A Bramhachari got married (DevAkshi fs) Intro

Hi guys Rithika here
I’m back with a few shot on DevAkshi. I know ur eagerly waiting for my ff but I decided to post after my final exams which may get over around March or so ?? So try and satisfy urself’s with this fs


Dev : A very handsome guy, A businessman, All girls crave for his one look but our Dev never look at any girl. Why?? because he is bramhachari, a true worshiper of bajarang bali, never touch any non veg dish or any drinks and all. Always keep distance from this things

An example: In a big party, Dev comes there and stands with dull face near the door only, he widens his eyes looking at the girls wearing short dresses and drinking while dancing. Dev closes his eyes tightly and murmur while folding hand
Dev : Jay bajarang bali, Jay bajarang bali. Where I came??? Please save me !
He turns to go back but he stops for whom he came there, Mr. Malhotra his new client was calling him?
Mr. Malhotra : Arey Dev, where are you going?
Dev turns with a bad face
Dev : Mr. Malhotra, woh I have brought the file, u please sign first
Mr. Malhotra : Arey why the hurry Dev, I know you don’t like parties that’s why I told you that will sign the papers in my party(gesture a girl who is wearing Middle of thighs length a tight one piece)

Dev : (widen his eyes and murmur) Jay bajarang bali, Jay bajarang bali. Why you bought me here??
Mr. Malhotra : Dev my daughter Tina, talk with her, I will come
Dev : But Mr. Malhotra files…
But Mr. Malhotra was no where. He looked up and saw Tina was smirking at him. He gulps
Tina (comes close and touch his upper arms) : Hi Dev
Dev : (widen her eyes and moves at safe distance like a girl) look Tina devi ji, I am a bramhachari. Please stay away from me
Tina : What??
Tina : (blinks her eyes) What ever Ded, come have some drinks and (comes close and huskily) we will do couple dance
Dev : Jay bajarang bali, Jay bajarang bali, Tina devi ji please behave yourself, and your language is so ordure, I told na I’m a brahmachari, please don’t talk like this with me
Tina was dumbfound. Dev hand over her the file and vanished from there

So if this type of guy unfortunately got married then how will be his marriage life?? Yeh toh bhai sochne ki baat hai…hai na!?

Now in a pub

A beautiful girl with 3 quarter jeans and deep violet and black combo top which is frock type is dancing. Her hair is fully open and slightly curl at the end and holding some coke glass in hand. She is dancing with some of her friends (girls) Suddenly 2 boys came

Boys : Sonaaa!! Come!
The girl turn and smiles : Priya, Rithika, Ayushi, Maleeha ?…Chal
Sona comes down

Sona : Sunny, Bunny. You order my favorite chicken biriyani na??
Bunny : Haan meri ma, ab chal
All sits down around a table, Sona : (eating a leg piece with so much affection) Um!! Yummy!!!!
Sunny : Sona, what if you came to know your hubby is a vegetarian and that too after marriage what will you do…
All laughs but Sona takes a knife and points towards Sunny
Sona : U are a friend or foe
Sunny : I was just telling yun hi
Sona : I will not marry such stupid guy, my hubby will be romantic and also non vegetarian
All smiles

Oh my god!! What will happen if this two opposite pole of a magnet comes together??

So guys tell me how is this. Should I continue or not???

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  1. It is just the same ts posted on swaragini page for swasan by the author named pikachu….have you told the author dat u are copying it…sry to hurt u but dat author is entitled to know dat u are copying her story………to avoid problems better ask her first….

  2. Heshine

    Of course Rithika, u should continue..!????BTW, the intro was awesome and contrast…!!
    An different plot…!! Like be to read it…! Pls post soon dear..!!
    All the best fa ur xams..! And hope posting ur ff after March is not any kind of punishment…!!??????
    Haha…!! Anyways., I loved this, post soon..!

    1. Rj12

      No no posting after March is no punishment ?

  3. It’s different …rithika I think another epi jaldi likhogi.best of luck

  4. Amazinggggg…. ????? post soon…. Best wishes for your exams

  5. Priya12

    Rithu, what is the que of continuing …u must continue…anf the epi seems to be intresting….post the nxt epi soon
    All the best 4 ur exams

  6. Riktika !! I m having some kind of doubt… is it urs SS? Lil kiddoooo.. I’m trusting u.. don’t copy…okkk.. !!
    Write it by ur own.. Thnk u.. 🙂

    1. Rj12

      Hey kaku
      I’m not copying this will be in Rithika style u can trust me if u like ?

  7. dont copy someone else ff and if you are copying then give credit to the person who has written this earlier

  8. Awesome episode dear

  9. Woah! This one is quite unique. I’m eagerly waiting for it! Please do post the next one soon!!!

  10. its amazing all the best for your exams

  11. Woww it’s too interesting???

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