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BrahmaRakshas 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brahmarakshas and Kanakaraj’s parrot attack inspector and kills him and take away Mohini’s bracelet. Raina is shocked to see all this. She finds bracelet’s I letter and thinks this must of a person who is helping Brahmarakshas, who he/she must be. Mohini gets happy seeing her bracelet but gets tensed next seeing I missing.

Rishab calls Raina on Daadi’s insistence, but her phone is not reachable. He says for sure, Kiara must have sent Raina out. Kiara comes and says their doubt is right. Daadi says she is so shameless, what did she do with Raina. Kiara says Raina went by herself and anyways why should she stay here, she has hired maid for Mohini and does not need Raina in this house.

Raina goes to temple and finds Shivam there. Shivam apologizes

her for Brahmarakshas’s messup and says he just tried to help villagers. Raina says he does not need to apologize. He says he will go, she can stay back and leaves. She walks on street. Rishab comes and scolds her what is she doing alone out and takes her home.

Kanakaraj tells Mohini that Raina is holding her bracelet’s I. Mohini says Raina will try to find out truth at any cost, so they have to distract her by attacking Rishab. She calls Brahmarakshas and orders him to attack Rishab and make him half dead. She laughs that nobody can stop her from becoming powerful now.

Maid Kammo cleans kitchen. Yug comes shouting at Naina and searching. Kammo acts as slipping in fear. Yug holds her. Kammo starts flirting with him and lures him with her sensuous moves. She asks what he needs. He says soda. She does cat walk and gets him soda and says this is soda frothy one. He takes and tries to leave. She stops him and asks to call her if he needs anything, she will be present in his room in a moment. He smirks an dleaves.

In the morning, Mohini acts as crying looking at Rakhi’s pic. Rishab enters holding tea and mufffins and asks if they can have breakfast together. Mohini asks if he knews it is Rakhi’s birthday today. They get emotional and discuss how Rakhi used to love muffins and Rishab used to run away with muffins. They cry and Mohini says they will to charity in temple in Rakhi’s name. Raina enters with breakfast. Nalin also comes and yells at Raina at first and then Mohini that her brother took away 1 crore and now they have to take charity instead.

Shivam reads Brahmarakshas book and reads about a yagna with lion’s nails, crow’s tail feathers, kill Brahmarakshas. He thinks he will do this yagna to kill Brahmarakshas. Raina goes to jeweler and shows I letter to him and asks if he prepared it. He says he can easily tell as he is only jeweler in Kamalpura. He checks and says it is 24 carat gold and is from city, here they don’t buy such a costly one. She mortgages her jewelry and leaves thinking whose I this must be, Naina, Kiara..must be Kiara’s for sure. She then goes home and gives money to Mohini and Rishab for Rakhi’s birthday charity. Mohini acts as getting emotional.. Rishab asks why did she sell her wedding jewelry. Raina says when there is no relationship at all, what is the use of jewelry. Kiara comes and comments that they should have asked her, she would have given money. She shows her bracelet and taunts she wears classic antique jewelry and not cheap ones. Raina thinks if I is of Kiara’s bracelet. She then chats with Mitali also and finds it is not Mitali’s as she wears silver jewelry. Daadi comes and thanks Raina for sporting chart in Rakhi’s name. Raina thinks for sure it must not be Daadi’s also. She then checks a cupboard and finds her marriage album. She checks it to know if someone is wearing bracelet. Naina brings tea and drops it on album and panics. Raina sees finger prints on her hand and asks what happened to her. Naina nervously says bangle marks and asks her to come down for tea. Raina thinks if it is Naina’s, anything can happen.

Mohini with family goes to temple and calls Brahmarakshas there. Brahmarakshas with wolves walks towards Rishab. Raina rushes to escue Rishab and warns Brahmarakshas to back offf. Wolves walk towards them. Rishab pushes Raina behind. Raina cuts her palm and diverts wolves’s attention towards her. Mohini fumes seeing this, brings holy ash from temple and throws holy ash on Brahmarakshas. It disappears. Yug picks gun from car and shoots in air. Wolves run away from there. Mohini hugs Rishab and fumes that Raina failed her plan. She then hugs Raina. Raina thanks her for saving her. Mohini says her life is important to her.

Raina brings doctor for Rishab’s checkup. Kiara pushes her and enters and asks doc to check her husband. Raina leaves. Doc checks Rishab’s hand and says it is not fractured, writes prescription and leaves. Kiara ass Rishab to promise that he will not go out of house. Rishab asks to stop her drama, she ran away leaving him when Brahmarakshas attacked. She says obviously she is worried about her life. She asks to stop her drama and pester him.

Phuli sees Shivam trying to leave house with a bag and Brahmarakshas book and asks where is he going. He says to shop. She insists. He says to do yagna and kill Brahmarakshas. She pleads not to go. He locks door and leaves.

Mohini thinks she needs one chance where Raina is not with Rishab. Raina comes and says she got it. Mohini gets tensed and asks what. Raina says bracelet. Mohini asks what bracelet. Raina says truth had to come out some day, she does not trust anyone, so she came to her. She gives bracelet’s I and says she does not know whose bracelet it is and they have to find out. Mohini says this design is Mumbai’s. Raina says jeweler said same. Mohini asks if she means her family member, it cannot be. Raina says nobody taught Aditya would run away with money, but he did. Mohini says she is right. Raina asks not to tell anyone before they know the truth. Mohini promises.

Rishab sees Yug torturing Naina and is about to confront him when he hears Phuli calling him and Raina and rushes down. Phuli pleads Raina to save Shivam as he has gone to perform Rakshas mukti yagna as whoever does it will have to sacrifice his life. Rishab asks if Shivam is sacrificing his life. Phuli says you alleged Shivam of taking money and giving Brahmarakshas to scientists, but it is not true, Shivam wants to save his village, he told he will die and save his village. She pleads Raina again to save her son. Raina says not worry, she wil speak to him. Rishab stops her and says Phuli that he will not let anything happen to Shivam, he will bring himm back, promises and leaves. Mohini tries to stop him unsuccessfully and thinks she will not let Brahmarakshas die, she has to do something now.

Precap: Phuli prays god to help her. Rishab tries to save Shivam from Brahmarakshas. Naina tells Raina she should not go Mohini has already gone to take Kanakaraj’s help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mohini is a mother or monster… Seriously disgusting… Love Rishab and Raina pair a lot… The best pair among all the serials…. Live them loads….

  2. Krystle D souza

    pls everyone give some attention to my show brahmarakshas.lots of love from me.

  3. Such a bad twist ?how can mother will kill her own son and daughter please show @last mohini is end wife of nalin and Rakhi and rishab are not the daughter of mohini ..since no mother will kill her own child by herself in any case that is what the power of the mother she will never be bad..please don’t show rubbish like this??yea, mohini could misguide rain a for asking her help to kill brahmarakshas and can take the power wchich r there in some place no (if only rain a can do that work means? Since raina will do the things whatever for mohini no??) what is the necessity to kill her own daughter &her brother and now planning to kill her own son??what twist ??instead of giving the title of brahmarakshas can make the title like mental mom killed her child??? please please please don’t show rubbish.

  4. mullamariyam

    Ya right sometimes its nice and sometimes its rubbish i dont understand how can they show something like mother killed her own daughter and trying to kill her own son

  5. Hi sindhu,sonu,mullamariam, how r u all….. yea even am not understanding y mohini is doing this…… there must b some secret behind it i think….n sonu u must b rt rakhi n rishab may b they r not her kids….. may b slowly it will reveal….

  6. Hey whose this krystle dsouza, u unnecessarily makingbus fool rt??? Naughty girl/boy

  7. TRP WEEK 47

    ZEE TV
    Kaala Teeka 1.2
    Sanyukt 0.7
    Mehek 1.5
    Jamai Raja 1.8
    Kumkum Bhagya 3.1
    Ek Tha Raja Ek Tha Rani 1.4
    Yeh Vaada Raha 0.9
    Brahmarakshas 2.4
    Yaaron Ki Baraart 0.7

    1. I don’t think brahmarakshas will end because at least in zee TV it’s on top

      1. Sorry on second

  8. overall TRP week 47

    Top 10 Serials Of the Week
    Colors’ 6 Serials on Top Ten
    Star Plus’ 6 Serials on Top Ten
    Zee TV’ 3 Serials on Top Ten
    SAB TV’ 1 Serial are Slot Leader
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    #2 Shakti 3.3
    #3 Kumkum Bhagya 3.1
    #4 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2.9
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    #6 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.7
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    #7 Brahmarakshas 2.4
    #8 Kasam 2.1
    #9 Jamai Raja 1.8
    #9 Ishqbaaaz 1.8
    #10 Chandra Nandini 1.7
    #10 Naamkarann 1.7

    1. We should be happy gyzzzz because being in top is also great in one self

      1. Top 10

  9. Please guys can anyone tell me why mohini is trying to kill rishabh

  10. Love this show soooo muchhhh….

  11. Love rishab and raina pair

  12. Can anyone please tell me why mohini is killing rishabh

    1. She does not want to kill him completely… She want him half dead.. Raina got mohini bracelet raina is dng research on bracelet so Mohini want to distract Raina so that her concentration goes on Rishab instead of who is helping Bhramaraksas

  13. Hey gungun absolutelybrt being in top 10 also is great but i want it to b top 5…. i dunno wts making kumkum bhagya b on top….. i was a big fan of kb i watched it from day 1 but now dont ask me u dont read its updates also

  14. Brahmarakhas shud top yaar n yes gugun its on top si might not go off air… but they said they r wrapping up shooting this jan so am very sad

  15. this track is so bad. I want rishab and reina to unite. and some romantic scenes between them and this kiara i hate her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  16. Even I think the same Rakhi and Rishab are not real kids of Mohini I guess… Yug is her son because he is also greedy fa money lik her mother

  17. Ya sindhu u must b rt

  18. Also i strongly feel mohini is very closely related to sanjay…. may b she is positive only n helping sanjay…. n this raina’s mystery is not unfolding noe… whose daughter she is exactly…..

  19. Yes red rose i hate her too kiara so bad she is?

  20. Year I think the storyline is getting deteriorating.they didn’t show yug’s involvement with apuma,then why brahmarakshas spared raina when she was with her foster dad,why nalin made suresh aka raina father in coma.also in the book raina and phuli read that brahmarakshas attains salvation once he kills the person who made him brahmarakshas.if it was aparajitha,then why didn’t he attain salvation.raina could have thought in that way.still I didn’t get the connection in the story.i think it is not real mohini but someone else disguised as mohini.

  21. I think it is not real mohini but someone in disguise

  22. Hey Sagarika, nice guess !!! but seriously no clue where the story is tkng…. so many unanswered questions as u mentioned

  23. What a worst track it is ! Hate it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. love rishab and raina very much

  24. Heyloo guys, u ppl read the spoilers? rishab is going to go in coma it seems, and it is yug who is going to be with mohini and helping her.. i just read the spoiler

  25. If this going to be the stry line Brahmarakshas wont b in top 20 also

  26. Guys, watch sas bahu aur sazish today’s episode, u will get full update

  27. THis week TRP

    Top 20 Shows by Impressions..
    1. Naagin-2 (Colors) 10214
    2. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus) 7781
    3. The Jungle Book (Neel Sethi) (Star Plus) 7539
    4. Ye Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) 7024
    5. The Kapil Sharma Show (Sony TV) 6983
    6. Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) 6504
    7. Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Colors) 6495
    8. Udaan (Colors) 6141
    9. Super Dancer (Sony TV) 6116
    10. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) 6073
    11.Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Sony Sab) 6070
    12. Shani (Colors) 5365
    13. Sasural Simar Ka (Colors) 5458
    14. Ishqbaaz (Star Plus) 4954
    15. Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan (Zee TV) 4839
    16. Kasam (Colors) 4274
    17. Mahek (Zee TV) 4148
    18. Naamkarann (Star Plus) 3811
    19. Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil (Star Plus) 3712
    20. Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Star Plus) 3693

  28. Brahmarakshas Slipped to 15 th position.. :'(

  29. Update
    Brahmarakshas: Rishabh in coma, Mohini’s death terror on Raina Upcoming Twist

    Thursday, December 08 2016
    Brahmarakshas: Rishabh in coma, Mohini’s death terror on Raina

    Mohini (Rakshanda Khan) angry seeing Raina (Krystle Dsouza) gets sanjeevani saving Rishabh’s (Ahem Sharma) life in Brahmarakshas

    The upcoming episode of Brahmarakshas will show that Mohini has become owner of Brahmarakshas and asks him to kill on her own son Rishabh.

    Rishabh is in to coma after Brahmarakshas’s deadly attack and fight between life and death.

    Family members find about Raina’s horoscope shows that she has capability to get sanjeevani medicine for Rishabh.

    Raina loves Rishabh and is ready to do anything for him so she crosses all hurdles to get sanjeevani but Mohini and Yug are not ready to let her go with Rishabh.

  30. Update
    Shivam saves Raina from Mohini’s death plan

    They make Raina fall in a big hole and also put fire around it so that Raina would never reach to Rishabh.

    However, Shivam comes there on time and saves Riana’s life but Riana will have to cross many obstacles to bring Rishabh back to life.

    Will Raina find about Mohini’s hand behind Rishabh’s condition?

  31. Update
    Brahmarakshas latest news: Raina (Krystle Dsouza) gets special herb to save Rishabh (Aham Sharma) but Mohini throws her in deep pit
    The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas will showcase another big twist in the storyline with a major twist taking place. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Rishabh’s life will be in a big danger and he will hang between life and death in the hospital.

    Raina will want to save Rishabh at any cost and will seek help form Swamiji. Swamiji will tell Raina about a special herb which can be found in a tree and this herb will help Rishabh to get immortality. Raina is ready to go through any trouble to save Rishabh and therefore she enters into the special tree to find the herb. The tree turns out to be quite mysterious as Raina finds herself transported into a completely different world inside the tree.

    Raina goes through a lot of trouble to find the magical herb and finally gets it for Rishabh. However, evil Mohini and Brahmarakshas want the immortality herb from Raina and don’t want her to give it to Rishabh. Mohini plays an evil trick making Raina fall into a pit. Raina screams for help being in the pit but Mohini comes there with a mask on her face along with her son and starts off a big fire around the pit. Mohini wants to make sure that Raina is not able to come out of the pit so that she cannot take the herb to Rishabh.

    Mohini leaves from there but Shivam reaches to help Raina and he pulls her out of the pit. Raina tells Shivam that she has to take the herb to Rishabh at any cost so that he can get a second life. Will Raina be able to give the special herb to Rishabh or will Mohini and Brahmarakshas win over her? Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

  32. Hi gugun, nazneen n all frnds hru all

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