A Bramhachari got married (DevAkshi fs) Part 4

**********PART 4**********

Dev : No Devi ji I can’t call u by ur name, I’m a bramhachari and we don’t call girls by their name
Sona : U have to if u want me to eat
Dev : Uh…um….uh S-Sona….Devi ji
Sona : Please hubby
Dev . Fine Sonakshi happy, now eat..

Sona gets another idea and smiles widely

Sona : Feed me na

This was it for Dev

Dev : (angry) Enough is enough Devi ji, I can’t tolerate ur tantrums eat this if u want eat, eat or don’t eat but don’t eat my brain

He said and got from there angrily, Sona already had high fever on top of that Dev’s harsh words and of all the pressure she fainted. When she woke up she was very weak she then remembered Dev’s harsh words tears fell from her eyes. She wrote a note and left from there. In the night when Dev ringed the bell no one answered the door he got worried. Just then Kaka came and gave him the keys

Kaka : Sona beti told me to give it to u

He opened the door and went to his room and found a note


Dear Dev,

I’m leaving back home, sorry for tying u in this relationship but I love u a lot I didn’t want to lose u and when baba told me about u my heart sank but I was determined to make u change but u didn’t I did. I started wearing saree’s at home, I left non veg food I even got devoted to bajrang bali but it didn’t affect u. I’m leaving this house and going sorry for the trouble I caused u in these 3 weeks hope u think this as a nightmare and forget all the 3 weeks. Sorry and I LOVE U

Sonakshi (Devi ji) ?


Dev was unknowingly very sad with the note, he noticed some faded letter which indicated that she cried while writing the note

Dev : (realizing) Oh god didn’t she have high fever…

He checked the drawers and saw the medicines pack full and he noticed the soup he had given in the morning was as it was when he gave it to her. He went to her house and from a distance saw..

Dr. : Mr. Bose she’s very weak and has high fever please take care of her if her condition becomes worse I’m afraid we’ll have to hospitalize her

Dr. leaves and Dev curses himself for leaving her in this state, he shows some courage and goes inside

Dev : Uncle…

He called out and Bejoy came

Dev : Uncle woh…
Bejoy : I know what u want to know Sona is fine and she realized her mistake so forgive her, nadan bacchi hai and thanks for taking care of her in these 3 weeks

He said and passed a calm smile and Dev left from there. Her absence was hurting Dev a lot. After 2 weeks

Dev : Ugh!!! Y is her absence hurting me…..I can’t understand anything…

He filled his whole room with Sona’s pictures as she loved taking pictures and their marriage pics were there too every night when he missed Sona he looked at those pics and imagined that she would be happy without him

7 months later (-unfortunately I can’t write 7 years that would be too much??-) a man is shown in the bajrang bali’s temple and a priest put a tika onnhis head

Priest : Bhagwan tumhari iccha puri kare

It was our Dec who heard a voice


He turned back and found…….


How’s it please give ur views

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