Break up Patch up (Swasan ts) shot 2 part 2 by Mars

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Break up Patch up(swasan ts)
SHOT 2 (part 2):
Swasan are coming back from club. Both has drunk. Then only police stop their car. Sanskar annoyedly stops the car. Swara who was making patterns on car window asked
Swara:why u stopped the car.
Sanskar: those stupid people ask me to stop.
Then only inspector knocked at the window and said
Inspector: come out both of u.
Swara(pout and said childishly): Sanskar I will not come out.
Sanskar(peck her lips): baby don’t worry I m there.
Inspector (irritated): ohhh Romeo come out and bring your juliet also.
Swasan came out from the car stumbling. Swara put her head on sanskar’s shoulder and he wrap his hand around her waist.
Inspector: speak up your names.
Sanskar(point to himself): I m Sanskar maheshwari but I m not Sanskari at all right baby.
Swara: yup
Inspector: and you?
Swara: swara go there (thinks) no no one min its gododia not go there hihi.
Inspector: ohhhh so rich fathers spoiled kids.
Swasan nodded innocently.
Inspector: come with us to police station.
Swasan: whyy????
Inspector: in drink and drive case and u have broked the signal also.
Swasan(shouted at same time): what the f**k????
Inspector: shut up.Constable arrest them.
Sanskar: don’t put handcuffs to Swara, my baby’s wrist are very soft.
Swara: yes.
They keep on blabbering something and sit in police jeep.
On the way:
Swasan are sitting beside each other.
Swara: its sooo hot in your car onn the ac.
Inspector: keep quite there is no ac.
Swara: huh!!! Katara.
Sanskar: I m there na sweetheart.
He fan her with hands and blow air from his mouth.
Swara: u r soooo sweet jaanu(kiss his cheek).
Soon they reached the police station.

Police station:
Constables put swasan behind the bars.Sanskar went and sit on the bench in jail while Swara shouted
Swara: sirrrr
Inspector: what?
Sanskar also got up and went near her.
Swara: at least u should have put the curtains here so that we can make out and our time will be passed.
Inspector (shocked): what rubbish???
Sanskar: yeah she is right.Sooo saddd baby we can’t for anything.
Swara: next time be careful otherwise I will see you.
Inspector: just shut up and keep quite.
Swara pout.
Sanskar: its okay let’s sit there just ignore them.
Sanskar made Swara sit on bench and himself sit beside. Swara put her head on his chest and both hugged each other tightly and slept soon due to hangover.

Early morning:
Police station:
Shekar came angrily in the police station as inspector already informed him about swasan.He did the bail of them even Sanskar as ram is not there.
Then he saw swasan behind the bars sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. He got angry and shouted
Swasan got up with jerk and looked around.It took few seconds for them to realize that where they are and what is happening.Constable opened the lock and take them out. Swara was hell scared seeing shekar’s anger. She has tightly held Sanskar’s hand.
Shekar(sternly): both of u come to house.
Saying this he left.
Sanskar(kiss her forehead): Swara I should go its late.
Swara: no plzzz come to my house papa also said. I m afraid.
Sanskar: don’t worry I will come.
Both went to gododia house.

Gododia house:
Swasan came inside and saw that shekar is pacing here and there in hall and is rubbing his hands.Then only he saw them.
Shekar: swara come here(shouted)
Swara shivered listening his roar. She looked at sanskar and he assures with his eyes that he is there. swara went to shekar and stood there.
Shekar: how many times I told you that not to put my reputation at stake but everyday new headline comes shekar gododia’s daughter did this and that.
Have some Shame.
Sanskar: uncle….
Shekar:u stay out of it. I m talking to my daughter.
Sanskar silently stood and didn’t said anything.
Shekar: I had told u not to be with this boy(point to Sanskar)but u don’t listen to me.Today he is with u tomorrow will be after some other girl.He is just playboy and don’t trust him blindly.
Sanskar’s eyes got filled with tears listening such blames. Yes he is spoiled and careless but he never things of any other girl except Swara. Whatever he do flirting,luring and spending nights that is only with Swara.
Swara also got angry listening shekar as she knew Sanskar is not like that.
Swara(little loudly): he is not like that papa.
Shekar: how dare u to raise your voice in front of me.
Shekar took his hand to slap her.Swara also closed her eyes but swara didn’t feel pain as Sanskar took the slap.
All this happened in the fraction of second.
Shekar: why u came in between.
Sanskar: it was me who was drunk and driving and I only broke the signal so don’t blame her.
Shekar: no need to act innocent in front of me I know u very well.
Swara’s tears fell down her cheeks seeing all this.
Shekar; swara go to your room. I will show u what your father can do.
Swara ran to her room cryingly.
Shekar also left from there.
Sanskar looked at swara’s room and thought to see her once before leaving.

Swara’s room:
Sanskar entered inside and saw swara sitting on bed and crying. He went near her and sit near her.She looked at him and instantly hugged him.He also rubbed her back to calm her.
Swara: I m sorry I m very bad friend.
Sanskar: shhh stop crying. How can u say like this u are my bestest friend.
Swara looked at him and saw his Cheek which is red due to slap.
Swara: is it paining (pointed to it)
Sanskar: hmm
Swara moved forward and kissed his cheek softly.
Swara: now???
Sanskar: little.
Swara again kissed it but tightly.
Swara: now??
Sanskar (shook his head in no): perfect.
Swara smiles. Sanskar peck her lips and said
Sanskar: u look good while smiling. So smile always don’t cry.
Swara: okay.
Then soon sanskar left making swara normal.

Shekar called swara and said something which shocked her to the core.
Shekar: after two days u r going to USA for your further studies and pack your things.
Swara(shocked): but Papa
Shekar: no arguments and tomorrow we will go to university to take your transfer certificate.
Swara was left with no option as she knew her father won’t change the decision.
She didn’t came out of her room and was just thinking about Sanskar.

Next morning:
Mumbai university:
Sanskar is standing with his friends but his gaze was at entrance only. He is waiting for Swara as she is late today.
After waiting for long when she didn’t came, he went to his class.
Later Swara came with shekar. She looked around for sanskar but he is no where.
Swara and shekar went to office to take certificate. Shekar was busy in talking with the head so Swara said
Swara: papa plzz may I go and meet my friends once.
Shekar looked at the head and said
Shekar: okay but come soon.
Swara went to her class to meet sanskar.
Swara stood at the door and looked inside but sanskar was no where.Then she remember that where he could be.

Swara came there and saw Sanskar sitting alone with his guitar. She went to him
Swara(put hand on his shoulder): Sanskar
Sanskar looked at him and got up.
Sanskar: Swara u came where were u since morning.
Swara:sanskar I came to say u something.
Sanskar; hmm say
Swara:I want break up.
Sanskar (confused): but we didn’t fought this time.
Swara: no it will be permanent break up.
Sanskar (shocked): why???
Swara: tomorrow I m going to USA. So I don’t want that our this relation should hang in between bcoz I don’t know when I will come back.
Sanskar’s heart beat raised.but still said
Sanskar:okay all the best(fake smile)
Swara: thanks and take care.
She hugged him. Sanskar tightened the hug as if not allowing her to go anywhere.After sometimes they broke the hug.
Swara: byee.
She turn to leave when Sanskar held her wrist.She looked at him confusedly.
Sanskar: may I kiss you for the last time.
Swara smiles and turn towards him.
Sanskar placed his lips on her and kissed passionately.She also responded with equal intensity. They just want to show that how they are going to miss each other. When they were breatheless,they broke the kiss. Swara immediately ran from there mumbling” bye” bcoz it was becoming difficult for her to stop her tears.
Sanskar also turn other side. A lone tear escaped his eye even he don’t know why he is feeling empty.
Sanskar(mumble): I will forget her soon. We were never serious and don’t love each other also.
He tried to convince his heart which is paining for some unknown reason.
To be continued….

Precap: Swara’s marriage with…..????

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  1. NDSG


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    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 yeh shekhar phir a gaya SwaSan k beech mai patana na kb yeh sudhrega…

    😒😒😒 but he is a father also, just worried about her daughter… No worries. If the love is true they it comes back. And I know SwaSan r soulmate πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    And preacp swara’s marriage but with whom it gave me big shock😱😱😱😱😱😱.

  2. Gayathri.visu


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    Amazing…. Precap, obviously with Sanskaar…..hai na??? Plz update uncontrollable feelings ff n betterhalf ff also. Waiting for next part dear.

    • Mars



      Thank you dear and wait to know with whom marriage will be there. I will post my better half soon and next part of this also

  3. Darlzz002

    Awesome update..
    Swara’s wedding with Sanskar nah..!!πŸ˜‰
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  4. Rosey


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  5. Sumayyah


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    Lovely but painful epi
    Loved it
    Next part soon
    Marriage :a big shock may be Sanskar k sath
    Let’s see
    Love you
    Take care

  6. Xavantikax


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    Awesome dear …. Feeling bad for Swasan plss unite them soon ….. 😳😳😳😳Precap .. I am shocked seeing it . Swara marry with ….. 😨😨😨😨 …. Continue soon
    Take care
    Thank you

  7. AbrahamEzra


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    What is this shekars problem yaar always separating them. So romeo and Juliet will soon understand that they are in love. Superb. And the precap is little scary . plss post soon. Can’t wait to know

  8. Neptune


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    i could feel their pain dear….
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  9. SHAN


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  14. Raina


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    need curtains in jail..
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    waiting for the realization..

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