BrahmaRakshas 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update


BrahmaRakshas 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina leaves Rishab’s house with teary eyes. Rishab stands silently. They both reminisce their love for each other. Khamoshiyan……lipti huwi khamoshiyaan… in the background. Raina leaves reminiscing Rishab’s harsh words. Mohini asks Rishab to stop her. He says let her go, it is better for her.

Apu enjoys liquor with Kiara and laughs how Raina got fooled seeing beetroot juice as blood and thinking her as brahmarakashas. Kiara asks if she planned all this. Apu laughs yes, even if she had to use real blood, she would have to get Raina out of this house. Nalin enters and asks if he can be part of their plan. Kiara gets afraid seeing him. Apu says Nalin is her crime partner. Nalin says plan will be Apu and they will be part of it.

Kiara says Raina was just emotionally blackmailing Rishab. Nalin says he needs a rich bahu like Kiara.

Rishab tells Mohini and daadi bua that Brahmarakshas has returned and he has seen it. He did not want to risk Apu’s life. He reminisces fan falling on him and Raina saving her. He says fan would have fallen on Raina and he wants to protect her. Daadi and Mohini and asks him to go and bring her back. He leaves.

Raina is at her home with her comatosed father on bed. Power goes off. She goes to check fuse and fuse catches fire. She reminisces all the recent incidents happened from her her dupatta catching fire to fan falling on Rishab. She panics that Brahmarakshas is back. Lights flicker. She rushes to get rajgira from home temple and picks lotus. A holy ash bowl falls down. Apu as Brahmarakshas comes. Raina drops water mug and sees Brahmarakshas’ face in it. She rushes to protect her father. Brahmarakshas attacks her. Her father gets out of coma and saves her and bears Brahmarakshas’ attack . He dies. Another holy ash bowl falls down on floor and then on Apu. She gets hurt and runs from there. Rishab rushes to Raina’s house and is shocked to see whole house shattered and her father dead on floor. He rushes to Raina and sees even her on floor unsconscious. Phuli in her home thinks holy ash from the temple is answer for Brahmarakshas and Brahmarakshas can be controlled only with holy ash.

Yug informs Nalin that van driver told he dropped Raina and her father safely. Nalin gets happy. Mohini comes and asks how cane be so sure Raina and her father Sudhakar are safe. Rishab had called and told that Sudhir is no more and Brahmarakshas killed him. Daadi bua also hears that and gets worried for Raina. Mohini says Sudhakar sacrficied his life saving Raina from Brahmarakshas.

Whole family attends Raina’s father’s funeral. Raina cries a lot . Panditji asks who will set fire to the deadbody. Raina says it is her right. Daaadi says yes. Raina performs her father’s last rights. Apu who is also present there silently slips off and changing herself to Brahmarakshas loudly says she killed Raina’s father. Everyone hear that. Raina angrily picks ire torch and walks into jungle. Brahmarakshas is also seen walking and loudly telling Apu that she killed her father and it is her turn. Apu turns sensing someone but finds no one. She shouts that she will kill Brahmarakshas. Just when Brahmarakshas is about to attack Raina, Rishab comes and stops Raina and pulls her back. Brahmarakshas hides seeing Rishab. Rishab forcefully takes Raina from there. Raina shouts that she will kill Brahmarakshas and take her father’s revenge. Rishab asks her to calm down. She says she will not forget anything and asks him to go from there and locks herself in her house. Rishab says he sent her out of his house to protect her.

Mohini with family reaches home. Kiara angrily asks if they came back. Nalin says finally Raina is gone from this house, but Rishab is still with Raina unnecessarily. Mohini says how can he tell this, if he cannot realize Raina lost her father. Kiara fumes again. Apu says she is very tired after all this and if Brahmarakshas is really, they should not let Rishab out and call him back. Daadi says Raina will again create drama. Daadi says she does know what Rishab will do know even without telling. Mohini says Rishab has gone to bring Raina back. Apu reminisces holy ash falling on her and hopes it does not fall on her again.

Rishab contiues pleading Chindi/Raina to open door and come with him. She does not open. He breaks door and sees ehr not at home. He calls Mohini and asks if she Raina came there. She says. He says she and her bag is missing. Apu hears that and ges happy. Rishab thinks if she must be going to Kamalpura remiscing their earlier argument. Apu waits for Kamalpura bus. Rishab messages her and she replies him, but does not say she is going to Kamalpura. She gets into Kamalpura bus and leaves. Rishab reaches late and asks a man standing there when will Kamalpura bus come. Man says bus left just now. Rishab rushes in his car searching bus. Apu is seen walking on road and turning into Brahmarakshas. She attacks Rain’s bus and burns it. Drivers sees her and runs away. Raina with other passengers is caught into bus. Apu kills and burns 2 passengers. A man dorns her blanket and gets her out of bus. They both fall on road. Man tells his name. Raina falls unconscious. Apu searches Raina. Rishab reaches there and asks people if they saw a girl. Apu hears his voice and escapes from there thinking if Rishab will identify her, her plan will fail. Rishab sees a child crying and asks what happened. Child says chudail. He realizes Brahmarakshas has attacked. He then hears driver telling people that a chudail killed and burnt 2 people and a girl was caught inside bus. He finds Raina’s mangalsutra on road and thinks where she must have gone.

Precap: Raina’s co-passenger takes unconscious Raina to his home. Once she gets up, he says he knows about Brahmarakhas and this time it is different, asks her to hope he sees what it is this time. She says if it is not dangerous. He says it is.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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