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BrahmaRakshas 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishab comes home and says Bhrahmarakas burnt Raina’s bus and she is missing. Yug tells family that he enquired and Raina is found nowhere, Brahmarakshas must have killed her. People found 2 burnt dead bodies. Mohini cries that Raina cannot die. On the other side, Apu tries to brainwash Kiara against Raina and tells how she escaped many times and even this time must have. Kiara asks how she knows all this, she had memory loss. Apu says Nalin told her all this. She says now Raina is out of Rihhab’s life, she should go and console Rishab and get him.

Shivam carries unconscious Raina via jungle to his home. Rihab in his room thinks how could he let Raina go. Kiara comes and says he should forget her now. He says how can he, he let ehr go easily, he is responisble

for her trouble, hopes she is alive. Kiara says he should let people go when they want to go and Raina wanted to go away from him. He asks how could he, Raina cares everyone so much. Kiara says why did he let her go when she left. He says she is different and Raina is different. She says she loves him. He says he does not though. Family enters. He says he does not feel the way he feels for Raina. She says she will go from here then. Family enters and consoles Rishab. Rishab cries that he could not save Raina. Daadi bua and Mohini console him. Nalin yells if Kiara goes, his bank balance will go. Kiara leaves with her bags in the morning and Rishab does not stop her. Nalin comes from morning workout and shouts at Rishab why did not he stop Kiara. He says why did he he say this when Raina left. Mohini hears that and smiles silently. Nalin yells Raina is haunting them even after her death.

Raina wakes up and sees Phuli in front of her. She asks how did she come here and what is she doing here. Shivam comes holding fire wood. Phuli says her son brought her here. Raina says her son and throws water on Shivam. They both then laugh and Shivam says she took revenge. She says yes.. Phuli asks if they know each other. Raina says they are college friends and he had splashed water on her, she was thinking if she will meet him and splash water or not. Phuli asks where did she find Raina. Shivam says he was returning home when Brahmarakshas attacked bus and Raina also inside bus, he saved her and brought her here. He has read about Brahmarakshas, he is going to asurthal now with maa to find out more about Brahmarakshas. Raina says even she will come along. He says okay.

Rishab and Mohini cry thinking of Raina and hope she is alive. Phuli calls Mohini and informs that Raina is with her in Kamalpura. Mohini happily informs whole family. Rishab and Daadi get happy. Apu fumes hearing this. Daadi says they all will go to Kamalpura to get Raina back. Nalin says even he wants to see why Raina is so special.

Raina with Shivam and Phuli reaches asursthal. Shivam checks blood on many places and says this human blood. Raina says must be of Rakhi. He says this time he heard Brahmarakshas is a woman and woman Brahmarakshas is more powerful than man. Last time, they knew Brahmarakshas can be controlled with rajgira and lotus as it hated brids, this time we have to findout what it is afraid of. Raina asks what happened to old Brahmarakshas’ body. Phuli says villagers buried his body in jungle.

Rishab’s family reaches Kamalpura. Mohini says they cannot stay in their haveli after selling hit Nalin says it is bought by his friend and he permitted them to stay there. They all get in. Rishab says he is going out and leaves searching Raina. Kiara comes down welcoming them and says her father bought this haaveli.

Raina goes back to Phuli’s house. She imagines Rishab coming and telling he searched her everywhere and came to take her back. She gets emotional but then realizes it is Shivam and not Rishab. Shivam tells Phuli that Sarpanch has called them for a function and asks Raina if she is not coming to market with him. She says yes and leaves with him. Raina alone shops in market and feels happy seeing people happy without fear of Brahmarakshas. She sees a boy selling sindhoor and buys it. A tharki baba starts commenting she is unmarried, but has qualities of a married woman. Raina says she is married. He asks where is her mangalsutra then. She says she lost it in an acccident. He continues pestering her and snatches sindhoor from her. Rishab comes and twists his hand and shoos his away. Raina gets happy seeing him here. He asks he searched her everywhere and was worried. Kiara comes just then and starts her usual drama and says she brought Rishab here and has bought haveli, so she brought whole family for a get together. Raina angrily leaves. Rishab scolds Kiara and says she made his girl jealous. Raina goes back to Phuli and pours her heart out in front of Phuli. Phuli consoles her and says whatever is seen is always not true and she has seen love for her in Rishab’s eyes.

At night, Rishab’s family gathers in village in sarpanch’s party. Raina comes with Phuli and Shivam and happily hugs Daadi and Mohini. Apu asks Kiara to go and sit next to Rishab. Sarpanch says they happy that Kiara’s father has bought haveli and is becoming new zamindar of this village, so this party is in her honour. Kiara says she wants to entertain and sing. Villagers say how can she, she is zamindar of this village now, she cannot. Daadi jokes if they had to listen Kiara, they would have when she was staying in her house, they need real entertainment. Shivam says they will entertain in their usual style and plays drums. Apu starts feeling uneasy hearing drums. They all dance. Daaadi pushes Raina towards Rishab. They both dance. Kiara then moves near Rishab. Raina leaves from there and walks into jungle. Risab follows her. Kiara follows him and asks what is he doing in jungle. He says he came behind Raina. She says he should move out and think of her and not Raina. He asks her to stop. Kiara sees Raina coming, hugs Rishab and kisses his collar. Raina thinks whom she is talking to. Kiara leaves. Rishab comes and asks Raina what is she doing here. Raina fumes seeing lipstick mark on his collar and fumes. She says it is none of his business and leaves. Apu becomes Brahmarakhsas with drum sounds and ges into jungle fuming that she will not spare Apu now. She attacks Apu and lifts her in air. Shivam comes playing flute with Gumnaam hai koyi..badnaam hai koyi..tone. Apu feels uneasy again with tone and rdrops Raina. Bats attack her and she escapes from there. Shivam comes and sits next to Raina. Raina says Brahmarakshas attacked her 5th tme. He says it is clear Brahmarakshas wants to kill her, so they to trap it and kill. He picks a stick and engraves it in ground and then starts joking with Raina and pinches her cheeks. She says she does not like it. He jokes her cheeks have gone pale from rosy after meeting her boyfriend. She runs behind him to hit him. Someone captures their video from a distance. Stick engraves in Old Brahmarakshas body as he was buried there and wakes up.

Precap: Rishab comes o jungle searching for Raina. Apu roars hiding behind tree. Nalin gives papers to Raina and says Rishab gave them. Raina checks and says divorce papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t want any divorce plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. wat that is crap

    1. Seriously

  3. No divorce will occur. I think

  4. With old brahmaraksha back its gonna be interesting now…..

    1. I think old brahmaraska and new will fight ???????????? then old brahmaraska and raina will be friends and kill the new brahmaraska??????
      Tomorrow the next epiosde will come

  5. Plzzźzz don’t put that divorce between rishabh and raina love life

  6. plz no divorce plzzzzzzzzzz
    their love chemistry is vry nice pls don’t break it by divorce plzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Hey. Guys in promo we can see that rishabh hadn’t signed the divorce papers…. I think raina is smart enough to suspect nalin about this…. AND if she is not she is a big FOOL

  8. I think divorce may leads to make a real marriage life to rishab and rain a….

  9. Noooo…….plz noo divorce:-(

  10. ohhho …..divorce ….no way.

  11. Guys I sure about one thing and that is even if raina sign the divorce papers risabh will not sign it. He will go to her for confronting her and then maybe shivam will stop him and he gets to get jealous. Anyway I don’t think the divorce will happen especially when the old br is back now. Maybe that will be risabhs reason for not giving a divorce to raina. To protect her

    1. I thinks the same

  12. Guys I sure about one thing and that is even if raina sign the divorce papers risabh will not sign it. He will go to her for confronting her and then maybe shivam will stop him and he gets to get jealous. Maybe that will be risabhs reason for not giving a divorce to raina. To protect her

  13. Nice episode

    1. really bad episode

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