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BrahmaRakshas 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina tells Phuli that Sanjay killed many innocent girls and will continue killing many more, so they should stop him at any cost. Rishab says taxi driver told there is a brahmarakshas mandir, he wants to go there. Phuli agrees to take them. At haveli, everyone waits for Rishab and Raina to leave Kamalpura. Mitali says they went to meet Phuli. Aditya says they have to find Phuli to find Raina and Rishab. They all get into a van and start searching Phuli and Rishab/Raina in temples.

Phuli takes Rishab and Raina to Asur sthal on which Brahmarakshas’ mandir is and says this is the place where story started and will end. They reach temple and Phuli says this is where Sanjay became Brahmarakshas after his wife pushed him from terrace and animal tried to eat it. This is the

only place where Brahmarakshas is afraid of and his blood gets blisters and he can be killed here. Raina asks how to find Brahmarakshas’s wife now to bring Brahmarakshas here. Phuli says if someone becomes bride again, Brahmarakshas will come here. Raina says she will become bride and asks Phuli to make arrangements for marriage.

Mohini and others continue searching Phuli and Rishab/Raina in temples and don’t find them. Yug says they are going to asursthal temple now and Aditya mamaji is sure, they would have gone there. Nalini’s starts getting skin blisters and he coughs. Gayatri gives him water. They reach outside temple. Nalini says he wil not come in as he is getting allergic reaction. Mohini says she will go in and bring Rishab and Raina. Yug says she is right, if he goes he will slap Rishab for making them wait. She enters temple and sees Rishab and Raina in front of havan getting ready for marriage. She also sees red bangles, etc., in Raina’s hands and asks if they are marrying. Rishab says they are acting as marrying to call Brahmarakshas here and kill him. She picks blade and threatens to stop it right now, else she will kill herself. Raina throws bangles. Rishab runs and hugs Mohini. Mohini says she lost Rakhi and does not want to lose another daughter like Raina and son Rishab. She brings them out and they all get in. They find Anil missing. Anil comes and joins them on the way.

Servants at haveli locked in a room discuss they have to go home. One of them sees real rajgeera and lotus baskets and realizes that Anil took fake lotus and rajgeera and is Brahmarakshas

Naina asks Anil where was he when they were near temple. Nalin also asks where was he, he could not realize as he got allergic reaction. Ved gives Anil water bottle and sees blister on his hand and asks to show his hand. Anil hesitates. Gayatri shouts to stop misbehaving with her husband. Everyone insists. Aditya gets a call that Anil is carrying fake lotus and rajgira. Anil turns into Brahmarakshas and turns his head 180 degrees. Everyone shouts in fear. Rishab shoots him and bullets don’t affect him. Brahmarakshas comes out of Anil’s body, lifts van and throws it towards cliff. Van stucks at the end of cliff. Villagers come to their rescue and get each family member out while Rishab and Raina maintain balance. When their turn come, Brahmarakshas comes and pushes van. Van faalls down the cliff. Mohini shouts Rishab, Raina… Villages say they must have died falling from such a height. She shouts not to say that. Villagers check and don’t find van. Mohini cries loudly. They then hear Raina shouting. Viillagers peep down the cliff and see Rishab hanging on a tree branch holding Raina. Rishab pulls Raina up and jokes she can hold his hand now and cannot upstairs. Villagers throw rope to pull them up.

Precap: Nalin tells they have to get Aparajita to this village somehow. Phuli gives Aparajita’s jewelry and clothes to Raina and she wears it. Brahmarakshas is seen coming. Aparajita gets a call that Brahmarakshas is not yet dead and says she will go to Kamal pura now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode… eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode. .. I think risav may die and become brahmarakshas. upcoming episode. …

  2. Eku

    It seems very interseting what will happen when their marriage will happen did bramhrakhsas came????

  3. What is this everyone r turning into brahmarakshas one by one…..? Then who’ll remain at end ?

  4. Whose daughter is raina?

    1. Tara

      anil’s manager’s daughter… ajay’s rakhi sister

  5. Deepthi Kapila

    OMG! Raina and Rishab’s acting is awesome, nyc serial. I luved it! !!!!!

  6. Tara

    one question is anil dead??

  7. It’s just so amazing

  8. Crystal said in one interview that he is the lead hero & he is brahmrakshas too… So its final that Rishab will die.?

    1. cuteprincess

      nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that rishabh is brahmrakshas .. may be he may turn to brahmrakshas when the soul enters inside him . hope there is some interesting twist with the entry of aparajitha , and some hidden truths will be revealed.
      don’t know how they will decide knowing that aparajitha is the wife of brahmrakshas.

  9. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    So here is my theory:
    As of Wikipedia Brahmarakshas is based on the French fairytale beauty and the beast. So, technically Rishabh is going to die and become brahmarakshas but raina who would have been heads over heels in love with him would change him back into human like Bella and prince Adam. Practically this story is going to have a Warm Bodies twist where Nicholas Hoult would become a human.

    1. Tara

      if this is so..then ok.. bt still want ahem… :'( :'(

  10. No risabh can’t die pls

  11. No risabh can’t die

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