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BrahmaRakshas 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina tells Daadi that she could not find Rishab. Daadi asks what does she mean. Yug says he also searched Rishab and could not find him, rakshas attacked him and he escaped somehow. Raina tells Brahmarakshas took her to asur sthal. Mitali gets afraid that Brahmarakshas reached home. Everyone’s face look shocked. Raina says a weird man saved her, he was looking like rakshas. Again, everyone’s face is focused. Raina says he was looking half human and half rakshas. Kammo says that means there is one more rakshas with Brahmarakshas. Raina says yes, he saved her from Brahmarakshas and Kanakaraj. Brahmarakshas was trying to draw her blood from silver needle. Yug says she looks tired and should go and rest. He and Ved leave to search Rishab. Daadi asks Raina to go and rest. Raina

says she will not until Rishab returns, nothing will happen to him. Daadi consoles her.

Pakhandi baba holding money thanks god for letting him predict right about Brahmarakshas, now people respect him a lot. Rishab is seen sleeping in temple. Pakhandi slips on him and falls on Rishab and yells he does not about him. He then touches Rishab’s hand and says he has high fever. Rishab wakes up and asks where is he. Pakhandi identifies him as city boy. Rishab gets up. Pakhandi touches him again and says he was having high fever just now and got normal instantly. Rishab thinks high fever was due to him being Nirsimha. He walks towards home. Raina holds camphor on her hand and prays god to send her Rishab back. Yug standing far thinks Rishab should return soon, so that he can kill Rishab. Rishab sees Nalin and Yug searching him outside home and silently walks in. He wears a jacket and throws camphor from Raina’s hand and scolds her. He feels Brahmarakshas is around here. Yug’s eyes turn Brahmarakshas eyes. Nalin returns and asks Rishab when did he come. Rishab says he saw Brahmarakshas carrying someone. Raina says it was her. Rishab says I am sorry I could not help you, but saw some other rakshas rescuing you. Nalin asks everyone to go and rest now.

Yug gulps alcohol in his room and calls Kammo. Kammo says she is having high fever. Yug says he is just asking her too come. Kammo warns him to stop and shows vibhuti/holy ash, then thinks why did she tell that she knows that he is Brahmarakshas. Yug asks from when she knows that he is Brahmarakshas. Kammo panics and apologizes. Yug asks to help him.

Rain gets milk for Rishab, sees his torn T-shirt and asks what happened. Rishab says he got stuck in shrubs. Raina says she felt he rescued her, but it was other rakshas. Rishab says it was not him. Raina says other rakshas is Brahmarakshas’ enemy and saves people instead. Rishab shouts rakshas is not good and walks away. Daadi hears their conversation. Raina cries that did she say that Rishab got angry. Daadi enters and consoles her. She says she should think of herself and Rishab, she is ignoring Rishab a lot. Raia says she feels Rishab and Kiara. Daadi says there is nothing between them now and asks if she will take care of Rishab. Raina nods yes.

In the morning Kammo serves breakfast to Ved and Mitali. Ved asks where is Yug. Kammo says he went out to have some fresh air. Rishab comes. Ved asks if he knows where Naina is. Rishab hears someone calling him and thinks it is Raina. Raina comes and serves him juice. He hears voiceagain and walks to his room. Kammo thinks Yug is right, something is wrong with Rishab. Rishab hears Naina’s plead again and rushes out to help her. Yu drags Raina in jungle and ties her to a tree. Naina asks if he will spare her if she calls Raina. Yug says yes and asks to shout loudly. Naina souts Rishab save me. Yug disappears. Naina panics and shouts to save her. Kammo goes to village and requests sarpanch to save Naina from new rakshas. Villagers sit in a shock. Kammo thinks she gave them big news, but they are so dumb.

Rishab reaches jungle and frees Naina and asks her to run from there and never turn back if someone calls her. Brahmarakshas emerges and steps on Naina’s leg and orders Rishab to come in his real form. Rishab thinks how he becomes Narsimha. Kammo provokes villagers and takes them along to jungle. Raina in haveli asks Ved and Mitali if they saw Rishab. They say no. Raina with them walks into jungle and hears Naina’s words. Brahmarakshas lifts Naina and throws her in air. Rishab turns into Narsimha and jumps to save her, but she falls on stone . Villagers reach and Kammo says rakshas killed Raina. Yug also reaches and acts. Raina also reaches and says he is harming people in lieu of Brahmarakshas. She holds torch and shouts he is narsimha’s avatar, but instead of saving people, he is killing them. Rishab gets emotional that he could not save Naina and lifts stone. Raina shouts if he wants to kill them. Rishab throws stone on ground. Narishma leaves. Raina provokes him to stop and face her instead of running. Kammo says Naina is dead. Yug cries what will he do living now. Ved hugs and consoles him. Raina says they will kill Narsimha. Yug says yes, thinks his plan is successful.

Raina with Ved, Yug, Kammo and Mitali reaches home. Out of car, she slips and injures her toe. She removes he shoe and Yug starts turning into Brahmarakshas. Phuli reaches jungle and thinks who provoked Narsimha,, in whose body he is in, she needs to check. She sees Narsimha’s footstep and follows it. Before Yug could turn into Brahmarakshas completely, Daadi and Nalin come and he turns back to Yug. Mitali says Narsimhha killed Naina. Yug acts that Narsimha killed Naina. Phuli sees Narsimha’s foot steps going into a cave and walks into cave. Kammo gives water to Yug. Yug says he will not spare Narsimha. Kammo says she saw Narsimha dragging Naina. Daadi asks to forget it. Yug says what if Rishab was dead. Raina walks away. Yug says Raina could not hear about Rishab’s death, even if someone does not help him, he will take revenge from Narsimha. Phuli sees Narsimha roaring in cave.

Lakhan tells villagers that because of haveli people, they even saw Narsimha now. Pakhandi baba says Narsimha is afraid of a girl. Yug also comes and says they need not worry about Narsimha as he is afraid of Raina. He is shy off taking Naina’s help. Lakhan says they are not shy and leaves with villagers to seek Raina’s help. Yug smirks. Mitali in kitchen thinks where Rishab went. Kammo comes and acts as consoling her. Mitlli pushes her. Kammo says what is Rishab has gone with Kiara as she is also not present, both husband and wife must have gone on a vacation. Mitali says bhaiya hates Kiara. Raina hears their conversation and thinks Kammo is cooking up story. Narsimha turns back to Rishab. Phuli is shocked to see Narsimha is in Rishab’s body.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plzzz stop this narishma drama. phuli saw what?waiting for next epi.bring rishab in normal state plzzz.

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  8. Sad news girls…. brahmarakshas is wrapping up on feb 18th…. feb 18 ladt episode….. i will miss it so much

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