaze locks at the man if anything is fitter looking than I expected. His face tells of a lean body beneath his wintry garb and his expression is serious but not unkind. He has that salt ‘n’ pepper look to his hair, against his still youthful skin it’s better than catnip to me.

He took a seat, a few seat away on my right side. As I was staring he suddenly jerked his head to move his hair; it caught the light and the golden gleam nearly blinded me. His hair itself was like spun gold, each thread falling perfectly, weaving together into curls that framed his tanned face. He paused for a moment, tapping his pen quietly on the desk before he continued writing.

I watched his hand as he wrote. His fingers were long but strong looking, his fingernails pink and smooth, with half moons near the cuticles. My eyes wandered up his arm, to his strong forearm disappearing into the sleeve of his cross country jacket, pushed up to below his elbow to free his hands.

I watched his hand as it moved up to rub some unknown irritant from his eye. His nose was straight and acquiline, his lips (his lips!) perfectly formed, parted slightly, his breath, I imagined, moving in and out in steady streams of air. Suddenly, he looked up and I caught a flash of is emerald eyes framed by tangled golden lashes.



Alluringly, she would blink her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like the wings of a butterfly. My god, her eyes were simply spellbinding. She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness. Her skin was completely flawless.

She was all about simplicity, making things easy, helping those around her to relax and be happy with what they have. Perhaps that is why her skin glowed so, it was her inner beauty that lit her eyes and softened her features.

I shake my head, breaking the contact. What happened to me? Such intense feelings, it’s been an year since I have drooled a girl. I concentrate back on my work, the professor still hasn’t arrived yet. I can feel her eyes bore into my soul, but I shut my eyes. What’s her problem?

“Sanskaar!” I hear a voice , a person standing in front of me. I grumble as he smiles sheepishly. “Glad you remember me” I taunt while he let’s out a huge laugh. “come on! You are our best friend” Vivan says while Liam let’s out a laugh. “And I’m stuck with you too” I reply, while they both laugh out loud.

What’s wrong with both of them. Why are they even my friends! Huh! Still they are more than my friends, like a family. “Hey! Is that Natasha?” Liam says is a low tone whilst they both take a seat next to me. “Shut up, dude” Vivan warns while I look on boggled.

“Ooops.. or else your crush would have heard it?” Liam fakes, pouting. “Who’s Natasha?” I ask, snapping my head from the note pad. “Geez, Vivan’s crush” Liam says laughing while I roll my eyes. Huh! Love. “There she is, beside Swara” Liam says while I follow his gaze.

My heartbeat stops, what? Natasha is the one sitting beside the girl whom caused the intense feelings. Our talks comes to an end as the professor arrives.

“Good morning, everyone” says a lady, I’m between 40s. “Sorry for being late” she apologizes. “ I guess we should begin with the commencement, right?” she asks, while I groan in frustration. I hate the commencements, especially in my case, it becomes a agitation.

The proceeding of the commencement starts, as it’s Natasha’s turn. “Hello, guys. I’m Natasha Jha” Natasha says, or should I call her Vivan’s lady love. Vivan doesn’t know love is deception.

“Hello everyone, I’m Swara Shekhar Gadodia” she says, an angelic smile appealing on her lips. “The principal’s daughter, huh” an ear-splitting voice says, God knows who that girl must be.

“Emma!” professor warns her, maybe she knows her, I take a look at Swara, Huh! That’s how she is, speechless, can’t she defend herself.

“Well, no doubt how you got your admission, tootsie” Swara mocks while the whole class burst out laughing, even the professor. “Anyways, next” Professor says. “I’m Vivan Arora” Vivan says, not bothering to say hello. Well, this boys lacks etiquettes. “Hi, I’m Liam Johnson” Liam says, a playful smile on his lips.

“Hello, I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari” I say, in a calm tone. I hear murmurs behind me as professor asks, “The Sanskaar Maheshwari?” while I growl. “Yes” I say in displeasure. “My prince” someone says in a dreamy tone whilst I snap my head back to see who’s the voice that irritated me again.

Everyone look at her amazed, “I.. I meant The prince” Emma I think, says, hesitantly. I sigh as the title hurts, why was I even born.

The introduction goes on as my eyes crave to look at swara. GOSH! Enough Sanskaar. I pack my stuff as the lecture, well it was not a lecture though, end up. “Hey..” a saccharine voice hits my ears.



“Hey..” I say at the three boys, presumably friends they are. “Oh Hi” Vivan says, with a dreamy smile as his gaze never leaves Natasha. I look at Sanskaar, who’s eyes bore into mine.

“Stop drooling” he says harshly and grimly, while we all look on boggled. “Excuse me?” I ask, confusion pondering my mind. “Don’t pretend , your chastity is phony” he says, while my jaw hits the floor. “What?” I ask, aloud.

“Sanskaar!” vivan warns, while he laughs sarcastically. “I have seen a lot of them, call girl, escorts, whore..” he begins, I loose my control as I percuss him hard across his face.

“You better watch out with what you say” I warn him, my anger at the pinnacle. He holds my hand tightly as I twinge in pain. “Sanskaar…leave her” Liam warns while he pushes me back but luckily Natasha holds me back.

I watch on, horrified. “Look, Natasha,Swara I’m really sorry..” Vivan begins but Natasha stops him. “You don’t say..come, swara” she pulling me but I stop.

“I just came to give you three these forms…” I say harshly as I ever had. “Better you showed emblem” I tell him as I storm out of that place.

My minds not working, what have I done. The first day of Uni, I get insulted, but more than that I slapped someone. Ugh! Awful …Awful..Awful..

“Swara…” I hear Natasha as she grabs my hand. “God! You run like a vampire” she says, breathing hard. “I bet that slap would have hurt too” I mock, sarcastically. “You okay?” she asks, dismally. “Yes, I’m. Anyways, you know what. I think Vivan likes you” I say, as we both head towards the snack bar.

“Nonsense!” she says, growling. “Of course not!” I exclaim while we stand on the counter. “What would you like to have?” she asks, pointing towards the infinite food items.

“A chocolate fudge cake, and a strawberry mint shake, please” I tell the counter lady while Natasha laughs. “What’s so capricious and amusing about my order?” I ask, bothered. “Nothing..just kinda weird combination” she stated, while I laugh sarcastically.

“One cinnamon roll and a cappuccino please” Natasha says, while I giggle just to annoy her.

We ear out food, as Sophia and chloe also joins us. “What’s up” chloe asks, a stupid grin on her face. “you missed the whole thing” Natasha replies, laughing. They all talk about what happened and my blood boils. “Seriously…he started calling me those names like out of the blue” I say, as I remember the slap.

“Ouch! I wish I was there at the time you slapped him” Sophia says. “Let’s class yayy” chloe says pulling us all towards the class.

“Swara?” a girl us, probably unknown. “yes?” I ask, confused. “Principal wants to meet you” she says, while I narrow my eyes. “Okay”I tell her, as I make my way towards the office. I knock as I hear laughter.

“Come in” dad says, sorry I meant principal. “Good morning” I say, as I see Sanskaar and a middle aged man sitting on the chair. “Good morning” dad says, smiling. “This is Swara and Swara this is Mr. Maheshwari” ” my dad says while the man smiles. “Hello, Mr.Maheshwari” I greet him, as he greets me back. “Hello. I have heard so much about you, didn’t expected that someone in this university could achieve such grades” he says, looking at Sanskaar’s direction.

“Well, your son had achieved a lot too” my dad says while take a look at him. Oh God! Again that harsh, jaw locked face. After a while of talking a lot I finally say“Sorry sir, I better go. It’s my class” I tell them whilst Sanskaar speaks up too. “Me too” he says as we both go outside.

I stumbled with him in the way as he grumble. “Can’t you watch your steps?” he asks, infuriated. “Well, I can. You better do it” I reply, rolling my eyes. “Idiot” he murmurs. “ugh! Your name is Sanskaar but you don’t have any Sanskaar” I grunt running away from there.

I can’t bear him, or maybe I have too. See how I make your life Mr.Sanskaar.


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