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Phuli takes unconscious Rishab home and applies cold cloth compress on his forehead to relieve his fever. Cold cloth turns hot. She applies ice. Rishab gains consciousness and asks where is he. Sarpanch and Lakhan go to haveli and insist to meet Raina. Daadi calls Raina. Sarpanch and Lakhan says they way Narsimha killed Naina, it looks like he will kill whole village. He was afraid of her, so only she can help them. Raina says how. They insist to agree to help them. Phuli tells Rishab that she knows he is Narismha. He says he does not know why he became Narsimha. Phuli says whenever sin increases on earth, god comes to save world, so Narismha came in hm. He starts crying. She asks not to worry, she is with him to help.

Naina walks towards her room thinking how can she help villagers

from Narsimha, who is Narsimha. She hears glass breaking in Sudha’s room and walks in. She asks what happened, if she needs water. Sudha holds her dupatta and shows cupboard. Naina is about to open cupboard when Kammo sees her and says someone is calling her down and it is urgent. Raina says Sudha maa needs something from cupboard. Kiara is hidden inside cupboard and Kammo insists to go down. Raina leaves Kammo thinks don’t know why Yud hidd Kiara here, he should bury Kiara before Naina.

Rishab looks himself into mirror and seems himself as Narsimha. He thinks if he becomes Narsimha, he will harm Phuli, so he should leave. He leaves home. Yug in village bribes pakhandi baba and asks him to do hvan to call Narsimha, he will kill Narsimha and give credit to him. Greedy pakhandi gets happy. Lakhan and Sarpanch wait for Naina. Pakhandi comes and says he will do havan. Phuli goes to devi maa’s temple and prays that Rishab is innocent and devi maa should protect him. Raian with Ved and Mitali reaches village and tell Sarpanch and Lakhan that she wants to help villagers and protect them from Narsimha. Sarpanch says they have arranged havan to call Narsimha. Pakhandi over phones informs Yug to come soon.

Kiara gets out of cupboard and frees herself. She checks whole house and does not find anyone. She walks out murmuring Mitali, Ved, nobody is at home, how will she tell them what she went through.

Pakhandi tells Raina that he will pray 33,000 gods and ask them to give power to her, asks her to sit. Raina sits in front of him and prays god to not separate Rishab from her. Yug hiding behind tree waits for Rishab. Kiara crashes on him and cries to save her from Kammo. He thinks kammo cannot do a single task properly. He says he knows where Kamo is and will tackle her. He walks in front and disappears and then emerges as Brahmarakshas. Kiara runs and falls repeatedly. She pleads Brahmarakshas to spare her. Brahmarakshas lifts her in air and throws her in air. She hits tree and falls down. He tries to step on her, but she moves aside. Phuli is seen running towards Raina with Chunri, calling her. Kiara calls Raina. Brahmarakshas breaks Kiara’s neck and throws her down. Kiara dies.

Phuli holds Raina’s hand and takes her aside. Pakhandi shouts it is abshagun. Phuli tells Raina if she saw Narsimha properly. Raina says she saw him well. Phuli says she does not anything, she did not see in Narsimha’s eyes. Narsimha is… Yug with villagers comes and shouts Narsimha is a murderer, he killed his wife. Phuli says it is wrong. Yug continues his drama. Sarpanch and Lakhan yells at her to lave from there. Phuli leaves telling Raina that she is doing wrong.

Sarpanch asks Yug how to call Narsimha. Yug says Raina will call Narsimha and asks her to sign a song. Raina thinks she does not how to call Narsimha, but she will call Rishab and they both will search Narsimha. She sings haan haseen bangaye, tum mere asmaan…song..Rishab hears her voice and thinks he will not go. Yug thinks if Rishab does not comes, he will come as Brahmarakshas to call Rishab. Naina continues singing and Rishab gets helpless. Yug moves aside, turns into Brahmarakshas and roards. Rishab turns into Narsimha and roars. Kammo says Narsimha came, but Brahmarakshas comes and asks where is Narsimha, he will kill Narsimha and free people from him. Raina says they don’t need rakshas’ help. Narsimha comes and lifts stone boulder in air and throws on Brahmarakshas. Lakhan gives fire torch and asks Raina to attack Narsimha. Raina provokes Narsimha that he came after killing innocent people, now he will not go alive. Brahmarakshas and Narsimha clash. Phuli snatches torch from Raina’s hand and throws it. Raina shouts why did she throw torch, she wants to kill Narsimha. Phuli asks her to look at Narsimha’s eyes, she cannot kill him evn if world asks her to, what is she seeing in Narsimha’s eyes. Raina says his eyes are dear ones, but how can be murderer her dear one. Phuli says Narsimha is her husband Rishab. Raina is shocked to hear that and says he cannot be Rishab. Daadi asks what rubbish is this. Phuli asks to look into his eyes, if he can kill anyone. :Lakhan says he killed Naina and can kill anyone. Brahmarakshas hits on ground and creates a big crack in earth. Rishab falls into it. Brahmarakshas shouts he was killing everyone, now he will kill him. Narsimha flies and punches Brahmarakshas into air and then picks Raina and flies in air. Daadi pleads to save Raina.

Kammo searches Brahmarakshas and thinks where did Brahmarakshas go, he flew in air like a leave. Brahmarakshas comes and asks where is he running. Kammo says where can she go away from her hero. Brahmarakshas says he cannot kill Narsimha, he will kill her and lifts her via neck. Kammo says Rishab is Narsimha and he should kill Rishab to kill Narsimha. She prays god to save her. Brahmarakshas turns back into Yug and shouts he will kill everyone, he needs power. Kammo says he should kill Raina and Rishab, his temple will be built, they will go to villagers. Yug says he will go. She runs from there.

Narsimha gets Raina back on earth. Raina hugs him emotionally. He pushes her. She says she did not identify him at all, apologizes. Their love is very strong that they can fight with whole world, she loves him so much that she can do anything for him, they are incomplete without each other, then how can he leave her alone.

Precap: A snake bites Raina. Phuli pleads villagers to save her. Lakhan says let her die. Yug sucks poison and turns into Brahmarakshas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    They live happily ever after. THE END.

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