A Bramhachari got married (DevAkshi fs) Part 5 (LAST PART)

**********LAST PART 5**********

He turned back and found a couple sharing ice-cream he closed his eyes and a tear drop fell from his eyes

Dev : (mind) U fulfilled her wish bajrang bali but what about mine??

The priest kept his hand on Dev’s shoulder

Dev : (little happy) Sonakshi…
Priest : (confused) Sonakshi???? A girl????
Dev : No…nothing
Priest : C’mon Dev I know u from childhood so spit out the truth…

Dev tells him everything

Dev : I did wrong na please punish me..but I can’t forget her because yeh dil hai ki manta nahi..
Priest : Oh!! Waise it’s not a bad thing u only love ur wife and no one else, jodiyn upar wala banata hai or unhe milata bhi wahi hai…U met Sonakshi ur wife…u love her and it’s no sin it’s a good thing…and if bajrang bali didn’t want u to love girls then y he made Sonakshi marry u haan?
Dev : That means she is mine

The priest smiles little and pats his back

Priest : Haan….now go get her

He smiles happily and ran to her mansion but his heart sank when he found the mansion locked, he called her no. but it was switched off and so was Bejoy’s…

Dev : No I can’t loose her…I can’t loose her

He was sad and reached his home and got a call, he expected it to be Sona’s but it was Rithwick’s

Dev : (sad) Haan Rithwick bol
Rithwick : Change ur dress now and come to ABC hotel quickly….
Dev : Wait stop ur chalti gaadi and tell me y shall I come to the hotel
Rithwick : Haw!! U want to miss my engagement….

Dev’s face lit up hearing that

Dev : Haw, u didn’t tell me about it, waise theek hai theek hai taday’s ur engagement toh I forgive u now and I’ll come
Rithwick : Hmm…. k come fast and ya bring ur guitar
Dev : Y??
Rihwick : U won’t play a song for me..
Dev : Ay nautangi band kar I’ll bring my guitar

He cuts the call and leaves. He happily reaches the hotel

Dev : Hi Rithwick
Rithwick : U came wah! I’ll bring teri hone wali bhabi

They both laughed and Rithwick went just then his eyes fell on the board in which it was written ‘RITHWICK WEDS SONAKSHI’ reading this his heart skipped a beat

Dev : No…it mustn’t be my Sona there must be millions of girls with that name

Just then Rithwick came and seeing the bride he got shocked as the bride was his wife…his Sona….Rithwick side hugged Sona and even she was shocked seeing Dev. Just the someone called Rithwick and he went

Dev : (chocked voice) C-Congra….congratulations
Sona : (mind) God y did u send him to make my life difficult…
Sona : How r u??
Dev : Y r u concerned?
Sona : (tears)(mind) He still hates me

Just then Rithwick came and side hugged him which made Dev’s blood boil as someone was touching his girl…his love…he felt like beating him up though he was Dev’s friend

Rithwick : Chalo let’s go…Dev now ur turn u promised me to sing today

Dev smiled fakely and went on stage

Ye raatein ab nahi dhadakti
Din bhi saans nahi lete
Ab toh aa jaao mere soneya
Baatein reh gayi adhoori
Mere labon pe zaroori
Aake sun jaao mere soneya

Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa
Tere bin.. ab to aaja piyaa
Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..

(He started singing with his eyes fixed on Sona staring at her with mixed emotions)

Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai
Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi hai
Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai
Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi hai
Sookhe sookhe alfaaz, khali khali mere
haathon ki laqeerein bulaave soneya..

Tere bin.. nahi lage jiya
Tere bin.. ab to aaja piya
Tere bin.. nahi laage jiya..

(Sona also stared at him back and saw the pain in his eyes)

Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai sitaare
Tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saare
Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai sitaare
Tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saare
Aaja leke tu savere kar ja door andhere
Teri doori tadpaave soneya

Tere bin.. naahi laage jiyaa
Tere bin.. ab to aaja piyaa
Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..
Tere Bin.. Tere Bin!

Everyone clapped loudly and some praised him. Later he saw Rithwick and Sona posing for pictures which made his anger reach the peak and he left from there angrily.

Next day it was Sona’s wedding Bejoy was helping her wear all the ornaments

Bejoy : Hope u give Rithwick a chance..
Sona : No baba I told u I’m only marrying him kyunki aapne aapki kasam di but I still love De….
Bejoy : He’s ur past Shona forget him…and wear these fast and come

Bejoy left from there and Dev came there he made her wear some earrings and a necklace, Sona looked up feeling the touch and was shocked seeing Dev there she immediately jerked his hand and was surprised seeing a set of diamond necklace and diamond earrings

Sona : What is this???
Dev : Ur gift..it’s ur wedd….

His words were left incomplete as Sons slapped him

Sona : How can u?? Tum hara khoon nahi khaulta aapni patni ko kisi or se shaddi karte huye haan or upar se tum mujhe tyaar kar rahe ho..

She said and continuously slapping him and he silently bearded everything as after 7 months he felt her touch just then some girls called him out and Dev sat down crying

1 year later

Dev : (seeing a pic on his phone) I’m sorry Sona I gave u so much pain na

Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder he smiled and pulled that hand and the person fell on his lap

Person : Ah!! Idiot
Dev : Sorry tumhe laga toh nahi

The person pecked his lips and widened his eyes

Person : My saviour can never hurt me

The person was Sona and she was 6 month pregnant too. She sat on his lap properly and kissed him on both the cheeks and he stiffened his face carried her and put her on the bed ad went out chanting ‘Jay bajrang bali’ and Sona fumes in anger. Just the Dev comes with covered from head to toe wth mufflers and gloves

Sona : (screams)Aaaaaaa!!!
Dev : (screams seeing her scream) Aaaaaaaa!!!
Sona : Idiot y r u screaming
Dev : Because u screamt
Sona : Y have u covered urself haan
Dev : To save my dignity
Sona : Haw!!!(keeps her hand on her baby bump)See baby ur papa doesn’t love ur mumma anymore

She fake cries saying that

Dev : Baby u tell ur mother that when baby comes out I won’t let mumma sleep at nights (winks)

Sona blushed hard hearing that

Sona : Haw!! Shameless
Dev : Only for u..
Sona : My saviour
Dev : Haan that toh I am that’s y mandap se utha ke leke aa ya


Dev was sitting crying seeing the priest chanting the mantra’s

Dev : Dev, rone se kuch nahi ho ga it’s now or never

He immediately goes and carries her in bridal style and takes her from there, by the time the people came in senses they both were gone. They reached the home, Dev kept her down in their roomm Sona was surprised seeing all her photo’s on the wall and smiled when she saw their marriage pic’s

Sona : What…u have bought me to stand here(no response) Kuch bolo ge nahi (no response) K I’m going back

She was about to go when Dev pulled her towards him and kissed her on her lips. She takes full half minutes to understand that Dev is kissing her hungrily she becomes and happy and response back. Both depart due to lack of oxygen. Dev looks directly into her eyes

Dev : I love u Sonakshi…I realized it late because I’m a fool but can u give me one chance

She was quiet and Dec took her silence as a no and was going from there when he felt a pull it was Sona

Sona : Hmm….ok Mr. Bramhachari ji chalo de diya tumko ek mouka, I still love u Mr. Dixit

Dev’s face lit up and he took her in his embrace hugging her tightly.

Next morning our couple was sleeping in each others embrace, the sun rays fell on Dev’s eyes but this time he didn’t scream (??) instead he kept staring at his love i.e his wife the love of his life, he caressed her hair and she woke up with a smile

Dev : Love u
Sona : Love u too!


Dev : Hmm ok sleep now
Sona : Love u!
Dev : Me too
Sona : What me too?
Dev : I mean I love myself
Sona : Haw!! How bad huh!
Dev : Arey sorry sorry love u ok!
They smiled and slept in each other’s embrace

**********THE END**********

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