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BrahmaRakshas 8th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina and Rishab attend Shivam’s last rights. Phuli performs last rights and sets his body on fire. Holi mantras as heard in the background. Nalini sees Kiara and asks where are everyone. Kiara says must be resting in their rooms. Nalin asks how did this happen. Kiara says Brahmarakshas had attacked her and Shivam saved her, she does not know when did he become Brahmarakshas. Mitali says it always happens, earlier Brahmarakshas came into Anil’s body and we did not know it for a long time, even Brahmarakshas must have been in Shivam’s body and Kiara did not notice it.

After funeral, Raina tries to speak to Phuli, but Rishab stops her and says she should not meet her at this time. Raina goes to temple and confronts god what did Shivam do that he lost his life,

Naina is controlling Brahmarakshas but she is walking free. Naina sees hole in a whole and tells Sunanda that they can escape, but Sunanda is unconscious on floorr. She gets water and sprinles it on Sunanda. Sunanda wakes up, and Naina shows hole and says they can escape. Sunanda says she is seeing light after so many years, they can escape. Raina lights lamp and confronts god that always evil wins, even after such a long time Ravan is still alive. It is enough now, God has to do something. She chants Jai mata di holding lamp. Temple bells ring automatically. Sunanda shows iron rod to Naina and asks her to break wall with it. Naina says she did not do this in life. Sudha says even she was not confined in life, but she had to spend years here, she has to break wall. Naina picks iron rod and starts breaking wall. Sunanda asks to back off 2 steps and imagine she is attacking the people who tortured her. aina reminsces Yug’s torture and makes a big hole in wall. She gets a chair and asks Sunanda to get out. Sudha asks her to go first. Naina says she will go out first, then extend her hand. A white gloved person extends hand from outside. Naina holds hand and gets out.

Rishab tells Raina let us go home. Raina says she will go to Brahmarakshas as whole village is dying because of her. Rishab says nobody is reason for someone losing life, Chindi. Whoeve does not care about her life, he cares. Raina says Shivam died. Rishab says they will find out the reason why Brahmarakshas needs her, she told nobody is immortal, they just have to find a way to kill Brahmarakshas. He prays god and hits bell.

Mital sears Raina and rishab outside house and tries to call them. She hears a sound. Naina falls down and hides her face with sari pallu. Raina calls back and Mitali asks where is she. Raina says in market. Mitali says someone is outside house. Rishab asks her to get inside home and not come out. A masked person drags Naina. In haveli, Mohini scolds Yug if she had not given birth to him, she would not tolerated a coward like him. Masked person throws a paper via window. Yug picks it. In asur sthal, Brahmarakshas roars that Mohini and Kanakaraj betrayed him by lying they would return his powers, he needs Raina’s blood. Mohini reads masked person’s letter that Naina is with him and if the don’t agree to him/her, he will expose them. On the other side, Rishab and Raina reach Phuli’s house and don’t find her there. They think she must be in sarpanch’s house. Mohini and Yug go to store room and doesn’t find Naina. Sudha says she escaped and now will expose them. Yug sees Sudha and panics that she was dead. Sudha says it is his mother’s trick.

Naina akes up and finds her hand and mouth tied and looks via window. She finds Rishab and Raina and shouts. Raina hears and stops, but Rishab takes her away. Kammo pulls back Naina and reveals she brought her here as her husband insulted her in front of her, now her husband should come and pay her if he wants her back. Mohini tells Sudha that Naina will not escape. Sudha says her son will come and free her. Mohini laughs that he does not even know she is his mother and he prays her instead. Sudha says it is good then, once he will know her truth, he will kick her out. Mohini tells Yug that she will take Sudha from here at midnight. Sudha laughs that her son will come and take revenge. Mohini slaps her and orders Yug to keep an eye on her.

Raina finds Phuli and says she knows she would have saved Shivam if she had known all this. Phuli says her son risked his like for her, but she always chose Rishab and his family and is also a culprit like Rishab and his family. She will never forgive them. Villager warns them to leave this village, else villagers will kill them.

Back home, Rishab looks at his and Mohini’s pic. Raina passes by. Rishab asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she is feeling sad for Phuli. He says he remembered mom seeing Phuli and reminds how Mohini shattered seeing Rakhi’s dead body, says all mother are same, they cannot handle child’s death. Phuli lost her son, what mom would have done if he had died. Raina asks why is he talking like this. Rishab says she cannot even hear this, Phuli is facing all this. When he used to get an injury in childhood, mom used to cry a lot, he heard what pain is today. Raina says mother lives and dies for children, they have to finish Brahmarakshas for all the mothers. Rishab says they will kill Brahmarakshas. Daadi hears all their conversation and gets teary eyed thinking if Sudha was alive, she would have seen how much Mohini loves her son.

Mohini returns at midnight and sees Yug sound asleep in store room. She thinks he is also an idiot like his father. She wakes him up and asks if he is here to sleep. He says he should sleep on his bed. She says she should put him in front of Brahmarakshas. He asks what…She says she will not and asks to go and sleep in his room. She then sprinkles water on Sudha and yells it is time to leave this place. Sudha picks brick and it falls back. Raina hears it and searches home. She finds Yug passing by and asks what is the sound here. Yug asks what sound, he did not hear any. She asks why his clothes are soiled. He says underground..he means he was searching Naina everywhere. Raina asks not to risk his life as Brahmarakshas may attack him. He says until mom is there, nothing will happen to him..he means he will take care. Raina thinks Yug’s condition is because of Raina. She then hears sound again and searches. Mohini hides with Sudha. Raina goes back. Mohini drags Sudha out via door. Raina hears door sound and thinks if someone was there or it was air.

Mohini drags Sudha to asur sthal. Sudha grabs Mohini’s brahmarakshas bracelet and throws it. Mohini says she will kill her today. Sudha shouts for help. Mohini picks burning coal and stuffs it in Sudha’s mouth. Brahmarakshas comes there roaring. Mohini extends his hand to order him, but sees her bracelet missing. Brahmarakshas attacks Sudha and throws her down. He then walks towards Mohini. Mohini shouts to stay away from her. Raina enters and stabs Brahmarakshas with devi maa’s trishul. Brahmarakshas disappears. Raina sees Sudha on floor and checks her breath and says she is live, let us take her from here. Mohini says they should go before Brahmarakshas comes back. Raina insists. Mohini forcefully lifts Sudha with Raina and take her home. They ring bell. Nalin, Daadi and Yug come out who is it at midnight. Daadi opens door and is shocked to see Sudha. Raina calls Nalin. Nalin is also shocked seeing Sudha. He rushes and with Yug’s help takes Sudha in. Raina says she found this lady in asursthal and saved her from Brahmarakshas. Daadi says Sudha is alive.

Precap: Raina asks Daadi who is is Sudha. Daadi saays Rishab’s mother. Rishab says Mohini is his mother. Mohini thinks she should relive Narsimha to become more powerful. Sudha looks at Rishab and thinks he is going to Narsimha parbat/hill and should return with victory

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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