BrahmaRakshas 6th August 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with temple darshan and pooja. Kamalpura’s landlord Thakur Aditya travels in his car after marriage with his new bride Aparajita/Apu and discusses about his his village, its people, its uniqueness, river infront of it, its beauty, wild animals, etc. He says many people praise about its beauty and being a care taker, he protects this village and whoever tries to kill its animal, he punishes them. He drinks liquor and says he is very happy. He shows his haveli on mountain cliff and says they are going there now. She says she is very excited and wants to see his house and village. He holds her hand. She pushes his hand and says Kamalpura’s people are unique like They reach haveli. Power goes off. Ladies discuss it is abshagun/inauspicious. Apu enters haveli

and goes on terrace. Aditya follows her and she runs around and slips. He holds her and says he will never let her fall and will hold her always. She says he will fall though and pushes him. He falls and holds something and pleads her to lift him back. She shouts she married him for money and he will die today. He slips and then holds tree branch and pleads to save him, else animals will kill him. She throws bangles and other bridal items on him and he falls down and gets severely injured. A gorilla walks towards him. Apu shouts from terrace if he is dead or not, if animal killed him or not yet. Gorilla attacks and kills Aditya.

Twenty years later, Rishab watches horror film with his sister’s friends where gorilla attacks a bride and girls hug him tightly in fear. He enjoys their hug and says it is called Gorilla’s side effects, watch hrror film and enjoy. Girl asks if he is not afraid. He asks from whom. Naina bhabhi comes and says from his sister Rakhi, he has to get ready for Rakhi’s engagement. He starts pampering her. She takes him from there. Rishab’s mother Mohini is introduced. She asks designer if she knows her name. Designer says Mohini. Mohini says she lost 1/2 kg weight so that people can see and scolds for getting wrong sari. She scolds more for getting her husband’s wrong cuff links and yells to gift them to her husband. Naina brings Rishab to Mohini and he panics. His dad comes and he hugs dad and says he wastes his dad’s money with so much difficulty. Dad says he he burns money like aeroplane fuel. Rishab says he burns his brother Ved’s money. Ved says he should burn money and not dad’s mood. Mitali comes and says Rakhi does not want to get ready and asks him to go and convince her. He sees Naina’s hand injured and gets worried. Brother says she works whole day and must have injured her hand. Mitali asks him to go now. He runs saying Rakhi must be with Chindi Chameli/Raina. Rakhi gets ready and asks Raina how is she looking. Raina brings suit and says she cannot wear her suit. Rishab comes and clashes with Raina. Their eyes lock. Rishab taunts Rakhi why did she befriend chindi chameli in this whole world. Raina says her name is Raina and not chindi chameli. Rishab leaves laughing. Rakhi thinks she has to speak to Rishab before engagement.

Mitali asks Naina which earrings to wear. Naina says one which does not have weight. Mitali says she wished she had zero weight. Rakhi’s would be father-in-law enters and says weight cannot be zero as soul’s weight is 21 gram. Dev asks if animals also have soul. He says yes and after death human’s soul enters animal and animal’s enters human. Mitali says she heard human become ghosts after death. He says some unsatisified human’s soul becomes ghosts either by entering own body or by entering someone’s body, they get bramha’s curse and become brahma rakshas when human’s body enters animal’s body. Raina gets tensed. Mohini looks nervous. FIL say nobody has seen brahma rakshas, but they are present. If someone kills a man whose is killed on pooranmasi when moon is in rohini nakshatra and that unsatified soul enters animal and that animal is uncontrollable by human. Rishab silently murmurs in Raina’s ears he kidnaps her then. She shouts noooo in fear. Everyone laugh.. Rakhi’s mother-in-law Gayathri asks Raina where is her father who manages everything. FIL says he sent Raina’s father to Delhi. Raina says she will handle everything. Rakhi’s fiance Ajay says Raina is his rakhi sister and will not work. Raina says she is not less than a manager and will manage everything.

Rakhi is brought for engagement by Mitali and Nainia. Rishab says he will be with her even after marriage. She angrily says what is the use now, she needed by 1 hour ago, not now. Ajay dorns ring in her finger. Rakhi drops ring. and it falls in front of Rishab. Rishab returns ring to Rakhi and sees her sad face. Rakhi dorns ring in her Ajay’s finger and everyone clap. Elders discuss marriage date. Gayathri says she has chosen a desitnation for wedding and shows pics. Mohini nervously says why this place. Gayathri says this place is best for destination wedding, so beautiful with greenery all around and river in front of haveli.. Someone asks where is this place. Mitali says Kamalpura.

A man meets Kamalpura’s landlord and says he got his son married under these tough circumstances and brought newly married couple for his blessings. Bride gets out of car and looks back. Lady stops her and says she should not look at that haveli and says she should take landlord’s blessings first. Bride asks groom who is zamindar. He says he is owner of all this village, this village has 2 havelis, one is landlord’s and other cursed haveli. Bride sees all ladies with white powder instead of sindoor and without mangalsutra, etc., and asks reasons. Groom says brahmarakshas will kill if anyone wears sindhoor and other bridal items.

Gayathri asks Mohini if they know anyone in Kamalpura. Rishab’s dad says his brother-in-law stays in that village since many years and will manage everything. He speaks over phone to landlord and says he has found people to buy land and says he has to make arrangements for mariage. Landlord says he knows how marriages happen here. Dad says he agrees marriages happen here. Ved says marriage date is after 10 days. Dad informs landlord and says they are coming there tomorrow. Mohini asks FIL even after knowing there is brahmarakshas in Kamalpura, he wants to go there. He says he is very excited. Rishab’s dad asks Mohini not to make any mistake, he will convince these people to buy their land. Rishab goes and informs Rakhi that marriage is after 10 days and they are leaving tomorrow via train.

Mohini calls her brother landlord and asks how can he agree when he knows there is brahmarakshas and Rakhi is his niece. He says nobody has seen brahmarakshas since ages and says she knows what not to wear here during marriage and she should get those items out. Mohini removes red bangles and sindhoor from bag.

Newly married bride wakes up at night and thinks why people here does not wear bridal items and seeing her husband asleep opens door and tries to wear bangles. Brahmarakshas comes there and is about to pick her when husband throws bangles and closes door and warns her to stop thinking about bridal items if she wants to be alive.

Next day, Rishab and whole family reach railway station to board train. FIL says rishab’s dad he is ready to meet brahmarakshas. Dad says he should introduce him also. Gayathri sees Mohini not wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra asks what happened. Mohini lies that she is trying to try her fashion. Gayathri gets very happy. Rakhi tells Rishab that she does not want to marry. He say Ajay is her childhood love. Naina says she has grown up now and loves someone else. Raina comes running. They all get in and Rishab taunts her chindi chameli. Bangles fall down from Raina’s bag. Mohini asks how did it come in her bag as she had thrown it in home. Raina says she thought it is missing, so she packed it. Mohini thinks as soon as train halts, she has to throw bangles out.

Newly married couple run towards Kamalpura to escape from their parents. Bride sees brahmarakshas’s shadow and shouts. Groom says nobody will doubt if they hide in Kamalpura and run into jungle. Brahmarakshas attacks them reminiscing how Aparajit killed him. He removes her mangtika reminiscing Aparijita’s mang tika and then throws bride in air and he dies. He then kills even bride and roars angrily.

Precap: Brahmaraksas enters Rishab’s cousin body and is thrown far away when he enters haveli with lotus on door. Rishab and Raina dance on song Rangde tu mohe gerua. Raina speaks to Rishab’s cousin and gets afraid when he roars like brahmarakshas..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mukti.H

    nice start

    1. Yeah! The Startin Is Very Awsome..And It Seems Screamy,romantic&comedy..Which Means 3in1 Really Loved The Starting And Hasan Thanks Alot For Urs Updates..

  2. Good one

  3. Awesome start 🙂 waiting for next

  4. Omg……….super episode nd Krystle looks dammnnn beauty in chudi……..

  5. Sammy

    Haha first scene after the leap ..oh God I can’t believe that our cutipie aham is all flirty .. he was looking so sweet …and chindi chameli ..she calling him rakshas …all the time really aham rocks and I am so loving rishabh ..all Playboy 🙂 🙂

  6. Can I know wat I chidni chameli?

  7. Wow nice start ……aham is soo cute …waiting for next one…..

  8. Jessie

    Aham’s intro scene was jus awesome.. hugging 2 girls.. Awww.. he is hell cute, jumping here n there.. jus wondered hw he managed 2 do khadoos role then.. Aham n naughty n lively role.. treat for me.. loved it.. chindi chameli ..haha.. Will watch for him..

  9. Sriranjani

    Rishaina Pair was Awesome… Guys I was waiting when they will update the story but unfortunately I’ve watched the episode today and I’m exited what will happen next in BrahmaRakshas….

    1. Sriranjani

      Rishabh makes fun of Raina saying whatever your name is Raina or Myna but You are chindi Chameli

    2. Hema D'souza

      Do u remember me ?????????? Hema D’souza in dehleez …….. fought with max….

  10. shabana (died hard fan of abhigya).

    nice start…….its thrilling…

  11. Please explain me what is chindi chameli..

  12. Hi this is our new family so please say ur ages and date of birth and superb duper show i love it ?????????

  13. And my name is rajni and I m 17 &
    My date of birth is 25 June

    1. Meghs

      Of course rajni its new family naa

      I am meghana.. from karnataka.. 20 year.. birthday apr 28

      Guys do tell ur intro if possible

  14. RiyaDcruz

    Hiiiiiiiii hema hw r u? Actually hema she’s nt tht sriranjani bt anthr

  15. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee Epi…………..

  16. _Ritu

    Amazing start..Aham was too cute as a fun loving guy…he is awesome in every role..his chemistry wid Krystal was superb..loved the start…

  17. Narendran

    Nice start….

    1. Meghs

      Hi naren hw r u

      1. Narendran

        Sorry.. I don’t know who r u??..

      2. Meghs

        U forgot its meghs from ikrs.. megha

  18. nice start

  19. Meghs

    Wow ?? i loved it nice start

  20. Aahana


  21. Awesome start 🙂 Sham as always rocked

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