Brahmarakshas- Day 2 Analysis


As I thought Rakshas soul entered into the body of the person after killing him/her.
Loved the cute train sequence of Rishabh & Raina.
& the way they missed the train, their cute nok-jhok, superb.
Makers are beautifully portraying Rish-Na.

Now coming to the actors, Krystal- I am first time seeing her work & I am impressed. She is graceful also.

Aham- I almost followed all his works. I always felt that most probably he will never do justice in comic roles. But I am proudly declaring, he proved me wrong. I am super impressed by his comic timings. I am loving the performance of Rishabh & the all time cute smile on his face.

Most positive aspect, Rishabh is not an abusive Hero. He is careless, childish, fun loving, but harmless. Why I said him careless? He left the taxi & took a jungle route of an unknown place while there were two women with them. Come on, I know he don’t believe in the existence of Brahmarakshas, but we cant ignore the existence of rakshas in our society.

Both were walking & brahmarakshas computer selected the chuda in Raina’s bag, but before attacking he spotted the lotus also & he dropped the idea of attacking them, & left only pushing Raina.LOL

Now, Shyam & Mishri, the left the train purposely to do Jungle main Mangal. & landed in that rakshas wala haveli & killed by rakshas & the spirit entered into Shyam body. I am okay with the part. But why the man’s portrait is in the haveli??? who only came to bought the haveli?? Is it some kind of hall of frame for bravery???
oops, one scene, I want to specially mention, when worried Mohini hugged Rishabh tightly. Though Rakshanda looked much young to portray Aham mom, but still, I love the performance there. Will want to see more mother-son affection type scene.

Loved the Rish-Na dance sequence & cute tu tu main main. Loved the way Rishabh hold Raina when they were crossing the waterway on the way to temple. It’s treat to watch Aham & Krystal together. Two talented actors.

Now, my POV is if I can accept Vampires, warewolf, then why can’t I accept Brahmarakshas?? After all its completely “Made in India” But still I don’t understand why they need that Kingkong? Plus I don’s like Rakshas make-up & most importantly why they created so much confusion about the soul transfer of animal, human & all?? It would be much good if they showed the Landlord was a Brahmin, & after his murder he converted into a brahmarakshas for revenge & whenever he killed someone, the soul entered into the body of that person.
I like the pace of the show. The story is moving with speed, not time-passing episode. During this hour, I am not even liking the advertisement break.

Anyway, Its only Day 2. Lets see, how the story progress. Finger Crossed.

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  1. Sammy

    Madhu di I only know one thing that our cutie pie aham is there ..enough for me to go nuts and All cute and smiling ..just awesome and I am loving it 🙂 🙂

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