Brahmarakshas- Day 1 Analysis

Hello Friends,

I am Madhumita, I am an AC fan of Aham Sharma. So, finally, I am making entry on Brahmarakshas Forums with my analysis.

Well, I am not much fond of Supernatural genre as Indian Directors never able to handle this genre with dignity.But what to do?? Aham is doing the show & I am in.

The show started with Aparajita kiiling her husband. Husband is madly love with her & she married him only for money. Nothing new concept wise. But Kishwar Merchant rocked the scene. The way she said, “Aye ji sunte ho, mare ho ki nahin?” her body-language, the looks.A thumbs up for her .

But what the necessity of Gorrila?? Well, I have no idea that our forests consists of Gorilla.
That scene pathetic. I cant even laugh.

Now, coming to the 20 saal baad, well, I love Aham ‘s entry scene. Rishabh again stole my heart. I just Love him. His intelligent acting, marvellous screen presence, in short he looked perfect. Amazing Rishabh. A treat for all Aham Sharma’s fans.

I love Krystal as Raina, Her screen presence & performance also mindblowing. I love RISH-NA chemistry.Their chemistry, their acting is the reason I am gonna to continue watching the show. Rakshanda Khan also looks nice, but she looks young & not at all looking like a mother of big big sons & daughters.

Now, coming to the Bhrahmarakshas, disgusting & disappointing.Confused He look funny than scary. LOL
& the concept of Brahmarakshas also not got in my mind. Whose Spirits entered into whom?? & in last scene, the couple not get any other place to hide apart from the Kamalpura. They came running, &, they no even know the story & danger of Kamalpura.
Yes, I know, its a fantasy show, can’t expect any logic.

Nothing new in the show. No idea how the story will progress. But Aham Sharma & Krystal D Souza made a remarkable comeback. Total limelight on them. Others characters not interest me much. By the way, do the big brother of Rishabh beat his wife??
Loving the violin tune, Itna karo naa mujhe pyaar.

Direction below average, story too early too comment, but performances, top notch.

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  1. Hey madhumita I too agree with u kishwar’s acting was awesome, loved d nok-jhok of rishab and raina and d concept of brahmarakshas is really confusing?

  2. yeah! ahem and krystle were awesome!
    and asusual kishwer adds a charm to her role

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