BrahmaRakshas 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Villagers pulling Rishab and Raina via rope and save them. Everyone reach back haveli. Gayatri alleges that she lost her husband because of Rakhi who provoked Bramhmarakshas and even betrayed Ajay. Mohini says Anil was so intelligent, even then he brought them all here and wanted to open a hotel here. Ajay shouts to stop alleging his dad. Ved and his fight starrts. Rishab intervenes and seds Ved in. Gayatri leaves yelling. Nalin scolds Aditya that because of him, they are facing these problems. Aditya says they have to get Aparajita here to stop Bramhmarakshas. He calls his manager and asks him to transfer huge sum from his mumbai account to UP account. Aditya asks why. Nalin says bank manger is Aparajita’s friend and will inform her, this is the best way to call

Aparajita here.

Rishab calls Raina and standing on other side of balcony railing speaaks over phone discussing how they should get out of house and kill Brahmarakshas. She speaks loudly. He asks her to tone down. Their nok jhok continues. Rishab goes down. A shadow comes near door and it is Phuli. Phuli asks Rishab if he wants to fight with Brahmarakshas or not and take his sister’s revenge. He says yes.

Raina cries looking at her father’s pic in mobile and says she is missing him. Her dad calls just hen and asks how is she. She says she is fine. He asks why is her voice heavy. She had icecream so, got sore throat. He asks where is she. She says at Kamalpura. He gets tensed and asks if she know what happens there and thinks he will go to Kamalpura.

Rishab SMSes Raina that Phuli has come and asks her to come out. She silently descends stairs but stops seeing Mohini and Gayatri. Gayatri cries sitting on sofa reminiscing Anil. Mohini comes and apologies Gayatri for being rude and says she can understand what she is going through. Gayatri cries that she could not even see Anil’s dead body for the last time. Mohini hugs and console her. Raina silently goes out and meets Rishab and Phuli. Phuli gives her Aparajti’s jewelry and says Sanjay’s wife was wearing this jewelry when she killed him.

Rishab with Raina silently goes to his room and brings discusses plan how to trap Brahmarakshas They discuss that Brahmarakshas is afraid of water, so they should push him in water and throw net on him. He goes and brings rajgira, lotus, and net from store room. Naina comes and knocks door. Raina hides behind sofa and Rishab throws lotus, rajgira, and net on her. He opens door. Naina brings food for him and he hugs. She writhes in pain. He asks what happened. She says she injured her hand whhile working. He asks to take care of her. She says she will go and give food to even Raina. He says Raina must be sleeping now and she should not disturb her. Naina says yes, he is right, let her rest, and she leaaves.. Raina gets up an entangles in net. Rishab laughs and dorns lotus garland on her and Rajgira. A romantic song plays on his mobile and he says he did not play it and his phone hanged. She asks to free her first. He goes very closer to her and removes lotus and rajgira. She likes his touch and starts liking him. He lifts net from her. He then gets bow and arrow and asks her to practice target so that she can shoot Brahmarakshas rightly. He holds her and teaches. She likes his touch again and falls in love. She tries to leave. He asks her to have food, who knows they may become Brahmarakshas’ dinner next. They both start dinner. He asks if she is ready for marriage. She sits silently. He says anyways i tis fake marriage. She says no. He asks what…She says she means they should carefully trap Brahmarakshas. Their discussion continues.

Aparajita at her home reminisces how she killed Sanjay and hopes Brahmarakshas is also killed and she gets money from haveli sale. Her bank manager friend informs her Nalin’s account is transferred with money almost equal to sale of haveli. Aditya goes and knocks Nalin’s door. He opens and asks to speak slowly, else Mohini will wake up. Aparajita calls him and says she is happy that Brahmarakshas is dead and haveli is sold. He says Brahmarakshas is still alive and they did not sell haveli yet. She asks then how did he get so much money. He says he took business loan. She fumes that Nalini wants to deprive her of her share and thinks she will go to Kamalpura now. She asks servant to pack her bags as she is going to Kamalpura.

Precap: Mohini warns Rishab to not do anything that will break her trust. Rishab and Raina marry in Brahmarakshas’s mandir. Brahmarakshas comes there roaring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode. … day by day this show becomes interesting. ..oops. .week by week

  2. I feel like raina is not anils managers daughter Becoz the way her tears had fallen on the couple’s photo indicates something. Maybe the haveli really belongs to raina?

    1. Tara

      yessssss i had the same feeling..

  3. Nice episode. .day by day this show becomes interestingoops sorry week by week

  4. Feel the same neethu

  5. hii frnds …even mee too feel lyk haveli belongs to rain …//
    and hppy to see rishab n raina togethr !!!

  6. raina*

  7. Oh nooo rishab is going to die r may b he ll be possessd by bramaharakshas sbs segment news?..I love aham if thy Kill Male lead thn it vll be love story of Raina and br, even though rishab s shown.. thn I’ll surely quit.plz keep rishab alive we Want rishna not br and Raina..

  8. how and when did Anil die?Is aparajita wife of present landlord of kamalpura?

  9. guys once aditya stopped shyam and servant from entering into a room.what may be d reason??

    1. Tara

      good observation…
      there is surely some missing link

  10. what was the song play in the end of episode when raina is getting ready for merrage?

    1. Tara

      i guess it was diye jal uthte hain from prem ratan dhan payo

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