A Bramhachari got married (DevAkshi fs) Part 1

**********PART 1**********

In a mansion near bajrang bali’s idol a man is standing singing the Hanuman chalisa. Soon he finishes it and wears his coat and tie fixes his hair, wears his shoes he turns back and it turns out to be our Dev who was praying in front of the bajrang bali’s idol

Dev : Kaka I’m going haan…

Kaka nodes from a distance and he leaves from there

On the other side a girl is peacefully sleeping peacefully while she hears some noises

Voice : Woooooo…hooooooooo…..I’m a ghost…..wooooooooo……hoooo

She hears this noise and immediately gets up with a scream

Girl : Ah!!! Ghost!!!! Ahhh someone help!!!

Hearing her noise her parents come up

Asha : Shona beta what happened y u screamed (obvio it’s our Sona)
Sona : Ma, bhoot….
Asha : Bhoot?? There’s no bhoot whoot here. Tune koi sapna dekha hoga. Here only Ayushi is there, and she’s here to wake u up

Ayushi who was suppressing her laugh, burst out laughing

Ayushi : Hahaha, Sona ur face was worth seeing hahaha
Asha : Ayushi ! I told u to wake her up not to scare her ok!! Ab Sona now get ready quickly people r coming to see u
Sona : Y?? Am I going to wear 10 crore worth saree haan!
Asha : Nahi ladke wale dekhne aa rahe hai

Soon all her friends made her ready soon she came down the boy was mesmerized seeing her but Sona did what she usually does – saying no. Bejoy shaked his head in unbelievable. Later Sona was going to the hospital as she was already late in going. On the way the car stopped

Sona : Dada what happened to the taxi??
Driver : I don’t know, one minute u sit here I’ll check ok beti

Sona nodded and the driver went to see what’s wrong actually this was planned. Just then some men came and kept their hand on Sona’s mouth and dragged her outside. The driver saw this but some boys held him back. The boys holding Sona tied her hands and they were staring at her lustily and Sona was staring at them with disgust. The boys kept coming close to her and she kept going behind in fear. While going back she dashed someone she saw him and behind him

Sona : Please save me!
Person : Jay bajrang bali, devi ji stay away from me (ovio it’s Dev)

The boys come to that man

Boy : Ay bachu leave the girl for us ok chal palti maar

Dev got angry and started beating those boys black and blue for teasing a girl. Soon all the boys ran away while Sona was weeping in the corner as little of the shirt sleeves tore because of the dragging, Dev understood that and handed over his jacket to her. Just then she remembered about the driver and went near the taxi where she saw the driver little injured. She took the first aid box and aided his wound. Soon Dev offered her that he’ll drop her home she accepted without hesitation. Soon she was home.

One week passed of that incident Sona did not forget Dev, her saviour but Dev already forgot her. One more week passed Dev was very happy as he visited the birth place of bajrang bali, the day he returned back he gave a holiday in his office he was very happy that day on of his colleague was blessed with a son so he fed Dev a sweet which actually had bhang in it (hope u all know what bhang is) he had eaten more than 4 sweets so he was out of control. He was walking by where ever he wanted and soon Sona saw him she was overjoyed to see him and ran near him

Sona : Saviour!!!!

Since Dev was out of control he didn’t understand anything so he went close to her

Sona : Hi, thanks for saving me
Dev : Hmm…welcome, welcome
Sona : So what’s ur name
Dev : Dev Dixit
Sona : Oh, hi I’m Sonakshi Bose

They shake hands and unknowingly Dev touches a girl!!

Sona : Saviour, will u marry me
Dev : Yes but what will I get in return haan? (Guys Dev is out of control so he’s not understanding anything)
Sona : What u want ???
Dev : Um…..haan 2 ice creams
Sona : Ok u’ll get it

They soon reached the temple of bajrang bali. Dev saw the idol and hugged it tight, Sona noticed it and smiled

Sona : Saviour, u like bajrang bali?
Dev : Like???? I loooovvvvvveeee bajrang bali

The priest does all the rituals and finally Dev fill her hairline and ties the nuptial necklace around her neck and soon the priest announced them as a married couple

So now Dev unknowingly married Sona, think of the consequences when Dev comes to know that he is married!


So how was please give ur views

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Hey its somewhat funny and plzs post soon…this is some wht different

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    Love ❤❤❤

  3. I think marriage is too fast..

  4. marriage scene is copied

  5. Priya12

    Omg.., she married a bramahachari….and the epi was funny and fabulous yaar…..post next eoi soon dr

  6. Awesome episode post soon

  7. This is sooo cool!????

  8. O haven’t read an fs with such a concept.. It’s too amazing.. I’m just loving it.. Hoping to read more humour..

  9. Asmita...

    oh my god…………… it is something…. something beyond the imagination….
    i will die due to laugh Ritika… and you will be the cause of my death…

    Haaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssshhhh… super idea…

    Thnk God…… no no no… thnk Bajrng bali that Dev called Sona DEVI JI not BEHAN JI (as Salman khan called Kareena in Bajrngi bhaijaan)…

    Itna khatrnak idea tumhare dimag me aaya kahan se…

  10. Really nice loved it

  11. Niki645

    Oh god ????
    It is so funny??

    Dev got married!!!!??
    Loving this idea, so post soon??

  12. Simplesweety1

    OMG! HAHAHAHAHA LOL! ROFL! Abh Kya Hoga! Awsm Episode Rithika! Loved It Yaa! Update Soon! 😀

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