A Bramhachari got married (DevAkshi fs) Part 2

**********PART 2**********

Dev was seen still out of control. Sona took him in the car where he unknowingly held her hand ans slept and she cutely looked at her new hubby. She reached home and tried waking Dev up up but he didn’t. She went in her home to get some help as she went in everyone was shocked to see her have vermilion in her hair line and a nuptial necklace around her neck

Bejoy : Sona beta what is this, this mangalsutra and the sindoor. What’s happening??
Sona : Woh baba actually…..(tells everything)

She smiled and blushed

Bejoy : Oh that’s the case but u don’t know….(tells her about Dev…..like he’s a bramhachari he stays away from girls and all…)

Sona’s heart sank but she was determined to change Dev

Sona : Ok baba leave that, now Dev is sleeping like a kumkaran in the car

Bejoy nodes and some servants help him. Soon after many hours he woke up the bhang’s effect wore off. He looked around only not to find he’s not in his room and he’s in some girls room because it was all pink! Just then Sona came and Dev noticed the nuptial necklace around her neck and vermilion filled in her hairline. Just then Sona touches his forehead to check if he has fever and he jerks her off

Dev : Arey devi ji please behave urself ur married…
Sona : Oh hello I’m touching my husband itself not some stranger….and by the way I’m no devi ji my name is Sonakshi aka Sona huh!
Dev : WHAT!??
Sona : Ya…u only filled my hairline and tied the mangalsutra around my neck na
Dev : (not able to digest one more shock) : WHAT!!???

She shows him the picture that some people in the temple clicked one when he filled her hairline and one when he tied the nuptial necklace around her neck he was hell shocked and even bajrang bali was the proof of it

Dev : (mind) Hey bajrang bali I married in front of u and u didn’t do anything….jay bajrang bali jay bajrang bali

He unwillingly took her home and they did all the rituals newly married couples do. Sona did enthusiastically while Dev did it unwillingly. Next morning. It was a beautiful morning Dev and Sona were sleeping in each others embrace, Sona was hugging Dev and Dev’s one hand was around her waist. Soon sun rays disturbed their sleep Sona woke up with a cute smile while Dev woke up with a shock as he found Sona near him hugging him tightly

Dev : (shocked) Devi ji!!! Aap yahan!!! U were sleeping in the other room na
Sona : Haan I didn’t get sleep over there
Dev : Hmm u can sleep here and I’ll sleep in the other room ok..

He was going to go there but Sona held his hand and he jerked it off (*idiot?*)

Dev : Arey Sonakshi devi ji what r u doing
Sona : Uh…holding my husbands hand and I won’t get sleep in this room as I only get sleep in ur embrace

He jerked her hand off and chanted jay bajrang bali and went down in front of bajrang bali’s idol and prayed

Dev : (mind) Hey bajrang bali y did u not stop me from marrying this affat ki gudia, I married in front of u na so y didn’t u stop me haan??? Now u have to save me from her… bajrang bali ji didn’t u see how she slept in my arms today….how can u not stop me??? And y did I feel good haan ??? Only u can tell me

Sona saw him praying and went to him

Sona : Hero again ur troubling bajrang bali ji…
Dev : Arey devi ji please let me pray please

She didn’t say anything and continued her work

Dev : Kaka here is the list bring these things fast ok
Sona : Kaka bring some chicken also
Dev : Devi ji I’m telling u if u want to stay here then u have to leave non veg or u can go back to ur home

He said little rudely for which Sona got tears in her eyes and he felt bad but didn’t know y

Dev : Uh…Devi ji I’m leaving for office bye

She was still sad but soon came over it. It was night time Dev came late from work while Sona almost dozed of on the sofa waiting for Dev. He came and was little surprised seeing her sleep there

Dev : (softly) Devi ji…devi ji

She woke up and got happy seeing him

Sona : U came!
Dev : Ya u sleep in the room I’ll come finishing some work

She nodded and went. It was almost midnight Dev finished his work and reached to the room and was shocked seeing Sona still awake

Sona : Hubby u came….now sleep with me na please
Dev : Arey Sonakshi Devi ji please stay away from me I’m a bramhachari

He went close to her she saw him coming near him and got somewhat happy but widened her mouth seeing him taking the pillow from there, he took the pillow and slept on the couch covering himself with the blanket from head to toe seeing that she opened her mouth in ‘o’. Soon he slept the grip was loosened she went to him and sat on her knees and pulled the blanket from his face and melted seeing his cute sleeping face

Sona : U know hero when I first time saw u saving me from the goons I feel for u that time…and when I saw u under the effect of bhang I thought that’s the only way I can get u so I married u…and when baba told me about u my heart sank but I was determined to change u and I’ll make sure I’m the first woman u’ll touch and u’ll love I promise…

Saying this she fell asleep near him


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